The first step to God

The first step to God

Din man came to Saint Ramanuja and said:

– I would like to find a way to God. Help me.

Ramanuja replied:

– Tell me first, did you love anyone?

– I am not interested in worldly affairs, love and so on. I want to come to God, –  answered the man.

Then Ramanuja said:

– Think again, please, did you love a woman, a child, or at least someone in your life?

“I’ve already told you that I’m a religious person, I’m not an ordinary layman,” the man replied. – I didn’t love anyone.

Ramanujda became sad, tears appeared in his eyes, and he said:

– Then it’s impossible. You must love someone first. This will be the first step to God. You ask about the last step, but you yourself have not yet stepped on the first. Go and love someone!