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Conscious pregnancy and natural parenting. Table of contents

Table of Contents

Conscious pregnancy and natural parenting. Table of contents


horny friends! Being a parent is one of the most demanding missions on this planet. How to prepare yourself for the arrival of the child in the family and his upbringing? How to be mindful at every stage of parenting? How can parents and their children become spiritual friends and work together to benefit the world?

This book is about the healthy lifestyle of parents and their present and future children, grandparents, and our entire society. We have made an effort to collect material for you about the important periods of starting a family: preparation for conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the first months of your baby’s life. We tried to consider such important topics for parents as the practice of spiritual development of the family, healthy nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, vaccination of children, natural childbirth, breastfeeding. This is not a guide to action and not a collection of unambiguous answers to questions.

These are just guidelines for sanity in your experience of parenting and relationships with children. Children, both not yet born, and those who have already come to this world to take lessons. It is on parents that the awareness of children, the quality of their life in society, and, as a result, the well-being of the entire planet largely depend.

Consciousness and sanity to you!


Chapter 1. Rule one – giving up bad habits

Chapter 2. Rule Two – Healthy Eating

Chapter 3. Rule three – abstinence. What are Rita’s laws? The harm of hormonal contraception

Chapter 4. Rule Four – Spiritual Self-Improvement. The practice of altruism. Practices of spiritual self-improvement. Hatha yoga. Retreat. Inviting a soul to the family


Chapter 5. Nutrition during pregnancy

Chapter 6. Hatha yoga during pregnancy. Recommendations for practice. What is Perinatal Yoga?

Chapter 7. Good habits during pregnancy

Chapter 8. Medical issues. Toxicosis. Medicines. Complexes of vitamins. Ultrasound

Chapter 9. The importance of spiritual practice during pregnancy. Pranayama and Meditation. Concentration on images. Retreat


Chapter 10. The correct attitude to childbirth. A little history from the life of our ancestors

Chapter 11. What is natural childbirth? Why are the methods used in modern obstetric care dangerous: stimulation, anesthesia, caesarean section, postures for childbirth?

Chapter 12. The first minutes of a child’s life. Umbilical cord. Early attachment to the breast. Joint stay of mother and child

Chapter 13. Partner childbirth


Chapter 14. Natural feeding

Chapter 15. Nutrition of the mother after childbirth

Chapter 16. Sleeping Together

Chapter 17. Refusal from disposable diapers. Baby’s natural hygiene

Chapter 18. On Carrying and Slings

Chapter 19. What Parents Should Know About Vaccines?

Chapter 20. Postnatal Yoga Practice for Recovery. Yoga for toddlers

Chapter 21. Vegetarianism from birth