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The Parable of Faith

The parable of faith

ABOUTone day a young monk walked with his teacher along the seashore and asked him various questions. But in fact, most of all he wanted to know what the elder thinks about the strength of his faith and does he really consider him the best of his students? After all, only his one holy abba took with him on a long journey, and they spent the whole day, not knowing rest, on the way …

– Abba, I really want to drink, – asked the student.

The elder stopped, made a prayer and suddenly said:

– Drink from the sea.

The disciple obediently scooped a handful of water from the sea and almost cried out with joy: the sea water tasted not salty and bitter, but sweet, as if from a spring. He rushed to the sea to fill his vessel with wonderful water in case he felt thirsty again on the way.

– What are you doing? – the old man was surprised. – Or do you doubt that God is not only here, but everywhere?

The disciple took another sip from his vessel and immediately spat it out: now the water was completely unfit for drinking.

“You see, brother, so far the depth of your faith can be measured with one sip of water,” the elder said, answering all his questions at once.