Brahmin and The King - Adishhub

Brahmin and The King

Brahmin and The King

A black brahmin once came to a wise king and said:

– I know the holy books well and therefore would like to teach you the truth!

The king answered:

– I think that you yourself have not yet sufficiently delved into the meaning of the sacred books. Go and try to attain true understanding, and then I will choose you as my teacher.

The Brahmin is gone.

“Haven’t I studied the sacred books for so many years,” he said to himself, “and he also says that I do not understand him. How stupid that the king told me. “

Despite the fact, he once again read the holy books carefully. But when he again came to the king, he received the same answer.

This made him think, and when he returned home, he locked himself in his house and devoted himself to studying the scriptures again. When he began to understand its inner meaning, it became clear to him how insignificant riches, honors, court life and desires for earthly goods were. Since then, he devoted himself in all to self-improvement, to the elevation of the divine principle in himself and did not return to the king any more. Several years passed, and the king himself came to the brahmin and, seeing him, all imbued with wisdom and love, falling on his knees before him, said:

– Now I see that you have reached a true understanding of the meaning of scripture, and now, if only you want it, I am ready to be your disciple.