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Chapter 2. Rule Two – Healthy Eating

 Chapter 2. Rule Two - Healthy Eating

ABOUT healthy eating in our time, more than a dozen books, articles, blogs, etc. have been written. Of course, every woman should understand that, by eating, she nourishes not only her body, but also the body of her future (not even conceived) child … It actually sculpts his health. All kinds of artificial chemical compounds that we are taught today to eat will directly affect the quality of health, life and self-awareness of a child in this world. This should be understood not only by the woman, but also by her partner. Unfortunately, in most cases, the nutrition of parents with chips, confectionery sweets and synthetic drinks leads to the fact that it is at the level of his body (and hence the psyche) that a person feels uncomfortable, restless, out of place in this world. His body is composed of artificial foreign elements that, accumulating in the body, they can gradually lead even to changes (mutations) at the genetic level! Today we cannot deny the fact that many diseases that have the status of chronic, hereditary and incurable, have become significantly younger. And the thing, first of all, is that a person voluntarily feeds himself, his family, his children with unhealthy, unnatural products.

However, the central rule of mindfulness in a person’s life is vegetarianism, or not killing living creatures for eating them. Many various (sometimes controversial) theories have also been put forward about vegetarianism. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the book “Conscious eating – a wise choice” of the yoga club and healthy lifestyle OUM.RU, which contains a lot of information about vegetarianism and its impact on different levels of human consciousness. There are 3 main reasons for refusing unhealthy nutrition (meaning eating meat, poultry, fish and eggs, as well as cheeses containing rennet). These reasons correspond to the three levels of our development: physical, energetic and spiritual.

Physical layer

This is about our health. Many people today complain that the vegetables and fruits that go on sale are not only unhealthy, but even harmful to health due to processing with various chemicals. At the same time, everyone understands that vegetables are processed with pesticides and other compounds for several reasons. Firstly, to protect against damage by insects. Second, for longer product retention, which helps sellers increase profits. Nevertheless, the question remains: why do people who really look at the processes of trade and business in the food sector in general and so care about their health and the health of their children, quite calmly buy “meat” from a supermarket shelf or a butcher’s shop?

Dear friends, wherever you buy meat today – in a store or even on a farm – know that 95–98% of it will be “seasoned” with antibiotics and hormones. Why? Because the situation on the planet with animal husbandry is such that even the most “environmentally friendly” farmers in most cases cannot afford not to feed livestock with these additives. The land cultivated for animal husbandry occupies most of the land on our planet. With such a density of livestock, none of the farmers can afford to risk potential losses. As soon as one animal gets sick, and the epidemic can mow down the entire livestock in a matter of days. It is necessary to understand that it is practically unrealistic to maintain certain sanitary conditions with the number of livestock that are usually removed in slaughterhouses for constant commodity circulation.

The systematic use of antibiotics along with the meat of killed animals leads to a decrease, malfunction, and sometimes functional (irreversible) changes in the human immune system. Especially brightly and destructively this is reflected in the fragile children’s organisms. Children start to get sick much more often. And in critical situations, when treatment requires antibiotics, this blow to the immune system is completely wasted. The body no longer perceives these substances, it is too accustomed to regularly consume them in food.

In addition, the greed caused by the modern imposition of all kinds of consumption and competition leads entrepreneurs to the conclusion that meat should “ripen” and be sold as quickly as possible. This will increase turnover. How to make meat grow? The answer is extremely and frighteningly simple – hormones. It’s no secret that taking hormonal drugs causes serious structural changes in the body. Usually, female and male sex hormones are used to gain body weight: progesterone (pregnancy hormone), estradiol and testosterone. Males are injected with female hormones, and females are given male hormones. As a result, genetic freaks are obtained – animals of the middle sex, which, as a result of their disease, gain very much weight. Now ask yourself what will happen to your body and the body of your child,

The results of the effects of hormones on the body are given in hundreds of scientific studies. Probably, it is impossible to find at least one organ or organ system on which this would not be reflected. Officially, the use of hormones in animal husbandry is prohibited in Russia and Europe. But every kilogram of meat is a profit. Who will give you a guarantee that the piece that is on your plate has not been exposed to these poisons? The use of hormones, however, is allowed in the United States, which poses a real threat of lifting the ban on the use of hormones in other countries. This dangerous precedent is a long and carefully prepared setting for the Overton Window effect. In order for the unacceptable to become acceptable over time and destroy us.

So, it turns out that in this entire chain of meat production, the only one who can influence the situation and prevent harm to our health is ourselves. It depends only on our choice whether this poison gets into us or not.

Besides, as we know, demand creates supply. The less demand for such products becomes, the less will be its production. The land now occupied by livestock will return for forests and fields. Water resources, 90% of which is spent on maintaining livestock areas, will again feed the land for people. Have you ever wondered how it is possible that in the 21st century, with all the development of scientific, technical and informational progress, when we collect an expedition to Mars and approach the invention of a teleport, the problem of hunger remains on Earth? Can’t it be solved? Answer: it is simply not profitable. Unprofitable for developed countries in need of slave labor. It is not profitable for corporations, it is not profitable for livestock breeders, and so on. It is not profitable for them that children all over the world have food. And their most powerful weapon in achieving this goal is us.

Energy level

At a subtle level of energetic impact, it is still deeper. We all know that water is one of the most powerful carriers of information. Under the influence of various kinds of energy, the crystal lattice of water atoms changes. Experiments are widely known when the demonstration of positive and negative emotions of a person led to qualitative changes in the structure of water. Also, from school, everyone knows that a person is almost entirely water. Blood and lymph in the human or animal body are the main fluids. Accordingly, their structure largely depends on the emotional state of the bearer himself and his environment.

Do you know the emotions of an animal that is slaughtered to death? This is an animal paralyzing horror, which any person will experience at the level of instinct in a similar situation. Now imagine a situation where an animal is killed. All this information remains in the piece of meat that was sold to you. And you put it in yourself and your child. In this case, can we say that such recipients will produce adequate personalities, and not a herd driven by fear?

In addition, animals in terms of the level of consciousness are at a disproportionately lower level than humans. The main fuel of their life is the instincts for survival and reproduction. And it is precisely such a worldview that is formed in a person under the information and energy influence of animal meat. It is no coincidence that there is a certain category of people who eat meat without blood. So that you can imagine how such meat is obtained, it is enough to describe a picture of a similar slaughterhouse. It is known that after killing an animal, its body no longer functions, the blood stops moving due to cardiac arrest and freezes. It is logical to assume that it is difficult to squeeze this blood out of an animal if it hardens. What, then, do they do? The living animal is suspended, ripped open and waited until as much blood as possible flows out of the living (!!!) body. And when the heart stops as a result of death, the remaining organs are simply squeezed out like wet laundry. In this state of affairs, a logical question arises: can people who contribute to the commission of these daily brutal torture and murder, expect that the Universe will treat them favorably and towards their children? Here we move on to the next, deepest and most subtle, level of influence.

Spiritual (karmic) level

At the karmic level, the impact of eating slaughter food (whereas today, even in such cold highland countries as Tibet, it is possible to compose your diet from plant foods) is displayed most seriously. Of course, the law of karma (the law of cause and effect) assumes that what we do in relation to the world around us will be done in relation to ourselves. This also applies to the fur industry, to the manufacture of things from natural leather and to any unworthy, ungrateful attitude towards our smaller brothers. All great saints, regardless of which spiritual or religious tradition they belonged to, spoke of the inadmissibility of killing animals to satisfy human desires. The universe gave us our body, raised and nourished us. Doing things like this we show incredible ingratitude and disrespect for this world. Accordingly, our planet reacts to such behavior with all kinds of excesses: wars, epidemics, natural disasters. As a result, a person destroys himself. Remember the old saying, “Children pay the price for the sins of their fathers.” Thus, while committing inhuman unnatural acts, taking the life of a living being for your own pleasure, remember that sooner or later you will leave this world, and your sins will be passed on to your descendants.

So, we can conclude that conscious adequate nutrition is the cornerstone of our relationship with the world around us, and therefore with those souls who will incarnate, will grow and be brought up in our family.

“A year ago, in January 2016, I got to know the club virtually. It was at this time that I decided to give up the killed food. I went to this all my life, it seems to me. That day, I walked with a piece of the liver of a cow that no longer exists to feed Mom and Dad (an avid meat eater), and I decided that this was the last time. Only from that time on I began to wonder what is behind the curtains of the generally accepted (this still happens to this day with the same intensity), what exactly are these pieces of dead flesh, sausages, cutlets … Why did the living creatures suffer and died? After all, this is no different from concentration camps, war, which is always painful inside .. How did we decide to continue, why do not we feel compassion? Perhaps my meat-eating was the result of children’s trust in society. By the age of 26, selfishness finally gave way to reason and conscience.

At the same time, I began to listen a lot and read the materials of the club related to spiritual development. Four months later, the soul of our son came to us. “

Vera Taraksakum, linguist, mother of Radomir.