How to Monetize a Video on YouTube: TOP 6 Ways+ Personal Experience

YouTube video hosting users know that this platform can be used to search for interesting and entertaining content. But not everyone realizes that YouTube video monetization exists for video creators. Monetizing a YouTube channel is getting the author of a reward for the created and posted video content. The money received by YouTube from the advertiser is divided between the owner of the channel on which the video is posted and the YouTube video hosting, after viewers have watched it 1000 times.

For example, you are shooting a cool video for yourself and your friends. You are thinking to create a noticeable video quickly and get easy money for it. But you find that the audience is not interested in it. Everything is correct! It’s ridiculous to expect lightning-fast results. Channel management is work. And the attitude should be serious, with maximum effort and time.

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How To Make Money On YouTube For Beginners And Advanced Channels. How to Monetize a Video on YouTube: TOP 6 Ways+ Personal Experience.

Monetizing YouTube: How To Get Attention To Your Channel

Choose a topic that you are ready to deal with even for free. Create useful material: show a car repair workshop, tell us step-by-step about a culinary masterpiece, or make a series of travel videos. You can choose any topic, as long as it is interesting for you and your viewer.

There are several rules to become popular, and monetizing your YouTube channel will be a great incentive :

  1. Create unique and original video content.
  2. Length of the video: 5-20 minutes.
  3. Upload new videos at least once a week.
  4. Videos should be interesting, not yawning.
  5. Find out audience preferences, follow analytics.
  6. Post only permitted content.

By adhering to these rules, you have every chance of becoming a successful video blogger. When you have a lot of subscribers, you will be able to monetize your YouTube channel.

YouTube channel monetization: what are the ways

Method # 1: AdSense Video Ads

AdSense is a free affiliate program from Google that allows you to monetize YouTube videos. Advertisers post videos on copyright channels and pay money for clicks on the ad. More than two million people in the world have already chosen this way to earn money.

As a rule, video ads are close to the topic of the channel. If a video blogger shows how he breeds ostriches, then it is unlikely that the advertising will show the secrets of thrifty housewives.

YouTube channel monetization becomes available when the following conditions are met:

  1. In the last 12 months, your channel must have at least 4,000 hours of views and more than 1,000 subscribers.
  2. Live in the region where this program operates.
  3. Comply with YouTube Partner Program Membership Rules.
  4. Link your channel to your AdSense account.

Please provide your real details when creating your Google account. This will help you to withdraw the earned money without any problems. It will not be difficult to register for AdSense on the home page of the system, because everything is intuitive and written in Russian. After registration is complete, a confirmation code will be sent to your phone. Account approval may take several days.

How to start making money with AdSense service

Monetizing YouTube how much they pay for views and how to enable monetization on YouTube are of interest to many. In fact, you get paid for the ads shown in the video. The distribution of income is as follows: the channel owner receives 68% of the total earnings, and YouTube, respectively, 32%.

For one click on an advertisement, you can get a few cents, for 1000 you can calculate it yourself. Cents will accumulate quickly if you have a lot of followers and viewers. There are pay-per-1000 impressions options.

Pros of making money on AdSense:

  • passive income, advertising in the video goes automatically;
  • high click-through rate (CTR);
  • relevance – ad matching user demand, increases the number of clicks.

Cons of making money on AdSense:

  • low income per view;
  • the minimum payment threshold is $ 100;
  • wait a long time for the withdrawal of money (up to 14 days);
  • strict adherence to the rules, otherwise monetization will be instantly disabled.

Try to make unique and interesting video products and your income will grow rapidly.

Method number 2: cooperation with MCN media networks

Another way to connect monetization to YouTube is to collaborate with media networks. Media networks are legal entities that connect to themselves a large number of channels with high-quality copyright content, thereby creating a network. They act as intermediaries between channel owners and YouTube. To start cooperation, you need to submit an application.

Many bloggers have chosen this partnership for themselves, despite the fact that they have to give away a draconian 20-50% of their income.

What a connection to the media network will give you:

  • you download any content without any approvals, because YouTube has high trust in media networks. Monetization will only stop after filing a complaint;
  • payments are made to any wallets and bank cards;
  • the support service responds on the day of contact.

You just need to have 100 subscribers and 10,000 views. Pay from $ 3 to $ 5 per 1000 views.

Method number 3: Super Chats and Super Stickers

Additional monetization of the YouTube channel, which will help you earn more, is super chats and super stickers.

Super chat allows you to ask a personal question to the presenter during a live broadcast for a small fee. In this case, the question will be highlighted in color depending on the length of the question and the time it was on the first line. After the time expires, he will start sliding into the general chat.

Supersticker is a small character created for the entertainment of the audience. They can buy a character to support the channel or show their sympathy for the author.

It is quite easy to connect super chats and super stickers, the main thing is that you have channel monetization enabled:

  1. Open the page and go to your account.
  2. Then in the menu on the left “Monetization”.
  3. We select “Superfunctions”.
  4. Then “Try” and follow the instructions on the screen.

When you connect, you will be asked to give your consent to use the new features. If after a while you want to turn them off, just switch the slider to another position. In this case, in the window that appears, put a checkmark “I understand the consequences of this action” and select “Disable”.

The terms of monetization on YouTube contain some restrictions:

You cannot post Super Chats and Super Stickers on videos that have a viewing age of 18+, as well as in videos intended exclusively for children. You will not be able to use these features if you have closed comments in the general chat or restricted access to videos for part of the audience.

The YouTube analytics department has provided the ability to control the number of paid comments. The proceeds from this method of monetization are paid to AdSense and then, as with conventional monetization, you can withdraw them to your bank account.

Method number 4: selling your product or service

A more complex, but at the same time more stable and monetary way of monetization is the sale of goods or services. Promote your products or services on the channel. By posting a link to your personal website or store, you can steadily increase the flow of customers and, accordingly, money. If you have your own website or store, connect it.

Channel requirements for connecting links to a website or store:

  • the channel has at least 10,000 subscribers;
  • the program works in your region;
  • monetization has been activated;

After turning on monetization, you can connect the links you need, which will automatically appear while watching the video, so you will immediately feel how YouTube monetization works.

Remember to thank the viewers and answer their questions. This will help to establish a connection with the audience, draw attention to the video, channel and increase customer loyalty.

Method number 5: affiliate (referral) programs

It is suitable for channels with less than 1000 subscribers, but you still need to monetize the YouTube channel. Even with that many subscribers, you can start earning income. But remember, in order to increase profits, the channel must constantly evolve.

A referral or affiliate program is an income from the offer of goods or services of a company on the Internet. Affiliate programs use websites, online and offline stores and services. This way they reduce advertising costs and increase product sales.

To make the monetization of the YouTube channel work more efficiently, the referral link is placed in the description under the video, and in the video they are encouraged to follow it and purchase a product or service. In the case of a purchase, you will receive your commission.

The way to make money is suitable for a channel that reviews things or services. The main advantage of this way of earning is that income is not related to the number of views of the video itself. It is important how many times you clicked on the affiliate link and took the desired action.

For example, the video got 200 views. Of these, 20 viewers followed the link and one of them bought a product or service. In this case, the channel will make money.

Those who do not review may think that this method will not work for them. However, referral links work in any area. At the initial stage, such monetization of YouTube will bring some money. Everyone uses goods or services in their daily life. Describe your experience of use and attach a referral link to a store or service, and get a commission.

For example, you run a travel blog and do not understand how to enable monetization on YouTube. Review the hotel you are staying at. You can negotiate with the owner of the hotel about advertising in your video or about a discount for customers who come via your link. 

On trips, as a rule, they buy a lot of goods (backpacks, bags, video cameras, etc.). They often use services for booking accommodation and booking tickets. All of this can be reviewed or write a usage review. This is useful information for viewers who are interested in everything related to the topic of the channel.

When traveling abroad, knowledge of languages ​​is important, so you can advertise schools for the study of foreign languages. There are referral programs there too. They generate income for the channel, and they can offer clients a discount for a course or free lessons.

In a similar way, YouTube monetization through a referral program is connected to a channel in any topic. Review the things you use. Pay attention so that they are interesting to subscribers and correspond to the topic of the channel.

Method number 6: monetization of the YouTube channel and donations from streaming

Donut – a donation, which can be taken from the channel viewers, including live.

Stream – live broadcast, video filming in real time.

For this method, it is desirable to have a large number of subscribers, because this will generate more donations. Streams are most often used in the segment of online games, which have their own favorites and regular sponsors. Ranking encourages members to donate more often.

As a rule, the owners of the channels live on air, thank the sponsors, fulfill requests, answer questions and give away gifts. This helps to increase activity on the channel, attract new viewers and subscribers, and also increase interest in the channel.

YouTube channel monetization: personal experience

YouTube channel monetization is individual. Some are satisfied with cooperation directly with YouTube through Google AdSense. Others are attracted to partnerships with media networks. Someone works directly with advertisers and posts referral links. Viewer donations are also a popular way to raise funds.

Popular media networks will not start collaborating if the author has not been verified by AdSense and has not turned on monetization. AdSense ad revenue can be $ 2-3 per 1000 views. With the right choice of media network, you can earn more. On average, this is $ 3-5 per 1000 views.

A profitable way is to embed ads into videos. Personally, I actively use this and have achieved that I work directly with advertisers. The income from such cooperation depends not only on the popularity of the channel, but also on the advertising niche.

Expensive advertising topics:

  • finance and insurance;
  • real estate and construction;
  • electronics.

The greatest profit in YouTube monetization will be brought by videos in one of the specified topics, if they advertise companies from the same sector. But advertising must be watched to the end or at least 30 seconds. Sometimes I ask loyal viewers about it.

Important! The amount of earnings depends on the geographic location of viewers, coverage, number of views, quality of content.

In live broadcasts (streams), I motivate viewers to make donations. At the end of the month, I am not bad at collecting, and often they are purposeful: to buy a video camera, a drone, a trip to interesting places for future review, or to review an interesting audience of goods. You can ask viewers to translate donation in gratitude for a life hack. The main thing is that the amounts depend only on the desires and capabilities of the audience.

If the question of how to connect monetization to YouTube is generally approached, then the number of impressions and clicks on advertising is influenced by many factors. Create interesting and high-quality content. This will not only increase the number of subscribers, the number of views, but also attract advertisers who will be willing to pay dearly for showing ads on your channel. Register for my free webinar “How to make money on YouTube from zero to $ 5000 / month” and I will give instructions on how to get a free analysis of your video from me personally.

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