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आज के लिए सबसे अच्छे और 5000+ सबसे लोकप्रिय Telegram Movie Channels List में आपका स्वागत है। Page पर आप विभिन्न Categories में सर्वश्रेष्ठ और सबसे उपयोगी Telegram Channel पा सकते हैं। कृपया आनंद उठाओ! यह Telegram Channels हिंदी Films और TV and Web Series के बारे में है। Telegram Channels पर, आप Hindi में New Movies और TV-Web Series Download कर सकते हैं और देख सकते हैं। Telegrams में सबसे लोकप्रिय Telegram Channels है। वहाँ आप Films और TV Series and Web Series, cartoon Movies, Trailers, रोचक तथ्य देख सकते हैं और Movies के साथ Articles के बारे में Latest News पा सकते हैं। मुझे लगता है कि यह Telegram Channels, सर्वश्रेष्ठ सट्टेबाजी Channels में से एक है।

Last updated: July 26, 2021

Telegram Group Link 2021


Best Telegram channels list For New and Latest Movies to follow in 2020-21


HINDI HD MOVIES (Subscribers: 4.3M+) – Join Form Here

Netflix (Subscribers: 580K+) – Join Form Here

Boss of betting – free sports tips by the pro (Subscribers: 8K+)- Join Form Here

Hollywood English Netflix Movies (Subscribers: 2.7M+)- Join Form Here

Bollywood movies telegram channel new HD (Subscribers: 1.9M+)- Join Form Here

New Tamil Movies TamilRockers (Subscribers: 1.3M+)- Join Form Here

American English (Subscribers: 52K+)- Join Form Here

Bollywood Cinemas (bollywood movies telegram channel) (Subscribers: 1.2M+) – Join Form Here

Telugu movies (Subscribers: 1.2M+) – Join Form Here

Download Movies (Subscribers: 11K+) – Join Form Here

South Indian Movies Hindi (Subscribers: 760K+) – Join Form Here

Amazon Prime Video HD (Subscribers: 620K+) – Join Form Here

DUBBED MOVIES (Subscribers: 610K+)- Join Form Here

Alt Balaji Web Series (Subscribers: 230K+) – Join Form Here

ULLU Web Series (Subscribers: 500K+)- Join Form Here

Movies on Google Drive (Subscribers: 14K+)- Join Form Here

movies480p – Join Form Here



Best Telegram Movie Channels in 2020 (Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu)

Telegram Channels Join Links
Global Movies English TV Shows Series Join From Here
Hollywood Netflix Movies HD Join From Here
RickyChristianto Join From Here
MoviesEmpire Join From Here
Movies HD Channel Join From Here
YIFY Movies Join From Here
Movie Series Join From Here
Movies Now Channel Join From Here
Telegram Movies Join From Here
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iMovieShare Channel Join From Here
Movies/Series~Gallery Join From Here
X265 Movies Join From Here
Marvel Movies Join From Here

You can join any of these Telegram movie channels to find your desired movies through the search bar.



Hindi Movie Channels or Bollywood Movies Telegram Channel

Most of the Hindi movies are being produced under Bollywood. Bollywood movies telegram channel present a very impressive and factual description of the Indian communities.

There are diverse types of genres in Bollywood including Comedy, Art, Fictional, Horror, Devotional, Religious, etc.

Right From Latest Movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other platforms, these channels will walk you through the best-curated lists of TV content!

Telegram Channels Join Links
Telegram Hindi Movies Join From Here
Hollywood Movies new hd Hindi Bollywood (bollywood movies telegram channel) Join From Here
Bollywood Indian Hindi Movies HD (bollywood movies telegram channel) Join From Here
Netflix Bollywood Hollywood Movies Join From Here
Bollywood Movies HD New Hindi Hollywood (bollywood movies telegram channel) Join From Here
Horror Movie Zone Join From Here
New South Indian Hindi Movies HD Join From Here


English Movie Channels

Hollywood is a well-known city in Florida and has a well-reputed movie industry. You know when it comes to Hollywood, there are a lot of types of movies being produced.

Moreover, Hollywood movies are best when it comes to income and quality. They make movies that actually impact society in different ways.

Telegram Channel Joining Link
Global Movies English TV Shows Series Join From Here
Hollywood Netflix Movies HD Join From Here
Hollywood HD Moviez Join From Here
Hollywood Movies new HD English Videos Join From Here
Hindi English New HD Movies Join From Here
Horror Movie Zone Join From Here

1000+ Telegram Group Links – Best Telegram Channels Link April 2021

Telugu Movie Channels

Telugu film industry is known as the most progressing industry. It’s located in the Indian states Uttar Pradesh and Telangana and widely known as Tollywood.

We all know the comedy and action Telugu films provides to us.

Telegram Channels Join Links
Telugu movies Join From Here
New Telugu Movies Join From Here
Movies Telugu New HD Dubbed Latest Join From Here
All Telugu movies Join From Here
Telugu Cinemahub Join From Here
South Movies Hindi Indian Dubbed Join From Here
New South Indian Hindi Movies HD Join From Here


Tamil Movie Channels

Tamil film industry gave us some most popular superstars like Surya, Vikram, and Dhanush. If you love the action and comedy of Tamil films, you’re here at the right place.

Tamil films are full of joy and hardcore action with great comical twists.

Telegram Channel Joining Link
Tamil Movies latest New HD Join From Here
Tamil Telugu Kannada Movies Join From Here
Movie Series Join From Here


Marathi Movie Channels

No “Marathi Manus” can live without the native Marathi films to watch. There are very good Marathi Movies out there you can download to revive your Maratha soul.

Another fact is that it is the oldest of all the film industries in India, many popular actors also worked in popular Marathi movies.

Telegram Channels Join Links
Marathi Cinemahub Join From Here
Marathi HD Movies Join From Here
New Marathi Movies Join From Here
Marathi Movies TM Join From Here
MF Mix Marathi Join From Here
New Marathi Movies HD Join From Here


Kannada Movie Channels

The film industry of Karnataka gave us the most iconic stars Puneeth, Sudeep and Darshan. Kannada movies never fail to impress viewers in action and screenplay or also you can check karnataka whatsapp group link.

If you’re also a Kannada film fanboy, you need to download Kannada movies.

Telegram Channels Join Links
New Kannada Hit Movies in HD Join From Here
Tamil Telugu Kannada Movies Join From Here
New Kannada Movies HD Marathi Join From Here
Kannada Rockers Movies Join From Here
Kannada Cinemahub? Join From Here


Malayalam Movie Channels

Malayalam film industry has done an exceptional job in providing some of the best movies like Drishyam, Bangalore Days, Ustad Hotel and Lucifer.

People from Kerela can relate to these movies and of course finding a way to download them for free.

Telegram Channel Joining link
Malayalam Movies Join From Here
Movie Series Join From Here
Cinima World Join From Here
Malayalam Dubbed Movies Join From Here
Mollywood Diaries Join From Here


Gujarati Movie Channels

Movies in the north reflect the culture of the local region, especially Gujarati movies. Gujarati movies hold the charisma of regional beauty and culture of Garba and Dandia.

Gujaratis love their regional movies and always finding ways to get them.

Telegram Channels Join Links
New Gujarati Movies HD Gujrati Join From Here
New Gujarati Movies HD Movies Join From Here
Gujarati Movies Golkeri Chho Join From Here
Gujarati Cinemahub Join From Here
Gujarati Movies Latest 2020 Join From Here


Anime Movie Channels

If you’re Anime freaks like us, you’re welcome here at the party. Anime provides great storylines with a load of action that energizes the whole soul in us.

I also quite enjoyed many Anime shows which I found on Telegram. So here I can provide you with the best channels on Telegram for Anime.

Telegram Channels Join Links
Anime Movies Join From Here
αηιмє ¢нαηηєℓ Join From Here
Anime Series Join From Here
Death Note Telegram Channel Join From Here
Gila-Gila Anime Join From Here


TV and Web Series Channels

TV and Web series and shows are lifelines for many people. We all want to enjoy stories and regular humor on a daily basis.

If you like to watch your favorite TV shows or binge-watching many web series at once while chilling and not to worry about anything else, then these best TV and Web series Telegram channels will get you covered.

Telegram Channel Joining Link
Game of Thrones (GoT) Join From Here
Netflix Originals Join From Here
Netflix Movies Web Series Hindi Join From Here
TV Series Bay Join From Here
Netflix Hindi Web Series HD Join From Here


18+ Adult Movie Channels

There is no shame in helping yourself and fulfilling what your body desires. 18+ Adult content actually helps our body to be relaxed and feel free.

So if you like to watch some 18+ adult action, there are channels for that too.

Telegram Channel Joining Link
Humour 18 + Join From Here
P**nX Tube Join From Here
Uncensored (18+) Join From Here
P*rn Cinema Join From Here
Xv**eos Teen Join From Here

Telegram Channel से Movies कैसे Download करें?

आइए देखें कि Telegram से Movieें Download करने के लिए आपको किन चरणों का पालन करना होगा-

1.   Telegram ऐप के माध्यम से अपने Telegram Account में लॉगिन करें ।

2.   उनके Link पर क्लिक करके ऊपर दी गई Movies के लिए Telegram Channel से जुड़ें ।

3.  उस Movie को खोजें जिसे  आप चैनल पर Download करना चाहते हैं।

  1. अब, Movie के नाम के बगल में नीचे की ओर तीर का बटन देखें, उस पर टैप करें।
टेलीग्राम मूवी डाउनलोड लिंक

5. आपका Download शुरू हो जाएगा। इसके पूरा होने का इंतजार करें। प्रगति बार तीर बटन चारों ओर दिखाई देगा।

6. जब आप इस फ़ाइल आइकन को देख सकते हैं , तो इसका मतलब है कि आपकी Movie सफलतापूर्वक Download हो गई है और अब आप इसे देख सकते हैं।

टेलीग्राम मूवी डाउनलोड लिंक

Movies के लिए Telegram Channel के लाभ

हम जानते हैं कि एक Single Movie जिसे आप देखना चाहते हैं उसे पाने का दर्द क्या है। Free Movies ढूंढने के अलग-अलग तरीके हैं जैसे टॉरेंट, वेबसाइट आदि, लेकिन टॉरेंट के जरिए Download करना काफी मुश्किल होता है और इसमें काफी मेहनत लगती है। और मुफ्त Movie वेबसाइट भी काफी स्थिर नहीं हैं और कभी-कभी हम जो चाहते हैं उसे प्रदान करने में विफल रहते हैं। जब आप वहां से Movies Download करते हैं, तो टोरेंट और रैंडम वेबसाइट आपके डिवाइस को नुकसान पहुंचा सकते हैं। इसे दूर करने के लिए, हमने किसी भी भाषा में लगभग हर Movie को खोजने के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ Telegram Movie चैनलों की एक अद्भुत सूची बनाई, जिसके बारे में आप सोच सकते हैं।


हम कह सकते हैं कि हमने Telegram Channels के प्रमुखों में से अधिकांश श्रेणियों को कवर कर लिया है। इन कीमती Telegram Channel्स को आपके Link के साथ इकट्ठा करने और प्रस्तुत करने के लिए बहुत प्रयास किए जा रहे हैं। यदि आपको कोई ग़लती, समस्या और सिफारिशें मिलती हैं, तो आप नीचे कमेंट करके मुझे बता सकते हैं और उन्हें ठीक कर सकते हैं। आप टिप्पणियों में अपनी पसंदीदा Telegram Movie भी पूछ सकते हैं। तब तक, Telegram करते रहें…

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