Tongue and Eye

Tongue and eye

Dean the hermit took two vows as the first steps in ascetic practice. The first is not to harm any living creature, and the second is not to tell a lie.

Once, when he was meditating in a dense forest under a tree, asking God to help him firmly follow these two vows, he saw a beautiful deer fleeing from hunters in fear. After a few seconds, the hunters appeared. They asked the hermit if he had seen where the deer had run. The poor sadhu was at a loss. If he says that he saw a deer hiding in the bushes, the hunters will catch him and kill him. And that would be a violation of his first vow. And if he says that he does not know where the deer is, then he will break his second vow. After a little thought, the sadhu said:

– The eye that sees cannot speak. The language that speaks cannot see. I cannot force the eye to speak and the tongue to see.

The hunters, realizing that they would not get any sense out of him, ran on.