One windy evening, a dry leaf on which an ant was sitting was torn off and fell into the river. The tiny heart of an ant cried out to God for help. God prompted a kite flying over the river to go down to the water and pick up a leaf with its beak, telling him that it was a fish or a frog. And although the bird was very disappointed, the ant was incredibly happy that it was on solid ground.

“God turned into a bird and saved me,” he thought, and decided that he had to thank this kite and all the other birds.

One day, during his morning run, he saw a hunter aim an arrow at a bird. Remembering how one day a bird saved his life, an ant bit the hunter’s heel. The archer’s hand trembled, and the arrow flew past the target.

Everything in the world is interconnected. And even an ant is ready to repay its debt.