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Chapter 11. What is natural childbirth?

Chapter 11. What is natural childbirth? Why are the methods used in modern obstetric care dangerous: stimulation, anesthesia, caesarean section, postures for childbirth?

Chapter 11. What is natural childbirth? Why are the methods used in modern obstetric care dangerous: stimulation, anesthesia, caesarean section, postures for childbirth?

Hare the methods used in modern obstetric care dangerous: stimulation of the labor process, anesthesia, caesarean section, postures for childbirth? In Europe, the rebirth of natural childbirth took place in the second half of the twentieth century thanks to Michel Auden, an obstetrician who studied natural and aquatic childbirth, as well as natural pregnancy and natural parenting. Auden’s books “Revived Childbirth”, “Scientific Knowledge of Love”, “Caesarean Section. Safe exit or threat to the future? ” gained immense popularity in Europe and Russia and contributed to the development of a whole movement of supporters of natural soft childbirth, both among parents and among doctors.

So what can be considered natural childbirth? To answer this question, it is necessary to consider something else – how dangerous are modern methods of obstetrics, which are most often used today in maternity hospitals.

First of all, I would like to draw the attention of the reader to the fact that the information below is in no way intended to denigrate all doctors without exception and to question their competence. Fortunately, there are many specialists who really serve the society and apply their knowledge for the benefit of people. In this case, we will focus on the system of obstetrics and the provision of medical care to the mother and child. Any system, as you know, breaks individuality, and doctors are guilty only of their desire to help people. But falling into the framework of the system, they themselves may not notice how the substitution of concepts takes place, and the results of their activities can be harmful.

Stimulation and pain relief

In Soviet times, the increase in the population of our country was declared one of the state priorities. From now on, all citizens, in the absence of alternative options, were obliged to give birth in maternity hospitals free of charge. It was then in obstetric circles that such a phenomenon arose as an irresistible desire to speed up every birth of every woman. Medical standards and guidelines for obstetrics have emerged, most of which are still valid today. For example, according to one of these instructions, in the event that the period of labor in a woman in labor is delayed for more than 12 hours, stimulation methods are used. Doctors explain this by protecting the interests of the child in order to avoid prolonged hypoxia or “wake up” fading labor activity. In these cases, hormonal stimulation is used, premature puncture of the fetal bladder (which in practice often leads to the fading of labor). For the fastest separation of the placenta, obstetricians aggressively sip the afterbirth by the umbilical cord or barbarously press on the belly of a woman who has just given birth.

The fact is that doctors and obstetricians working according to the “team method” have created a “streaming” method of work in maternity hospitals. It can be compared to a conveyor belt. After all, if your shift has 20-30 births a day, how is it possible to pay attention to every woman and every baby who is preparing to be born? How to listen to every woman’s body? And listening to him is extremely necessary so as not to disrupt the subtlest natural mechanism of childbirth by aggressive intervention.

“In the maternity hospital there is a time limit for each mom. The peculiarities of childbirth are not taken into account here. One woman gives birth for an hour, for another it can take a day. Nobody will wait so long, the flow is too big. Therefore, they resort to various kinds of stimulation of labor. This is both surgery and medicines. All this is absolutely unnatural for the body and affects the psychological and physical well-being of the mother and baby. “
Varvara Gagarina, yoga teacher, mother of Yuri.

After all, what is the stimulation of labor through the eyes of a child? Imagine that you are in a closed room. Suddenly, the walls of this room begin to narrow, threatening to crush you. The door of the room is still closed and you cannot leave it. The only way out for you is to break down the door, causing injury to both your body and your psyche. And what remains for the baby when, after an injection of oxytocin, the mother’s uterus begins to contract intensively, and the cervix has not yet opened? The baby begins to push its soft head with unformed skull bones through the woman’s birth canal, which is not yet ready for this. It is obvious that in this situation there is a high risk of injury to the child’s head, central nervous system, visual and auditory centers, and the musculoskeletal system.

In recent years, the number of diagnoses of hip dysplasia in newborns has increased dramatically. Dysplasia is a malformed hip joint of varying severity, or, more simply, a dislocation of the joint obtained during childbirth. And it is far from accidental that when you first visit a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, you will definitely be asked whether your labor was stimulated. Because doctors themselves know very well that stimulation is the primary cause of such damage.

However, the negative effects of stimulation extend far beyond the physical plane. Professor of the Perm State Medical Academy N.V. Startseva in her speech at the IV International Congress “The Young Generation of the XXI Century: Actual Problems of Social and Psychological Health” (2009) noted: “Rushing into childbirth has always been and will be unnatural and illegal, according to Mother – to nature – extremely dangerous. Why do obstetricians calmly state that the duration of childbirth has halved in a century? This is an ominous omen. The injury rate for mothers and newborns has doubled. … Two thirds of children are now born sick, and not only with anomalies of somatic organs, but also with intrapartum (received directly in childbirth) damage to the nervous system … “.

The most disastrous consequence of such an experience in childbirth is the trauma of the psyche of children. Recently, in child psychology, there has been an increase in the number of cases when aggression is diagnosed in young patients. A similar story of childbirth through the eyes of a baby is, in many cases, the reason for the child’s hostility towards the outside world. The reasons for hostility are also the unfavorable course of pregnancy, complications in childbirth and anxiety of the newborn in the first minutes and hours after childbirth in the case when he is torn from his mother.

Unfortunately, today the minds of doctors, obstetricians and often women in labor themselves are infected with false ideas that childbirth must comply with a certain protocol: contractions take so much time, pains take so much, a newborn stay near the mother’s breast (if the baby is applied to it at all ), the birth of the placenta, etc.

In addition to the process of the delivery itself, there are also “norms” for the expected date of birth (PDD). It is believed that the baby should be born at 40 weeks ± 2 weeks. Thus, they are suspicious of childbirth, say, at the 37th week of pregnancy. Although the obstetricians-gynecologists themselves say that at 37 weeks pregnancy is fully full-term. The hardest part is for those mothers whose babies, for some reason, are a little “late” in leaving. Today, in some maternity hospitals (even in the case of paid contract delivery), at 40–41 weeks, doctors require you to go to the hospital or offer to terminate a previously concluded contract. And if a woman is “walking” for more than 42 weeks, in almost 100% of cases she and her baby will be subjected to medical intervention through stimulation. In such situations, the child is the last person asked is he ready to be born. It seems unpleasantly surprising that doctors with a higher medical education forget the elementary mechanism of the onset of labor. And the whole point of childbirth is that it is the baby who decides when to be born! As this moment approaches, the child’s body begins to release special substances into the amniotic fluid with urine, signaling that the child himself is ready for the beginning of the birth process. In the mother’s body, when these substances are released, the production of hormones begins, which trigger childbirth. However, why in most cases the wisdom of nature itself is belittled and not taken into account? when will he be born! As this moment approaches, the child’s body begins to release special substances into the amniotic fluid with urine, signaling that the child himself is ready for the beginning of the birth process. In the mother’s body, when these substances are released, the production of hormones begins, which trigger childbirth. However, why in most cases the wisdom of nature itself is belittled and not taken into account? when will he be born! As this moment approaches, the child’s body begins to release special substances into the amniotic fluid with urine, signaling that the child himself is ready for the beginning of the birth process. In the mother’s body, when these substances are released, the production of hormones begins, which trigger childbirth. However, why in most cases the wisdom of nature itself is belittled and not taken into account?

One of the most common reasons for the use of stimulation is the attenuation of labor in the event of the introduction of any pain reliever. The most commonly used method is epidural anesthesia, when a woman ceases to feel her body below the waist. This can interrupt the natural process of contractions, make them irregular and almost nil. As a result, labor has to be stimulated. A vicious circle ensues.

In addition, with anesthesia, a woman dumps all the pain that must be lived on to the unborn child. After all, what happens when pain relief methods are used (for example, spinal pain relief or epidural anesthesia)? The connection of the central nervous system with its peripheral parts, that is, the brain with the body, is broken. When the lower part of the uterus is stretched during contractions, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland react in response to the pain from these stretches. In response to these signals, “happiness hormones” are released – endorphins, the effect of which resembles the effect of morphine on the body. They also relieve the woman in labor from “unnecessary” pain.

However, the same substance enters the child, and his endorphin system is in its infancy and is not yet developed. Thus, he does not release the pain-relieving endorphins and he experiences pain. At this time, the woman, disconnected from the process, simply watches the birth of her baby, but does not help him in any way and does not give birth herself. Many rehabilitation doctors note noticeable difficulties in the postpartum adaptation of such children and their subsequent recovery.

“In maternity hospitals they resort to pain relief during childbirth. The drugs used act not only on the mother, but also on the child, that is, he is born “high”. Think for yourself whether it is adequate to distort the feeling and perception of the first minutes of a person’s life? There is an old video on the Internet where a father filmed the behavior of his little son under the influence of pain medications after visiting the dentist. The kid, bulging eyes, screams, laughs for no reason, asks what is happening, in general, behaves completely inadequately. And for the mother, this is also a very important moment, at which, in my opinion, it is extremely important to be of sound mind and sober memory. “
Varvara Gagarina, yoga teacher, mother of Yuri.

It should be noted that the physical harm from such medical games in a situation where a woman has no absolute contraindications to natural delivery is not the worst possible consequence. It can have much more serious negative consequences on the energetic and spiritual levels. A woman ceases to feel her child, does not live the process of his coming into this world, into her family, the strongest connection of two souls is broken. By agreeing to such an intervention, a woman seems to say to her baby: “You cause me discomfort and suffering that I am not ready to endure. It would be better if it weren’t. ” What will the relationship of these two souls be like afterwards? It should not be forgotten that the closest bonds in our age of Kali Yuga are created between souls who most need to go through certain lessons together. It is no longer possible to postpone them. What will happen if close, spiritual relationships never arise between these people? One of the last lesson opportunities will be missed.

Each person is destined to be born at a certain moment. Having put childbirth “on stream”, interfering with this delicate process without any reason, without special indications, we disturb the already fragile balance in the Universe. No one doubts that the emergence of a new person from nothingness, from conception to birth, is a real miracle. And let physicists and physicians try to explain to our mind in dry book language the mechanism of the birth of a new life.

So why, in a situation without specific indications for such actions, we consider ourselves entitled to intervene ourselves or to allow such intervention of others at the most responsible and wonderful moment of this action? Are we ready to bear the karmic responsibility for such an arrogant attitude towards our child and towards the Universe itself?

Cesarean section

Caesarean section is a major medical operation. To date, it has been established that with a cesarean section the number of complications is 2–5 times higher than those of a vaginal delivery, which makes “surgical” delivery much more dangerous for the mother and baby. This fact is recognized by the obstetricians themselves, psychologists, and other specialists who work with children. Nevertheless, the percentage of caesarean sections in the world continues to increase. In some countries (for example, Brazil, Egypt) this figure exceeds 50% of all delivered deliveries. In this regard, WHO officially expresses concern about the “epidemic” of caesarean sections.

It should be noted that initially, such operations were used exclusively in cases when a woman died in childbirth, but there was an opportunity to save the child. It was then that the caesarean section was performed. In the VII century. BC e. a special law was issued, prescribing, in order to save the life of a child, to carry out an operation on all women who died during childbirth or late pregnancy. Later, similar operations began to be carried out on living women. However, since there were no antiseptics, no pain relievers, or the very technique of suturing the uterus, the fate of the woman was again left to chance: she either survived or most often died.

Today, when modern medicine has made impressive progress, the priorities of obstetrics have shifted from the child to the health and safety of the woman. Now the importance of the survival of the mother has increased. The caesarean section is motivated precisely by the interests of the woman herself. Thus, from an extreme measure it turned into a planned operation, which in some countries (for example, in Latin America) can be carried out even at the request of the woman herself, if she does not want to experience pain during childbirth. This state of affairs has led to the fact that cases of cesarean sections are steadily increasing. Only in disadvantaged, poor countries is this still a rare occurrence.

“It is widely believed that a cesarean section is the gold standard for childbirth. The medical community convinces people that the operation is modern and sterile, while natural childbirth is a scary, primitive and dirty procedure, ”says Dr. Simona Dinis from the Faculty of Public Health at the University of São Paulo. Dinis is convinced that many women who choose surgery over natural childbirth feel pressure from doctors and nurses. According to her, we are talking about a “money-making machine.”

Michel Auden, the founder of the first clinic in France with the practice of natural childbirth, in one of his interviews literally called cesarean section a threat to humanity: “… Apparently, people born by cesarean section have lower fertility – the ability to produce offspring. And if we raise the question of whether doctors can save humanity, then at least they can save the planet from overpopulation simply by doing as many Caesarean sections as possible. “

Among the most common myths about caesarean section are the harmlessness of the operation for the baby and the ease of delivery for the mother. Both of these statements are certainly wrong. Firstly, with any method of anesthesia used, the child has time to receive a dose of anesthesia. This can have significant negative consequences for such a small, fragile organism. Many employees of maternity hospitals note that “Caesareans” behave more restlessly in the first minutes after birth. Often, doctors have to make an effort to get the child to breathe. Such post-drug depression is caused precisely by the use of potent medications.

Secondly, the woman herself in childbirth must go through the process of becoming a Mother. Being under general anesthesia, she will miss not only painful sensations, but also the most amazing and happy moments. If a woman chooses epidural anesthesia for this operation, she faces the same problems as with pain relief – the lack of feeling of her baby, the huge work that he does, trying to meet with his mother. In addition, after a cesarean section, a woman is much more difficult to recover physically than after a vaginal birth, and most often has problems with the arrival of milk and the establishment of breastfeeding.

“Childbirth in the maternity hospital is strictly regulated, doctors do everything according to instructions. These instructions have a list of situations in which a caesarean section is prescribed. For example, if the baby sits in the tummy on the priest, and does not lie with the head down, then a cesarean section is immediately prescribed and no other options are considered. Home midwives say that these are just different births, they are not simpler and not more difficult, you just need to act a little differently, but not cut. In a caesarean section, the abdomen and uterus are cut open. This, by the way, is an indication for cesarean during subsequent childbirth. Having already two scars on the uterus, a woman will be able to bear another child at risk, but not more. That is, a woman who has undergone two cesarean sections cannot have more than three children, she simply cannot bear and give birth. I must say that midwives take natural childbirth from women who have undergone one Caesarean.
Varvara Gagarina, yoga teacher, mother of Yuri.

Of course, if a caesarean section is really necessary and will benefit the mother and child, all these risks are considered necessary and necessary. But it is a mistake to believe that such a surgical intervention passes without a trace. Therefore, in cases where there are no direct indications for a caesarean section, these risks are not justified and may cause many problems in the future.

In her book “It’s easy to give birth, it’s easy” Ekaterina Osochenko examines the absolute and relative contraindications for caesarean section, referring to the opinion and experience of obstetrician Tatyana Malysheva, who has worked for more than 30 years in various maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg. Here are the data provided by E. Osochenko.

The absolute readings include:

  1. Narrow pelvis. A situation where the child cannot pass through the birth canal. However, as the author writes, the management of childbirth with a narrow pelvis “requires care and professionalism from an obstetrician, but an absolutely narrow pelvis is considered to be a situation in which the doctor cannot conduct a natural childbirth with all his professionalism. For example, a pelvis deformed as a result of an illness or severe injury. ” But, as we understand, such acute situations are extremely rare.
  2. Uterine fibroids or other neoplasms that interfere with natural labor. Again, the author cites the words of T. Malysheva: “Previously, such a diagnosis as“ uterine fibroids ”was usually given to women over the age of 50 … Now we see women with uterine fibroids at the age of 20, and fibroids are more common during pregnancy. People live for years filling themselves with garbage: eating improperly, moving a little, not hardening … Myoma is a garbage warehouse, a concentration of toxins … in some cases – even come to its complete resorption! But, of course, if it is impossible to achieve the disappearance of the fibroid (or at least reduce its size) during the entire pregnancy and the fibroid blocks the exit from the uterus,
  3. Full placenta previa, when the exit from the uterus to the baby is blocked. In such a situation, the indication for a planned cesarean is, indeed, absolute. However, it is possible to diagnose it and, accordingly, to make a decision on surgical intervention only in late pregnancy. Such a diagnosis made earlier is not an absolute indication for surgery, since during pregnancy the uterus changes its size, forcing the placenta to change its location in it. According to T. Malysheva, “there are not so many such cases, when placenta previa diagnosed in the early stages of pregnancy persists to the end, about 5%, and there is no need to rush to classify oneself as a risk group for this indication.”
  4. Premature placental abruption. Undoubtedly, this is a pathological situation, since the placenta, during a normally proceeding delivery, should separate after the birth of the child, because during the process of contractions and passing through the birth canal, the baby receives oxygen through the placenta and the mother’s blood. It is necessary to clearly understand that this situation can be diagnosed only directly in childbirth, but not earlier. If it manifests itself, this is a direct indication for urgent intervention. Obstetrician T. Malysheva notes: “Premature placental abruption is an unhealthy situation. But why bring yourself to ill health and caesarean section? Abnormal bleeding indicates a poor quality of blood vessels in the mother’s body, and, in my opinion, an unhealthy lifestyle leads to this again … During pregnancy, a healthy lifestyle is not contraindicated, on the contrary! The less you think about it, the less likely it will happen. It is better to stop eating sausages and loaves, get off the couch and go for a walk. “
  5. Probable rupture of the uterus. It is also a situation that can only be diagnosed during childbirth. Numerous abortions can lead to rupture, provoking a thinning of the walls of the uterus. It is important to note here that a scar on the uterus is not an absolute indication for a cesarean. T. Malysheva, who has more than 20 years of experience in ultrasound diagnostics, writes: “It is impossible to determine the state of the scar by ultrasound in advance! … It is possible to understand that the scar has begun to dehiscence by the clinical picture directly in childbirth: it is always pain, intense and persistent. In this case, it is necessary to urgently address the issue of caesarean section. And the strength of the scar tissue depends on the woman’s overall health, that is, on her lifestyle. “

Relative indications for caesarean section:

  1. Large fruit. Maintaining labor in a natural way with a large child is possible. However, it is worth remembering that nature gives a woman such a baby that she herself can give birth to. Various abnormalities, when the size of the baby’s head does not correspond to the size of the mother’s pelvic ring, are a direct consequence of the parents’ lifestyle during pregnancy. What and how the mother eats and drinks, as well as how much she moves, directly affects the weight of the baby at birth.
  2. Myopia. In the early 2000s, a meeting of the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists was held at the St. Petersburg Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology with the participation of ophthalmologists. It was officially recognized that myopia itself is not an indication for a cesarean section. As indications from the side of ophthalmology, only serious changes in the fundus were named. For the rest, the recommendation was adopted: not to send all women with visual impairments to a compulsory caesarean, and if natural childbirth is still possible, shorten the period of labor and teach the woman in labor the skills of attempts “from the diaphragm.”
  3. Heart defects are also referred to in most cases as indications for a cesarean section. However, it is important to remember that in most cases the drug load on the body during this operation may exceed the risk of load in the case of natural delivery. Therefore, in this case, the question of the proportionality of risks must be resolved with a competent cardiologist.
  4. Prior cesarean and uterine scarring. “After cesarean, only cesarean” is one of the most widespread myths in the practice of modern obstetrics. As mentioned above, if the scar is in good condition through a healthy lifestyle, most re-births after a caesarean section can be done naturally.
  5. Hypoxia in a newborn. The baby has a lack of oxygen. However, before resorting to extreme surgical measures, you can always control the baby’s heartbeat. According to the new standards of obstetrics, not a single birth in a maternity hospital today takes place without a CTG device. However, E. Osochenko again cites the words of Tatyana Malysheva: “With the beginning of the widespread use of CTG in childbirth – this happened in my practice – the percentage of caesarean sections increased as a result of overdiagnosis. And this is the only consequence of the widespread monitoring of the state of the fetus during childbirth using CTG. There was no improvement (as expected) in overall newborn health status as a result. And I again return to my main idea: healthy mother = healthy baby. “
  6. Wrong position of the child (breech or lateral presentation, head tilt, etc.). In textbooks on obstetrics, situations are described when, for some reason, the baby cannot move along the birth canal head first. Nevertheless, these situations are not considered absolute indications for a cesarean section, since there are professional methods of managing childbirth even in this position of the child. Also today osteopathy demonstrates significant success in solving this problem. Only one thing can be said with certainty: even the wrong position of the baby is not an absolute indication for a planned (!) Caesarean section. The question of the management of childbirth is decided here directly in childbirth. If, with all the professionalism and competence of doctors and obstetricians, further carrying out childbirth in a natural way is impossible or more risky than surgical intervention, they resort to caesarean section. In addition, there are cases when a child independently turns over into the correct position directly during childbirth.

“At 28 weeks they looked at me and said that the baby had not yet turned head down. I came home, told my husband, and we kindly asked him to roll over, explaining in detail what, why and why. The stomach began to shake, we laughed and went to bed. And what do you think? At the next lesson, they told me that everything was fine, the head was well positioned as needed. This is how we agreed for the first time . 
Varvara Gagarina, yoga teacher, mother of Yuri.

Thus, we can conclude that even in situations of complicated childbirth, there are no unequivocally hopeless situations. The most important guarantee of a successful pregnancy and childbirth is the lifestyle, as well as the worldview of the parents – to a greater extent, of course, of the mother, her attitude towards the birth itself and the relationship with the baby.

When I was pregnant, I did not even think that I would give birth using a cesarean section, but at the 7th month of pregnancy, the doctor told me that I have an anatomically very narrow pelvis, which is why the probability of giving birth on my own is practically zero. For final conclusions, it was decided to wait for a later date. But somewhere in my soul I knew that I would give birth myself. At the 8th month, the breech presentation of the fetus was added, and all doctors unanimously declared: “Only a planned cesarean section.” Like, the child will go booty, the pelvis is narrow, and the head, as the largest part of the body, will probably get stuck. Nobody wanted to risk it. A week before giving birth, I had an MRI of the pelvis, in order to finally make sure of the ratio of the sizes of the baby’s head and my pelvis. The head was large, and the child did not turn over. At my request, the planned cesarean was replaced with a regular one, as soon as the contractions begin. They began, I was told to prepare for a cesarean, but after 5 minutes the doctor came in and told me to go to the delivery room – she decided to let me give birth myself. This is a miracle. Childbirth lasted more than 15 hours. It was a long meditation. He was born. I’m happy”.
Varvara Kuznetsova, production and sale of clothes, Dobrynya’s mother.

If, nevertheless, with the maximum exerted efforts, the situation develops so that a caesarean section is inevitable, it is very important for a woman to accept and live this situation correctly. It happens that a woman who has been tuned in to healthy natural childbirth throughout her pregnancy still has to be operated on. And in this case it is necessary to understand, firstly, that it is very important to give such a woman at least a little bit of labor, because in the process of childbirth, the woman is initiated as the mother of this particular child. Secondly, it is always important to remember that through such lessons karma itself and divine forces speak to us. If you have done everything in your power, but the life situation still did not develop in the most blissful way, this is the Highest will that allows you and your baby to live very important karmic lessons for your own development.

“I gave birth with the midwife of the parental school“ Jewel ”in the maternity hospital under the program“ Natural childbirth ”, in a separate room with a bed, the necessary furniture, various devices for the convenience of childbirth (a large bathtub, a Swedish wall, a large gymnastic ball, a special stool, etc. .). But all this was not useful to me. When I got to this room, the pain was such that I could not even walk – just lie down. I wanted to give birth according to one scenario, but everything turned out completely different. And they let me into the maternity “conveyor”, and frightened me with the operation, and put me in the common room. While my midwife in traffic jams came to my hospital only in the evening, labor activity slowed down due to stress. As a result, the birth was very painful, the opening was very slow, and from fatigue I could be in the most uncomfortable position for childbirth – lying on my back. No matter how much I wanted to do everything perfectly right, life decided in its own way. If you have to go through trials, you cannot escape from it. Everything according to karma. During childbirth, in agony, a woman’s negative karma is burned. Now, having rethought everything, I can only be grateful to fate for such a test, because soon after the birth of the child, information began to flow to me about sanity, about self-development, about the world order; the awakening of consciousness and understanding of the falsity of many things familiar to us began to take place. ” since soon after the birth of the child, information began to come to me about sanity, self-development, and the world order; the awakening of consciousness and understanding of the falsity of many things familiar to us began to take place. ” since soon after the birth of the child, information began to come to me about sanity, self-development, and the world order; the awakening of consciousness and understanding of the falsity of many things familiar to us began to take place. “
Natalia Khodyreva, programmer, Anna’s mother.>

Poses for childbirth

Very often, when assessing the situation and risks in childbirth, the question of the poses themselves in which a woman experiences contractions, attempts, and especially about the pose in which a woman eventually gives birth, is not given due importance. Meanwhile, well-chosen postures for a particular woman in a particular period of childbirth are one of the best mechanisms for influencing the quality and timing of labor. This helps to maintain the health of both the mother and, most importantly, the baby himself (do not forget that the child in childbirth has a much more difficult time than the woman).

We owe the modern concept of the birth position (for some reason, only one and only one – lying on the back in a gynecological chair), we owe the “flow method” of delivery. Forgetting about a person who is being born into the world doing a colossal work, and about a woman in labor, modern obstetrics, unfortunately, has put the convenience of the doctor and his assistants at the forefront. Of course, at a doctor or midwife, whose shift involves more than a dozen births, which moreover most often proceed in parallel, there is physically no way to offer every woman to own her body during childbirth, to try different positions. This is the modern medical system. Year after year, not only the salaries and jobs of doctors are decreasing, but also the number of state medical institutions themselves, which include maternity hospitals and departments.

“In maternity hospitals, they put a woman in labor on her back, which is contrary to the laws of physics. Instead of naturally sliding down under gravity, the child must climb up. This is exhausting and traumatic not only for the mother, but also for the baby. It also increases the time of delivery. “
Varvara Gagarina, yoga teacher, mother of Yuri.

Thus, not everyone knows that there are other genera, which include vertical and water births. After all, women gave birth before maternity hospitals appeared? Of course, they gave birth. Of course, in your home and among your family. History stores a lot of information about childbirth since ancient times, both on a special generic chair (which consisted of stones stacked on top of each other with a hole in the middle), and squatting or on all fours. The advantage of vertical childbirth is that Mother Earth herself helps a woman to give birth, that is, the force of gravity. It is most convenient here to use just a modern version of the birth chair, sitting on which the woman maintains an upright position, however, the muscles of the pelvic floor and perineum are in a state of relaxation and are easily included in the work at the right time (in contrast, for example,

However, not all women are suitable for vertical birth. For example, during rapid childbirth, when it is necessary to restrain the urge to push, since the cervix has not yet fully smoothed out and there is a risk of injury, it is recommended to take a horizontal position (on the back or on all fours). The most important thing is to let the woman’s body live and move during childbirth. After all, childbirth itself is a unique spiritual experience, and the dance of the body serves as its reflection. Why kill this magic by chaining a woman to a chair in one position?

There are also situations when a woman, planning to give birth vertically, tries to take a horizontal position in her attempts. Or the one who has read everything about water birth and decided that she wants to live the birth just like that, suddenly, at the very climax, she jumps out of the bath and rushes to solid ground. The main idea is that for a comfortable, joyful and correct birth for this woman and this time, it is necessary to use a change in posture depending on the period and course of labor. It is completely detrimental to soft childbirth to force a woman to remain in one position chosen by the system. This not only often slows down, but also complicates childbirth, which as a result makes it difficult for doctors and obstetricians to work, while initially this method of obstetric aid was aimed precisely at facilitating the tasks of the workers of maternity hospitals themselves. In one of his lectures, Michelle Auden addresses doctors, obstetricians and women in labor themselves: “Childbirth is an unconscious process (lack of control of the process by the mind, access to a more subtle level of interaction with the Universe, the relationship of a woman with the Cosmos, with the Divine – Author’s note), and all we can do is not to prevent a woman from behaving as Nature tells her. “

For childbirth, as well as for the onset of pregnancy, of course, you need to prepare. Therefore, make an effort to find an adequate midwife, who will defend your interests even in the conditions of stream births in the hospital. She will agree with the doctors to leave you in her care, to be allowed to walk, move, sound in childbirth. If such an opportunity does not exist, arm yourself with information about how childbirth is going on in the hospital, insist on admitting your husband, mother, sister to childbirth. They will be able to make sure that you are not subjected to any manipulation. Take preparatory courses for childbirth and live most of them (up to the II period of labor), if possible, at home in order to be in the hospital in the active phase of childbirth and avoid the risk of the introduction of stimulation, anesthesia, long labor in an uncomfortable position for you, etc.

“I have a positive experience of home birth. This is my first birth. Like many, the first birth was not easy and quick. But one way or another, experience has shown that giving birth at home, with midwives (we had two of them), is not something out of the ordinary, but a very normal alternative. Why at home? Because here I could control the process, I could make decisions and was not an object of manipulation by the medical staff. I was afraid to give birth in the hospital, as I heard many stories that they interfere with the natural process of birth, unjustifiably interfering with it at the slightest deviation from the written artificial norms. It is impossible to write briefly about natural childbirth. I strongly advise you to independently study this issue, to understand how nature conceived this process. Thank God there is now a wealth of information and courses on natural childbirth. Very important, as a baby comes into this world. Birth affects the health, psyche and character of a person in the strongest way. If you study the basics of perinatal psychology, you will understand how important it is to consciously approach childbirth and the first months after it. We have a wonderful baby, calm, healthy, confident that the world is a safe place. It was important for me that fear not dominated over him, which settles from medical manipulations. Understand what this birth process should be, and think about where and how to actually implement it. Don’t let it take its course. ” that the world is a safe place. It was important for me that fear not dominated over him, which settles from medical manipulations. Understand what this birth process should be, and think about where and how to actually implement it. Don’t let it take its course. ” that the world is a safe place. It was important for me that fear not dominated over him, which settles from medical manipulations. Understand what this birth process should be, and think about where and how to actually implement it. Don’t let it go by itself “
Ginta Liede, yoga teacher, mother of Svetoslav.

Of course, the preservation of this state of affairs in maternity hospitals today is not the fault of doctors. These are people who put years of life and energy into their education. But they were captured by the system, which is partly a product of the consciousness of society as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to start making changes not from the system, but from the society itself, and above all from itself.