Where Is God | Where Is God Located | Where Is God Live

Where Is God | Where Is God Located | Where Is God Live

Once an old hermit in an orange robe came to a village where there were many unbelievers. The old man was surrounded by young people who called him to show where God, so deeply revered by him, dwells. He said he could do it, but first let them give him a cup of milk.

When the milk was placed in front of him, he did not drink it, but looked at it for a long time and silently with ever-increasing curiosity. The young people were impatient, and when their demands became very insistent, the elder told them:

– Wait a minute; they say milk contains butter, but in this cup, no matter how hard I tried, I did not see it.

– You are a stupid person if you make such ridiculous conclusions! They said. – Each drop of milk contains butter, but to see or get it, you need to boil the milk, cool it, add yogurt, wait a few hours for it to curdle, then knock down and remove a piece of butter that will appear on the surface.

– Ah well! – said the ascetic. – Now it is much easier for me to explain to you where God dwells. He is everywhere, in every being, in every atom of the Universe. But to see Him as a real entity, you need to strictly, zealously and sincerely follow the prescribed rules. Then, at the end of this process, you will feel His grace and His power.



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