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The parable of the three friends

The parable of the three friends

One person had three friends. The first two he loved and respected very much, and the third he treated with disdain.

But then it happened that messengers came to this man from the king and gave an order to urgently appear before the lord and give an account of the debt of ten thousand talents. Not having such an amount to pay off the debt, the man turned to his friends.

The first responded to his request as follows:

– I have many friends without you, I’m just going to have fun with them. Here’s two rags for you, but I can’t give you anything more.

The second friend said:

– I myself am in grief, but, perhaps, I can escort you to the king, and expect nothing more from me.

And only the third friend, whom the man did not even hope for, said:

“For what little you have done for me, I will repay you in full. I myself will go with you to the king and I will beg him not to deliver you into the hands of your enemies.

The first friend is a pernicious passion for profit and wealth. It does not give a person anything – only a shirt and a shroud for burial.

The second friend – family and friends of the person. They can only walk him to the grave. And the third friend is our good deeds. It is they who will become our intercessors before the Lord, help us go through the airy ordeals after death and will pray to God for us.