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The parable of birth and death

The parable of birth and death

Shiva once sat on the top of Mount Kailash. Next to Him lay His bull Nandi. Suddenly there was a terrible noise.

Nandi asked:

– Honorable, what could that mean?

– The demon Ravana was born, that’s what it means! – answered Shiva.

A few seconds later, a terrible noise was heard again.

– And what is it now? Nandi asked.

“And now Ravana has been killed and he died,” Shiva answered with a smile.

Birth and death are like the glamor of a fakir. You observe this illusion for a few seconds and then it disappears. Only God is real, everything else is unreal. Only water is real, while the bubbles constantly appearing and disappearing on its surface are unreal. They dissolve in the water from which they arose.

“Proverbs and Stories of Ramakrishna”