Poisoned water – Indian Proverb

For a single queen, completely devoted to Lord Krishna. Having learned about satsang (the opportunity to listen to an enlightened person), she began to go there and sat down with ordinary people to listen to satsang.

The king was very angry with her because she did not adhere to royal etiquette at court. On the contrary, she communicated with different people below herself in status and caste.

And one day, in order to get rid of her, the king took out a bowl of poisoned water and offered her with the words:

“This is amrita, the blessed water that I got after washing the feet of Lord Krishna, I bought it for you.

She took the bowl in her hands, knowing that she was holding poison. If she rejected her, everyone would curse her love for Lord Krishna and say, “What kind of love does she have for him? She rejects the water brought from her God, Lord Krishna! ” This would be a great curse on the love of a devotee of God. But if she accepts it – and it is poison – then she will die.

A great test fell to her lot. Then she decided that she would not cast a shadow of guilt on the love of the Beloved. “May my love be true!” – she thought and emptied the bowl.

To everyone’s surprise, the poisoned water had no effect at all. On the contrary, it illuminated her even brighter.