God is incomprehensible

God is incomprehensible
Long before the birth of Christ in Sicily there was a sovereign named Hieron. He had sages at his court, among whom Simonides stood out especially.

One day Hieron said to him:

– Simonides! Stretch your wisdom, explain to me what is God?

โ€œYou are asking me a difficult question, sir,โ€ the sage replied. โ€œLet me think for a day or two.

โ€œGood,โ€ Hieron agreed.

It took two days. Simonides came to the king and, instead of answering, asks to think for another four days.

Four days passed, and Simonides requested a new reprieve.

– Allow me, sir, another eight days.

Hieron frowned.

– You’re kidding, Simonides. Perhaps, soon you will begin to ask for sixteen days to think, and then thirty-two. When will you finally give me the final answer?

โ€œYou guessed right, sir,โ€ Simonides said calmly. – Eight days would have passed, I would have asked for sixteen, then thirty-two, and then sixty-four, and so on, all doubling the terms endlessly. As for the answer, I think I already gave it to you.

– How did you give it? – Hieron was surprised. – You haven’t told me anything about God yet, but you kept asking for more and more increments.

โ€œThis is my answer,โ€ said the sage. – Your question, sir, is beyond the power of anyone. The more you think about him, the less you understand – you have to ask for new and new days. This question is like a mountain. You look from a distance – and it seems to be a huge, and the closer you come, the more it rises and grows, and in front of it you feel so small, pitiful, insignificant. And if the mountain is not wrapped around and covered with your hand, how do you want, sir, with your mind to embrace the one who created both the mountain and the man.

Hieron understood the words of Simonides, reverently raised his eyes to the sky and whispered:

– Yes. God is incomprehensible! 

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