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Christian Telegony

Christian Telegony


Most people who get married want to have children. But not everyone knows how virgin purity affects the health of offspring, what exactly depends on it – what your children will be like …. Our ancestors knew about this; they knew how to notice that there was no good offspring from the walking girl. Therefore, a morally fallen girl was considered spoiled, unworthy of marriage.

In our time, the connection between virginity and the quality of offspring could be explained by genetics, who discovered the phenomenon of telegony in the last century. The discovery began with the fact that about 150 years ago, horse breeders who bred new breeds of horses decided to cross a horse with a zebra to increase endurance. The experiments failed: not a single conception occurred – neither in horses from male zebras, nor in zebra-mares from ordinary stallions. They stopped the experiments and tried to forget about them, believing that the case was over. However, after a few years, striped foals began to be born in the mares that had been in the experiments. From thoroughbred stallions !! … The stunned scientific world called this phenomenon telegony. Experiments of contemporaries – Charles Darwin, prof. Flint, Felix Land Pharmacy and other scientists – with other animals – confirmed this phenomenon. F. Landataek wrote the book “The Individual, Evolution,

Only the practitioners of the dog breeders knew a long time ago: if at least once a thoroughbred bitch marries a mongrel dog, and even if she does not have puppies from him, then there is still nothing to expect from her for the future of thoroughbred offspring. The pigeons are also well aware of this. If a non-purebred pigeon “trampled” a thoroughbred pigeon, it is immediately killed, because, even with the most “elite” spouse, she will only have non-purebred children; then the feathers in the tail are not the same, then the color of the beak, then something else.

Should modern girls who decide to start an intimate life before marriage know this? Indisputably. However, few people know about this.

And by our time a paradoxical situation has developed: they know about this phenomenon, which is directly related to the birth of full-fledged offspring, mainly quietly livestock breeders. Otherwise, Russia would not have had the best breeds of animals – neither thoroughbred horses, nor dairy cows, nor excellent sables … By the way, domestic furs conquered a third of the world fur market, mainly due to breeding work in fur fur farms.

The discovery of the telegony in the 19th century was immediately hidden from people, as it opened the mysterious curtains of the fate of many people – simple and great. But most importantly, it firmly closed the way for all kinds of sexual revolutions, and this was not part of the plans of the enemy of the human race. For classification, a convenient phrase was found and even included in the encyclopedia: allegedly the phenomenon of telegony was not confirmed …

But, as they say, there is nothing secret that would not become apparent. Especially when international festivals began to be held on the territory of the Soviet Union, it became not uncommon for our Russian girls to give birth to their genetically healthy husbands from whites – children “neither mother nor father” … but black, and, to unfortunately, often a moronic fellow. The reason for the appearance of these children was a genetic mutation of the chromosomal chain. Many years ago, an extramarital affair that took place became the fault of a family tragedy. What is there to hide, “girls – premarital women”, especially from the many prostitutes, “wild” or organized “escort services”, today give their “legitimate loved ones” the hidden fruits of premarital sexual relations – drug addicts, substance abusers, homosexuals or mentally disabled, possessed idiots – children.

So, telegonia (from the word “tele” – far away and “drive” – ​​birth) is a science that claims that the offspring of a female is influenced by all her previous sexual partners. And especially the first man. It is he, and not the future father of the child, who lays down the gene pool of the offspring of every woman, regardless of when and from whom she will give birth to her children. He, who violated virginity, becomes, as it were, the genetic father of all future children of a woman.

Naturally, even now the theory of telegony has countless opponents who cite “the results of research and experiments”, proving that telegony is nonsense, that reckoning with it means not respecting oneself and one’s desires. Most of these theorists are interested people, for the pornography industry will suffer significant losses if the phenomenon of telegony is studied by children from school. Therefore, it will be more profitable for them if our children begin to study the program of “family planning” at school, which will contribute to the corruption of the future generation, and, consequently, to replenish their wallet.


And another question: is all lost for women who have lost their virginity, but want to have a family?

In the Orthodox Church, in the rite of Baptism and the Sacrament of repentance, one can gain a second birth and destroy physical infirmity with the weapon of the Spirit. But repentance must be true in order for the soul to be cleansed and transformed. From a spiritual point of view, Telegony is explained very simply: the soul affects the body. Genes are emotions, impressions of the mother’s soul to the child conceived in her: if a mother thinks about something, this will definitely affect the children, and they will certainly be born similar to the one she loved for the first time – because this feeling is very strong, almost unforgettable … Saint Ambrose of Mediolan called it “the gift of the first marriage from God. It arises even in the absence of physical intimacy, which is why before the girls were hidden in mansions. And now the girls see everything … St. John Chrysostom wrote: “How can she be a virgin, whose conscience is burnt? .. Have you ever married? But this is not virginity yet “

So it is not easy to preserve childhood, but to return it is even more work. But the reward is great: children who are born of chaste parents are a blessing of God, they are for joy in life, for help and consolation in old age, and not for shame and suffering.