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Controversy with Humility

Controversy with humility

INIn one village there lived an incredible debater who argued in a row with everyone and everyone. Thanks to his incredible stubbornness, he managed to end any dispute in his favor with the words: “You see, I was right.” For any statement, any thought, he had the opposite. Proud of his victories in disputes, he once heard that a wise old man had come to his village to visit his friend.


“If I also argue with the elder, then the glory of me will go not only in this village, but throughout the country,” the arrogant fool decided and rushed to look for the sage. Approaching the house where the sage was visiting, the disputant asked permission to talk to him. When they brought him to the elder, he said with arrogance: “Sage, I have heard a lot about your wisdom, and despite this, I am sure that any phrase that you say, I can dispute, proving that I am right.”


“Yes, you’re right,” the old man answered calmly.


– No, I’m wrong, – the disputant exclaimed passionately … and stopped short.