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Life is Eternal – What is Eternal of Life?

Life is Eternal - What is Eternal of Life?
Before his death, Ramakrishna could neither eat nor drink. Seeing this suffering, Vivekananda fell at his feet and said:

– Why don’t you ask God to take away your illness? At least you can tell Him, “Let me at least eat and drink!” God loves you, and if you ask Him, a miracle will happen! God will set you free.

The rest of the disciples also began to beg him.

Ramakrishna said:

– Okay, I’ll try.

He closed his eyes. Light filled his face and tears streamed down his cheeks. All the anguish and pain suddenly disappeared. After a while, he opened his eyes and looked into the happy faces of his students. As they watched Ramakrishna, they thought that something wonderful had happened. They decided that God had delivered him from his illness. But in reality, the miracle was different. Ramakrishna opened his eyes. He was silent for a while and then he said:

– Vivekananda, you are a fool! You offer me to do stupid things, but I am a simple person and I accept everything. I told God, “I cannot eat, I cannot drink. Why won’t You let me do at least this? ” And He answered, “Why are you clinging to this body? You have many students. You live in them: eat and drink. ” And it freed me from my body. Feeling this freedom, I cried. Before her death, his wife Sharda asked:

– What should I do? Should I walk in white and not wear jewelry when you’re gone?

“But I’m not going anywhere,” Ramakrishna replied. – I will be here in everything that surrounds you. You will be able to see me in the eyes of those who love me. You will feel me in the wind, in the rain. A bird will fly up – and, perhaps, you, too, will remember me. I will be here.

Sharda never cried or wore mourning clothes. Surrounded by the love of her disciples, she did not feel emptiness and continued to live as if Ramakrishna was alive.