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Chapter 7. Good habits during pregnancy

Chapter 7. Good habits during pregnancy

ABOUT Feeding your baby is a great time to develop some good habits if you haven’t already.

Dousing with cold water

Dousing with cold water – During pregnancy, aquaculture is very important for a woman. One of the most common myths is the ban on taking a bath or visiting a bath or sauna. In fact, the risk of any complications from overheating is present only when the temperature of the water or air is really high. However, a warm, unheated bath has a very positive effect on the well-being of a pregnant woman, allows you to relax the body (this is especially valuable at the end of pregnancy, when the body starts to get heavy), relieve anxiety, and improve sleep. The main thing is to make sure that the water temperature is really comfortable for you. Each person has a different thermoregulation of the body, therefore it is impossible to establish any specific temperature regime of water for everyone. Nevertheless, we can always rely on our own feelings. A warm comfortable bath assumes that the skin does not redden from being in it, and the heart rate does not increase, there is no feeling of heat. Pregnant women can take such a bath quite calmly. In addition, it is even shown with increased uterine tone or other stressful conditions.

You can also visit the bathhouse or sauna. However, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature there is not too high (no more than 60 degrees). Here, too, you need to listen carefully to the body, but it is still recommended to visit the bathhouse or sauna under the supervision of a specialist. Today, many midwives run both baths and maternity pools.

If in the issue of warm water in modern medical recommendations everything is so difficult, then with pouring cold (ice) water is even more difficult. Nevertheless, this is one of the most beneficial habits that a woman can introduce into her life and into the life of her baby, both before and after childbirth. Let’s make a reservation right away that we are talking only about dousing, since if your body was not familiar with other methods of hardening (for example, winter swimming) before pregnancy, you should not start using them during gestation. Pouring is different. The colder the water (it is better that it was scalding cold), the more effectively the immune system will train. Each time the body will turn on the defenses in small portions. Thus, a minimum of austerities every day will lead to the absence of the need to endure, and even worse,

This process seems scary and unacceptable not only to the mind of doctors, but also to our own. While we, standing under a warm shower, look at a basin full of cold water with ice floes floating in it, the mind categorically refuses to understand and recognize this as useful. Therefore, as in all cultivation practices, we need to curb the various tricks and excuses of our consciousness and do what will ultimately benefit. Dousing can and should be practiced at any stage of pregnancy.

It is best to douche with your head right away, not only for the benefit of the whole body, but also for energy hygiene. Water is one of the most powerful carriers of information, therefore, pouring from the head, we thereby influence our upper energy centers and cleanse them. It is at this moment that the mind stops and calms down. But if for some reason it is difficult for you to start dousing right from the head, you can use a trick: first, pour over the feet, the next day – the lower legs, then – the area above the knees, the legs completely, the stomach, etc. Perhaps this option will help you gradually overcome your fear. However, experience has shown that people who practice this step douche get stuck just at the neck level. It is extremely difficult for them to force themselves to rise higher and still pour over their heads. Therefore, we recommend that you fight your own limitations and fears right away, without giving them a chance to take over our consciousness. Statistics show that after childbirth, babies whose mothers regularly practiced dousing are much more resistant to cold weather and colds. Also, they themselves begin to adapt much easier to douche, being intuitively already familiar with them.

It is on the example of young children that it is very clearly seen that pouring in an increased mode is shown even with a cold. Usually, if the baby gets sick, they begin to pour over him more often (4-5 times a day), and after a few days the cold recedes without the use of any drugs that destroy the immune system. Therefore, even if suddenly during pregnancy a woman observes symptoms of a cold, in no case should she stop pouring herself out. Otherwise, we will not give the immune system a chance to overcome the malaise, and over time it will return, that is, it will become chronic. Most of the colds that adults and children regularly suffer, unfortunately, are really chronic in nature due to the modern lifestyle, consumed food and chemical drinks, as well as (not least) and the line of modern “preventive” medicine.

If you decide to overcome yourself for the sake of your own health and the health of your child in the future and try to practice pouring, you need to follow these simple rules:

  1. The water for pouring should be as cold as possible. In the summer, when our pipes get hot and even warm water flows from the cold tap, you can use ice or cool the water in the refrigerator.
  2. In no case should you pour yourself on a cold, frozen body! The body should be warmed up before the procedure with a warm shower or bath.
  3. The volume of water should correspond to the person who will be doused. For an adult, this should be a bucket or basin (about 10 liters). During pregnancy, a woman may ask her husband to pour water on her (a great way to keep your mind from lingering, procrastinating and making excuses). Also, a woman can sit in the bath, put the container on some kind of elevation in front of her (for example, a stool or the side of the bath) and, using the strength of her hands, without straining her stomach, quickly turn the contents of the container towards herself. In addition, the husband’s support serves as a great motivation for the wife, so it will be great if your partner also begins to practice dousing both for his own health and for the moral support of his wife, and in the future the child.

For newborns, the volume of a small bucket will be enough. It is very important not to pour water on the child right away, so as not to cause increased stress. It is necessary to grab the baby under the arms and tummy, first dip his feet in a bucket of cold water and then immediately pour over the whole body with the head. It’s even better if you bathe together in one moment, pressing the baby to your body. Do not be afraid of the crying and crying of the baby. Sounds (especially crying) are for children the only means of expressing their emotions and states at the beginning of life. If you quickly wrap your baby in a towel and apply it to your chest, most likely, he will calm down and calm down in a few minutes.

Such procedures are one of the best prevention of complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Long walks

Long walks – Walking gives an adequate, healthy cardio load to the mother’s heart and the baby’s heart. This is a wonderful preparation for both of you for the birthing process. The modern rhythm of life, especially in cities, has led us to spend most of our time in an office, in a car, in a cafe, etc. At the same time, we sit in a completely incorrect way, provoking stagnation of blood and fluids in organs and tissues. For domestic needs we have a lot of different equipment. We hardly move. In pregnancy, as we said above, reasonable exercise is not only important – it is a must. Try to spend more time walking. It is advisable to walk at least 3-5 km a day, as well as include yoga classes and a visit to the pool in your usual routine.

Long and regular stay in nature

Long and regular stay in nature – Our entire universe, including our bodies, consists of elements of nature. Nature feeds us with strength, inspiration, desire to create. If a woman is having trouble conceiving, it may be due to a lack of the element of earth. In this case, it is necessary to establish relations with this element, to increase it in oneself. After all, the earth is the true mother of all beings, it takes in all the deeds of people, bad and good, and still continues to feed us. The charge of such energy can give a lot to the fine structure of the human body. When carrying a baby, the connection to the ground is also very valuable. It is especially beneficial to stand with bare feet on the ground or sit, connecting with its nourishing juices. Our root chakra (mooladhara, in the tailbone region) is responsible for the earth element in the body. Try to set aside time for a regular stay in nature: in parks, gardens, vegetable gardens. There are especially many such opportunities in summer. Low climbs in the mountains will be good.

In addition, even in the city in one of the parks, you can sit under a tree and do pranayama. Imagine how your energy and consciousness go up through sushumna (the largest energy channel in the human body, located in the projection of the spine), just as sap rises up a tree trunk from the very roots. This is one of the strongest energy self-development practices.

Increased consumption of raw vegetables and fruits

Increased consumption of raw vegetables and fruits – One of the first postulates of a raw food diet was outlined at the end of the 19th century by the Swiss physician Max Bircher-Benner in his book “Fundamentals of Nutritional Treatment Based on Energy”. He argued that solar energy is converted in all plants and fruits into special electromagnetic energy. The latter is transmitted to the human body only if a person eats raw foods, since cooking completely “kills” electromagnetic energy. “The idea of ​​food energy,” says Bircher-Benner, “is not given by calories, but by electromagnetic force. People who eat only fruits, roots, nuts, butter and bread and refuse any cooking on fire, the so-called raw foodists, enjoy impeccable health and full working capacity. Therefore, nature did not supply any meat, nor is the culinary arts necessary for human nutrition. Milk’s nutritional properties deteriorate when heated. Food that a person can eat naturally increases the body’s inherent healing power and enhances its performance. The ability of the poor, who live predominantly on vegetarianism, to hard physical labor proves that significant muscle strength can be developed with plant foods. Fruits and vegetables are ideal food for people who waste a lot of energy. ” to hard physical labor proves that considerable muscle strength can be developed with plant foods. Fruits and vegetables are ideal food for people who waste a lot of energy. ” to hard physical labor proves that considerable muscle strength can be developed with plant foods. Fruits and vegetables are ideal food for people who waste a lot of energy. “

During pregnancy, it is advisable to adhere to such a vegetarian diet so that in the cold season the amount of live food in a woman’s diet is at least 50%, and in the summer it can be increased to 80-90% of all foods consumed.

“ 4 months before conception, we switched to a raw food diet and were on this type of diet throughout the pregnancy. Excellent health and good analyzes showed that we are on the right track. There was no toxicosis. Of course, perinatal yoga, swimming and going out into nature in an ecovillage helped. During the whole pregnancy, I did not feel any weakness, sleepiness, there were no fears about childbirth, although this was the first pregnancy. I got registered at the 6th month of pregnancy in order to get a sick leave for work, I passed only a urine test and 1 blood test, I refused everything else. In the last month I spent a lot of time in the garden, which helped to ground and recharge with energy . “
Yulia Trofimovich, teacher of perinatal yoga and aqua yoga, mother of Daryana.

Refusal to use cosmetics, perfumes, household chemicals. The use of industrial unnatural products for “care” for the face, body, hair, household chemicals for cleaning the house is extremely harmful and undesirable for all people. For pregnant women and newborns (the childcare and hygiene industry), they are especially harmful. Why?


Perfumery – Contains phthalates – substances that, undergoing transformations in the body, have a negative effect on the liver, lungs, enter the semen, and in pregnant women disrupt the development of the fetus. The most poisonous of these is diethyl phthalate (DEP). In addition, synthetic musks have been found in popular perfumes that affect the endocrine system and disrupt the exchange of hormones in the body. Meanwhile, neither phthalates nor musks are included in the list of highly hazardous compounds of the European Union.


Deodorants – Chemical compounds that are widely used in cosmetics such as deodorants may increase the risk of breast cancer. This group of substances, known as parabens, has been found in significant amounts in tumor tissue samples that were studied by British researchers from the University of Reading, near London. Scientists decided to test emerging data that certain components of cosmetics can provoke cancer. They examined 20 different tumor samples and concluded that they accumulate parabens with an average concentration of 20.6 nanograms per gram of tissue. Moreover, they were presented in a form that could only get through the skin. Scientists also noted that.


Shampoos – American scientists from the University of Pittsburgh have found that the use of synthetic shampoos during pregnancy can harm the development of the fetus, writes The Guardian. Methylisothiazoline is commonly used as a preservative in shampoos and other skin and hair care products. According to neurobiology professor Elias Eisenman, this substance can disrupt the development of the nervous system in the fetus, preventing the formation of connections between nerve cells. Methylisothiazoline also finds use in water purification in factories where it is used in the manufacturing process.

Air fresheners

Air fresheners – British scientists advise families with nursing infants to stop or reduce to a minimum the use of deodorants and air fresheners in the home, writes BBC News. It has been found that the volatile organic compounds contained in them can cause intestinal disorders in the child and depression in the mother. After interviewing 10,000 mothers, researchers from the University of Bristol (UK) found that in families where air fresheners (solid, aerosols and sprays) were used daily, intestinal disorders in children were observed 32% more often. In turn, the mothers of these children were 10% more likely to experience headaches and 26% more prone to depression. “People think the more often they use deodorants and air fresheners, the cleaner their home looks and smells better,” says the leader of the Bristol group. Dr. Alexandra Farrow, “But unfortunately, cleaner doesn’t always mean healthier.” “Women who have babies under 6 months of age spend a lot of time indoors, so they are most susceptible to volatile compounds from aerosols. Meanwhile, lemon juice freshens the air as much as deodorant, ”explains Dr. Farrow.


Cosmetics – The chemical compound, which has found widespread use in the manufacture of cosmetics, perfumery and plastics, can lead to serious disruptions in sperm production. American scientists have found that phthalates can lead to the appearance of defects in hereditary information in male germ cells. The study was carried out by specialists from Harvard University in one of the Massachusetts fertility clinics. According to the head of the study, Professor Russ Hauser, preliminary results of the study give reason to say that under the influence of phthalates, the number of DNA damage in the sperm increases. Although there is no open information about an increase in the frequency of birth defects under the influence of this group of compounds, there is information that a similar pattern was observed in animals.

Reading educational literature aloud… It is well known that the baby, while still in the womb, already begins to hear sounds from the outside world. With the help of this, he forms an idea of ​​where he will incarnate. Of course, first of all the child hears and reacts to the voices of the parents. Therefore, everything that we express during this period through speech is very important, because in this way we program the space in which the baby will develop and grow, for creation or destruction. It is customary to include spiritual literature as developing literature: teachings about the law of cause and effect (karma), about the laws of the Universe, about energy, life stories of great spiritual personalities and enlightened beings. Reading such texts aloud, you will not only develop high spiritual and moral qualities both in yourself and in an unborn child.