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Prayer out of habit – Christian parables

Prayer out of habit - Christian parables

At home, some rich people stopped praying before eating. One day a preacher came to visit them. The table was laid very exquisitely: they got the best fruit juices and served a very tasty dish. The family sat down at the table. Everyone looked at the preacher and thought that now he would pray before eating. 

But the preacher said:

– The father of the family should pray at the table, because he is the first prayer book in the family.

There was an unpleasant silence, because no one in this family prayed. The father cleared his throat and said:

– You know, dear preacher, we do not pray, because in prayer before meals the same thing is always repeated. Prayers out of habit are idle chatter. This eternal repetition every day, every year does not help at all, so we no longer pray.

The preacher looked at everyone in surprise, but then the seven-year-old girl said:

– Dad, don’t I need to come to you every morning and say “good morning”?