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Be like an angel

Be like an angel
Rath John thought, “I want to be like the angels. They do nothing but contemplate the splendor of God. ” And on the same night, he left the monastery in Scete and went into the desert.

A week later he returned to the monastery. The brother at the gate heard his knock and asked who it was.

“This is Brother John. I am hungry.

“It can’t be,” said the gatekeeper. – Brother John is in the wilderness, he transforms himself into an angel. He no longer feels hungry, and he no longer needs to work to feed himself.

“Forgive my pride,” Brother John said. – Angels help people. This is their job, and that’s why they contemplate the splendor of God. I can contemplate the same splendor in my daily work.

After these words of humility, the brother opened the gate.