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Christians and Christianity – M.N. Zadornov

Christians and Christianity - M.N. Zadornov

The fact that people have raised money for a documentary about Oleg the Prophet allows me to be free from any kind of pressure from the Abramovich sponsors. And as the shooting in Smolensk, Voronezh, Rostov and Gelendzhik showed, it helped a lot. For example, one scientist – I will not give his last name – tried to tarnish the whole idea of ​​the film and almost threatened to cut off the “oxygen”. His point of view is that there were no Russians and Slavs in the world, but there were only Finno-Ugric, Khazars, Vikings, Byzantium, and, of course, Ukrainians!

And today there are many such Khazaromaniacs. Someone believes in the “Khazar root” of the Russian people because of their lack of education, while others work out grants and handouts from Israel and various Zionist societies.
Indeed, it is believed that the Khazars were Jews. But, as the excavations showed, only the top of the Khazar rulers obeyed the rabbis, and the people did not really accept the Jewish faith, since they had a completely different origin – Turkic. Once again, I want to clarify for those who do not know: Jews and Jews are different concepts. When Pushkin called the Khazars “unreasonable”, he meant, most likely, that the Turkic people took a faith alien to them.
Now, when it is very fashionable to talk nasty things about Russia in the world, Khazaromania has intensified. There was, they say, Russia, but there was Khazaria and ruled by the backward Slavs. And since the Khazars were Jews, it means that the Jewish rabbis were the true rulers. Yes, they really were rulers, but only in Khazaria itself.
We filmed all over the border, which divided the Khazar Kaganate and the unions of the Slavic peoples. Great! Indeed, the Khazar Kaganate was a powerful state that played a very important role in the formation of Russia, and later Russia. It was necessary for our ancestors to unite in the face of the threat of enslavement, in front of an external threat. Isn’t it a modern problem?
Due to the trade in Slavic slaves, Khazaria grew richer from year to year. And even their southern capital, Itil, no longer suited the local leaders and traders. The center of the main profit moved by the 9th century to the north of Khazaria, closer to the source of the robbery profit by Slavic prisoners. That is why another fortress city, Sarkel, was built, which is now located under the waters of the Tsimlyansk reservoir. The united squad of the Slavic peoples under the leadership of Oleg somewhat calmed down the Khazar agility – the majority of the Slavic peoples stopped paying them tribute. Soon after Oleg, another Grand Duke Svyatoslav defeated Khazaria so that there was not even such a nationality left! But…
The rabbis, of whom there were a lot in Khazaria, fled to Europe and gave a wave of those European Jews, who are now called Ashkenazi. The majority settled at first in Spain. Their descendants penetrated into Italy and even mastered the papal throne in the Vatican (Borgia) through intrigues and bribery! Indirectly, this hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that it was after the defeat of Khazaria in Europe that the number of Jewish merchants increased several times. Under their leadership, both Florence and Venice would later flourish, and banks and other financial structures would be created.
How now not to focus their descendants on this and not give money so that scientists will finally re-isolate the root history of Russia?
Well, ok … I understand people who are fighting for their profits. I even understand those who work out their money. But most of all I have no complaints against them.
Perhaps no one has harmed the history of Russia so much as the Christian monks who wrote the first chronicles!
Why do we, Slavs, each time with such enthusiasm pounce on our own past and vilify it as soon as the power changes? All the Soviet best was crossed out indiscriminately in the name of supposedly democracy. The volume of kindness in our society immediately faded And this happens all the time. At the time of official baptism (reign of Vladimir Krasno Solnyshko), all types of writing that existed among the secular power of the Slavic Russians and the Magi were destroyed. At that time, the absence of printing presses was enough to destroy one work – there were no copies. There are many confirmations that writing existed, moreover, in a more figurative and more divine form than today’s Cyrillic alphabet, but this must be written about separately.
Christian monks who wrote the chronicles tried in every possible way to shamelessly slip our history under the history of Byzantium. As a result, they have been so sophisticated even over the years that one wonders how scientists do not notice this? However, I am wrong. Almost all scholars notice the stupidity of the annals, but do not want to dispute them, because most of them benefit from it.
According to the chronicle – I told you – Princess Olga gave birth to a son, Svyatoslav, when she was over 60! But there were no surrogate mothers at that time!
The Christian monks really wanted to fit many dates to the holy age of Jesus – the number 33.
Educated people understand what I am writing about now, and blame Christianity for everything, they say, it is not our religion, the Slavs fell into slavery, when they became Christians, to the world hucksters.
I would not say so indiscriminately. The history of Russia was corrupted not by Christianity, but by rabid, christian monks. From a sense of sycophancy to power. Everything is very similar now. Makarevich (far from the most pleasant person to me personally) spread rot simply out of a sense of sycophancy towards Putin. But many of those who revile him today were brought up on his songs.
Christianity is the teaching of Christ. A Christian is the one who tries to follow the teachings, and not the one who kisses priests’ hands with a watch for 30-40 thousand euros!
Patriarch Kirill, in my opinion, expressed himself very wrongly when he said that before Christianity the Slavs were completely uncultured people. It is not for such an educated and enlightened person to make such mistakes. A lot of facts exist with one hundred percent evidence of the highest culture of the Slavic Russians before Christianity. By the way, Christianity itself seeped to our ancestors gradually, and for that matter, the first baptism of Rus was not under Vladimir and not even under Olga, but under Askold, if not even earlier. And in the north of Russia – Slovenia – in general, apparently, they accepted the teachings of Jesus not from the deceitful Byzantium, but from the descendants of the Celts from Ireland. Almost all crosses found in the north are Celtic, not Byzantine with an elongated stem. The difference is significant. The Celtic cross is the sun, the Aryan brace. And the cross with an elongated leg is a Roman instrument of torture and execution! No wonder, thanks to Sergius of Radonezh, the sun appeared on the Byzantine cross, so that our ancestors would not forget their ancestral solar roots. After all, Jesus was for many at that time the sun. He was born when the day begins to lengthen, i.e., the sun wins over the darkness! This is what the people said: “Our sun, Christushka.”
Many today are outraged at how many priests, our sacred men behave: expensive cars, clothes, watches, and finally, obvious gluttony! May all those I have just written about forgive me, but Jesus was more modest! Sell ​​your Mercedes, hop on donkeys and drive to Jerusalem! Bring back the faith of Christians to the teachings of Jesus, and not to those rituals that you pass off as Christianity!
I think that teaching Orthodoxy in schools is wrong. The schools are attended by people of different nationalities, Orthodox and non-Orthodox. Any faith must be respected, because any religion is faith in God.
The state is for the body, and faith in God is for the soul!
If the basics of Orthodoxy are taught in all schools, it will be very easy to turn all other confessions against Russians. This is just what the West is waiting for! This is exactly what America plays on when it uses its technologies quite successfully for supposedly democratic revolutions. In fact, it simply incites enmity between nationalities and religions. Why give in to them? These giveaways are very dangerous.
And about Khazaromania, I will add this: there was no DNA genealogy at the time of the Prophetic Oleg, but he was the Prophetic and, apparently, read the information embedded in our chromosomes intuitively, that is, with a sense. He united peoples who, according to the most modern scientific data, were 90% related and of the same origin! And it was the most numerous people … in Europe!
If in the film about Rurik we paid the most attention to the Normanophiles, then in the film about Oleg we will have to resist the Khazaromanes just as persistently! Among them, by the way, there were even those who claim that Oleg the Prophet was also a Khazar. True, Bulgarians, Poles, and Scandinavians ascribe him to themselves … Some Jews have not yet guessed to call Oleg a Jew.
Americans have a national idea – a house, a fence, a yard and a lot of furniture inside the house.
Our national idea is the ancestral memory of our worthy ancestors! Our family, our clan and the restoration of love for agriculture. With respect to all confessions and peoples who consider Russia their homeland.
In the end, I will just add that I did not speak about all the priests. Among my acquaintances, there are priests who take care of churches and rural schools. There are many of them. For example, Father Alexander, who baptized me, would never have allowed me to call him Alex. He was not poor, but self-sufficient and taught this to his parishioners.
The word “Orthodoxy” means “to praise the rule”, i.e. God is the first cause, all God is One God. This name of our Vedic faith existed even before Vladimir Krasno Solnyshko.
Do you know who fought for people to follow the teachings of Jesus, and not become slaves to rituals? Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy!

This is Christianity, not Christianity!