Holy cow Meaning in India | Means of holy Cows

Ramana Maharshi lived in southern India on Mount Arianahal. He was not very educated. At the age of seventeen, he went to the mountains in search of Truth and meditated there for several years, constantly asking himself the question: “Who am I?” When he cognized the Truth, people reached out to him from everywhere. He was a very laconic, quiet person. People came to him in order to taste his silence, just to sit in his presence.

Holy cow Meaning in India | Means of holy Cows

All those who came saw one truly miraculous phenomenon: every time he went out on the veranda in anticipation of people, besides them, a cow came to him. She always came without the slightest delay, exactly on time and was present until everyone left. And when Ramana Maharshi returned to his room, the cow often came to his window and looked inside to say goodbye. Ramana Maharshi stroked her face, patted her neck and said:

– Well, everything is already! Go.

And she left.

This happened every day, without interruption, for four years in a row. People were very surprised at this: “What kind of cow is this?”

And then one day she did not come. Ramana said:

“She must be in trouble. I have to go look for her.

It was cold outside: strong gusts of wind with rain. People tried to restrain him, but he went and, in fact, found a cow near his home. Since the cow was old, she slipped and fell into a ditch.

Ramana Maharshi came down to her and sat down beside her. Tears appeared in the eyes of the cow. She put her head on Ramana’s lap, he stroked her face … He sat there until she died. In memory of her, the Hindus built a temple on this site with a statue of a sacred cow inside.


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