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Summer fun: how to spend time with benefit || Not Being Alone – Spending Time with Family

Summer fun - how to spend time with benefit

Summer fun: how to spend time with benefit || Not Being Alone – Spending Time with Family

On summer days, you can spend plenty of time with your child. Warm and clear weather is conducive to walking. This is a good time for learning. Even a simple sandbox can become a place to develop fine motor skills, construction and other things.

Useful nature

The main feature of summer is a riot of colors. Flowers, grass, trees, bushes, birds – all this allows you to study the shades and variety of forms. For example, you can take a piece of cardboard and glue colored squares on it. The child’s task is to find the appropriate vegetation. For example, green is a leaf, white is a petal, orange is a flower, etc.

You can collect a herbarium, take care of the garden, watch butterflies and insects. It is important that the child does what he is interested in: being forced will only harm and destroy the cognitive interest.

To foster a love of learning, you need to show your child how amazing this world is. If possible, you can show the fish in the pond or the squirrel in the park. But at the same time, it is important to cultivate a responsible attitude towards nature.

For example, you cannot feed the ducks with bread – they have problems with the gastrointestinal tract from this. The squirrel can be given unsalted nuts. It is advisable to discuss the correct behavior with the child in advance.

Sand games

This is not only a good material for the development of fine motor skills, but also a good way to relax. You can pour sand, knead it in your hands, draw paths on it and dig passages.

Cognitive interest is fostered through games. For example, toys are hidden in the sand. The child’s task is to find everything. To do this, he digs, sifts and carefully examines everything. As a reward, he is given a treasure.

Curiosity can be developed through the sand. To do this, the parent demonstrates two states of the material: wet and dry. The first is best for the formation of Easter cakes.

The sand is suitable for modeling a vegetable garden. An adult helps to set up a mini-greenhouse, make beds and plant dummies or real leaves in them. The kid waters, spuds and learns to care for the seedlings.

Rainy weather

In bad weather, you can study at home. For this, cereals and legumes are used – whole peas, beans of various varieties and others. You can mix it all up, and then the child disassembles. Small treasures are hidden in semolina, which are sought by sifting.

You can sort different items. For example, take pasta of a certain shape and arrange them in cups. It is important not to limit the child’s fantasy and allow him to act as he wants.

Experiments can be done in the summer. For example, freeze ice cubes and show how they melt. And if you pour water on them, then they will dissolve even faster. It is helpful to demonstrate mixing different types of liquid – water and juice or others.

Summer is a great time to explore nature. Therefore, parents can instill in a child respect for the world around them, interest in birds, insects and animals, and responsibility. If desired, adults read the relevant literature. Bianki “Lesnaya Gazeta” will do.