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Why is it Important to Learn Not to Judge – Indian Proverbs

ODin king was glorified by the fact that he distributed food to brahmins. As the food was being dispensed, an eagle flew over the place where it had been, which was holding a dead snake in its claws. From the mouth of the snake accidentally dropped a drop of poison and got into one of the plates with food, which the king distributed. No one knew or saw what had happened, so the king simply continued to serve food as if nothing had happened. That brahman who received a bowl of poisoned food died, and this turned the king into sorrow.

Why is it important to learn not to judge

One of the servants of Yamapaja (the god of death), whose service consisted in the revival of karma to living beings, was confused about who to give the feed for the sin of poisoning braxman. It was not the fault of the opla, which carried a dead snake in its claws, and it was not the fault of the dead snake, the king was not to blame for this either, since he did not know that poison had got into the food.
Meanwhile, a few other brahmins came to this kingdom. They wanted to meet the king. Seeing one woman sitting by the road, they asked her: “Do you know where the king’s palace is and how can we get there?” 

The woman replied: “Yes, I know.” She showed them the direction in which they needed to go. “But be careful,” she added: “The king is known as the murderer of the Brahmins!” At that moment, when she did this, the servant Yamaraja understood who he should give punishment for the murder of that brassman, and gave it to this woman!