Protection - Adishhub



On one occasion, Krishna was having a quiet dinner at his home. Queen Rukmini, his wife, served him food herself. Suddenly Krishna jumped up from the table and ran across the garden to the street. Anxious and perplexed, Rukmini ran after him. Halfway she met her husband, he was returning home. Entering the house, he calmly sat down at the table and, as if nothing had happened, continued his meal. Rukmini asked him:

– What happened? Why did you interrupt lunch so unexpectedly and run outside?

Krishna replied:

– I felt that one of my students needed help, his whole being attracted me. The villagers threw stones at him and insulted him. He stood defenseless and prayed.

– So why did you come back? Rakmini asked in surprise.

– At first, when he stood defenseless in front of the people who threatened him, all of Genesis stood in his defense. But when he could not resist and raised a stone in response, I realized that he decided to rely only on his own strength.