How to Earn Money from YouTube | How to Monetize a Video on YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube For Beginners And Advanced Channels

There are three main ways to make money from YouTube:

  1. Join an affiliate program or connect to one of the media networks to generate income from impressions of Google Adsense ads.
  2. Start cooperation with brands, online stores, services, that is, with those who are willing to pay to attract customers.
  3. Hope for the loyalty and generosity of the audience – collect donations (donations) and look for sponsors.

In the article, we analyze in detail the pros, cons, features and pitfalls of each method.


Earnings through the YouTube affiliate program or media network

The Official YouTube Affiliate Program allows vloggers to earn money through displaying Google Adsense ads and / or YouTube Premium subscriptions if the viewer has purchased them.

To become a YouTube partner, you need to:

  • Have more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • Get at least 4,000 hours of views per year.

These requirements have appeared since February 2018: now the number of views does not matter. In this way, YouTube fights off attackers – for example, those who wind up indicators and try to make money on other people’s videos.


Mediaset also divided yutuberami with income from advertising at Google, but some take for themselves. If YouTube itself gives the authors 55% of the income from advertisers, then the media networks share only 25-35%. The so-called affiliate programs take a commission in return for:

  • Simplified withdrawal of money.
  • Access to additional promotion tools.
  • Educational activities, support and so on.

To partner with a media network, as a rule, it is necessary to comply with both the standard monetization rules and additional conditions.

The amount of earnings depends on:

  • The number of commercial impressions (they are counted if the ad is watched to the end or at least 30 seconds).
  • Ad formats and their cost.
  • The geographic location of the audience.
  • Reach, number of views, retention.
  • The quality of the content and the subject of the video (as a rule, advertisers avoid videos with obscene expressions, scandals, etc.).

The exact income can be seen only in the Google Adsense account or the personal account of the connected partner. The projected channel revenue is displayed in YouTube Analytics. With the help of rating services – WhatStat and SocialBlade – you can estimate the potential earnings from the YouTube affiliate program by examining the estimated income on other channels in your area. If you plan to make money using the media network, accordingly, reduce the forecast by 20-30%.


Remember, the YouTube Partner Agreement does not provide a guarantee for a specific amount of income. Earnings depend on how viewers watch video ads. Consequently, more commercial views equals more money.


It is easy to withdraw earnings from media networks, as you can see from the table above, you can transfer to an electronic wallet from $ 0.5-1.

If your first cents started dripping from the YouTube affiliate program, do not expect to get money quickly. The minimum threshold for sending an Adsense payment is $ 100. If the required amount is collected, for example, in January, then the payment will be sent only at the end of February.

And one more thing: in order to receive income from YouTube in the most profitable way – by bank transfers – you need to open a foreign currency account. And do not forget to confirm your mailing address: an email will be sent to it when you accumulate $ 10 in AdSense.

This is what an email with a PIN for address verification looks like in Adsense

This is what an email with a PIN for address verification looks like in Adsense

Disadvantages of earning through the YouTube affiliate program or media network:

  • Small income per view (especially when working with a media network).
  • Inconvenient withdrawal of funds (when participating in an official affiliate program).
  • The inability to receive an advance payment (as with direct advertising) and so on.

Main advantage: nothing distracts from creativity. YouTube does not need to communicate with advertisers, coordinate scenarios, comply with deadlines – video hosting itself spins suitable advertisements. All that remains for the blogger is to make quality content and periodically study the YouTube Analytics and AdSense reports.


Direct cooperation with advertisers

The income of the YouTube affiliate program is incomparable with the possible income from direct cooperation with advertisers. An illustrative example is top bloggers who ask for one advertising integration from 250,000 to 1,500,000 rupees.

If there are a million or more subscribers, it is understandable: the channel itself gets into various ratings, plus there is an opportunity to work with large customers, which means – delegate everything to the agency.

The question is: what to do for those who have not yet achieved such indicators?

Emailing brands is a bad idea: they will most likely be ignored and added to spam. It’s better to make advertisers themselves interested in the channel: show good statistics on engagement, optimize video metadata, and so on.

A good option is to try ad exchanges. By connecting the channel to such services, youtuber gives extended statistics through the API, that is, it meets the potential customer halfway. It is easier for an advertiser to find the desired vlog by filtering sites by subject, number of subscribers, cost per view, and other important parameters.

Most exchanges act as guarantors:

  • Takes an advance payment from the customer.
  • Keeps money with him until the task is completed.
  • Transfers the amount to the youtuber if the advertisement is placed in accordance with the terms of reference.

By the way, such a system, first of all, saves the blogger himself from forgetfulness and disruption of deadlines.

The channel requirements for each exchange are different, and they do not depend on the YouTube monetization terms.

On average, YouTube exchanges take 5-15% of a deal, but this is not much, if there is the necessary profit – financial assistance for the further development of the channel.

Direct advertising generates more money, but requires more responsibility. Both in front of customers and in front of the audience.

With product placement, everything is simple – this is the most native format: the product flickers in the frame without causing discomfort to the audience. But they pay less for such advertising, in many cases by barter.

Ad integration is more difficult:

  • If you strive to please the advertiser and praise the product, you can catch a “truck” of dislikes, get comments like “sold out” and so on. Especially if the product or service is not very good.
  • If you make excuses to subscribers, trying to maintain loyalty, show that all this was done just for the sake of money, the customer will remain dissatisfied.
  • Making an ad boring and clumsily embedding it in your content won’t appeal to everyone.

In general, in order to make good money in this way, you need to be able to resolve disputes with advertisers, determine the mood of the audience, and embed ads beautifully and interestingly. By the way, examples of good and bad integrations plus the price list of some popular bloggers can be studied in the article which is dedicated to advertising on YouTube .

And if ad formats are still a dark forest for you, watch this video

In fact, the ideal cooperation option for an entrepreneur is to pay for leads / give a part of the money paid by the attracted client. However, such a system does not suit most bloggers, and the reason is obvious: they do not have time to delve into business processes, they lack access to analytics and control over order processing. Although, if you have a reliable partner, a proven referral system or an advertising network in mind, you can try this option.

Of course, the main advantage of direct advertising is high income.

The downside is that you need to spend more time and effort on negotiations, working out scenarios, working out negativity, resolving disputes, and so on. It is easier for top bloggers, since all these tasks are taken on by agencies. However, those will not work with middling and even more beginner channels.


Donates and subscriptions

Sponsored subscription – the ability to regularly support the channel for loyal fans. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to support the author, and in return they are entitled to bonuses:

  • Additional content and early access to new videos.
  • Invitations to closed communities in social networks.
  • Mentions on behalf of your favorite blogger.
  • Unique emojis and so on.

To enable sponsored subscriptions, the author must be 18 years old and the number of subscribers exceeds 30,000. The function is not available for violations of YouTube policies, active alerts, or not connected to an official affiliate program or media network.

If there are no 30,000 subscribers and monetization enabled, sponsorship subscriptions are not available

The next option for additional income is collecting donations (donations) during live broadcasts (streams). For this, video hosting offers its own solution – “Super Chat”.

The interest of viewers is that the paid messages are highlighted in color and fixed above the others. The cost of one of these is from 20 to 10,000 rupees. The price depends on the number of characters, message color and posting time.

Super Chat is available for channels that have live streaming and monetization enabled.

70% of the amount of sponsorship subscriptions goes to the author. The size of the commission for donations on streams is unknown. All revenue information can be explored in YouTube Analytics and AdSense reports. The payment procedure is the same as for the YouTube affiliate program.

For crowdfunding purposes, you can also use third-party tools: Donation Alerts during streams, Patreon for sponsored subscriptions, “Ya. Soberu” for one-time donations (Not for India)

Briefly about the main

  • Earnings through the YouTube affiliate program or the media network – everything is automatic and stable, but the income is small.
  • Direct cooperation with advertisers – high income, but more work and responsibility.
  • Donations and subscriptions are an auxiliary income for bloggers with a very loyal audience.
  • The main condition for making good money: building a loyal audience and creating high-quality, useful and interesting video content.


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