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Brahman, the Cow and the Law of Karma

Deen of a young sannyasi, while traveling, came to the house of a wealthy brahmana. Sannyasis usually spend the night in the houses of brahmanas, because you can get clean food from them. But some sannyasis take a vow not to go into houses at all. Therefore, the brahmanas keep a special bed for them in the courtyard.

Brahman, the cow and the law of karma

So this brahmana led the guest and laid him down on this couch in the courtyard. The brahmana’s wife washed his feet and the young sannyasi fell asleep peacefully. But at night he woke up because he felt someone wake him up. He opened his eyes and saw the wife of a brahmana at his head. She stood in front of him with her hair down, seductively dressed.

“The God of love haunts me,” she said. – When I washed your feet, an arrow of love pierced my heart. I tried to sleep, I tried to do something, but I failed. You know that in order to be liberated one has to get rid of all material desires, so please, relieve me of this desire.

A young and unfortunately very handsome sannyasi thought, “My God, what should I do?” He tried to preach to her:

– What are you doing? You are breaking all laws! You are cheating on your husband, and I can’t break my vows. Please give up your desires.

But Kama (Lust) in her heart had already completely possessed her, and she did not want to listen to anything else, she was completely intoxicated with love. When she realized that her wish was not destined to come true, she turned away from him in anger and ran into the house.

After some time, the unfortunate sannyasi heard terrible screams. First he heard a man’s cry, and then a woman’s. He ran into the house and saw that the woman had killed her husband out of anger. She began to shout and call all the people from the village. When everyone came running she said:

“Look at this pretender, this sannyasi. He took advantage of our hospitality, he came to our house, and when night fell, he decided to seduce me. And so that my husband does not interfere with him in this, he killed my husband! Now judge him and do whatever you want with him!

The unfortunate sannyasi was seized and taken to the maharaja, to the ruler of the area. But according to the rules, sannyasis cannot be executed, so the maharaja, after consulting with his assistants, decided to cut off his left hand so that everyone could see that he had done something unrighteous.

So this young man’s hand was cut off, and he went on his own way. But now one thought haunted him. Some time ago, he walked calmly, thought about God, and nothing foreshadowed trouble. However, this incredible story suddenly happened. Before his eyes, some woman harassed him, then there was a murder, then he was accused of murder and his hand was cut off. He could not understand anything and began to pray to God:

“God, it must be all the consequences of my past sins, but I just can’t figure out why it happened. I ask you, please, explain to me why this happened.

So he walked all day and prayed, and when dusk came he fell asleep and had a dream. In this dream he saw himself, but in a different body. He saw himself bathing in the river. And after taking a bath, at the moment when it was time to recite the Gayatri mantra, a cow ran out of the forest not far from the river in terrible horror. She ran across the river and rushed into the forest on the other side. After some time, a butcher, a man with a sword in his hand, ran out of the same forest, and, seeing the brahmana, asked:

– Hey, brahmana, have you seen the cow that ran away from me?

And then the brahmana was embarrassed because he did not know what to do. Tell the truth or deceive? Whether to tell the truth about where the cow ran, or break your vow of truthfulness. And then he thought: “Anyway, this is the karma of living beings, this is the karma between the butcher and the cow. If the cow is destined to die at his hands, she will die anyway. I must not break my vow. ” Therefore, he indicated with his hand where the cow ran away.

At that moment he woke up. And when he woke up, he realized that the cow in this life was born by the woman he met, and the butcher became her husband, so she killed him. And that brahmana, who showed with his left hand where the cow ran away, lost it.


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