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Bun – Indian Proverbs


My wife and I have lived together for 30 years. On the day of the 30th anniversary of marriage, the wife, as usual, baked a roll – she baked it every morning, it was a tradition. At breakfast, she cut it across, smeared both parts with butter, and, as usual, began to serve the top part to her husband, but halfway through her hand stopped.

She thought: “On our thirtieth birthday, I want to eat this ruddy part of the bun myself; I dreamed about her for 30 years. In the end, I was an exemplary wife for 30 years, I raised wonderful sons for him, was a faithful and good lover, ran a household, I put so much strength and health on our family. ” 

Having made this decision, she serves the bottom of the bun to her husband, and her hand is trembling – a violation of a 30-year-old tradition! 

And her husband, taking a bun, said to her: “What an invaluable gift you made to me today, beloved! For 30 years I have not eaten my favorite, the lower part of the bun, because I believed that it rightfully belongs to you … “

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