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How to Prepare Your Child for First Day To School || parenting tips for preschoolers || Toddlers Preschool

How to Prepare Your Child for First Day To School || parenting tips for preschoolers ||  Toddlers Preschool

Soon on September 1 and at this time, parents of children of the senior preschool image are puzzled so that their toddlers know as much as possible. They counted, read, spoke a foreign language…. But adults forget about psychological preparation.

What should you pay attention to?

An important quality for schooling is will. It is she who makes a person refuse “I want” for the sake of “must”. Also, her task is to inhibit unwanted behavior. In this case, the child knows “I want to, but not.” For example, it stops him from committing pranks.

Volitional qualities do not appear from the moment of birth. They are formed under the influence of the external environment. With the correct work of adults, the child develops courage, determination, independence, and other personality traits.

In the absence of strong-willed qualities in a preschooler, laziness, stubbornness, and incontinence are noted. Swearing and scolding is useless – it will only cause negativism. The upbringing of will is a complex process and it is impossible to directly influence it.

But you can act indirectly. In this case, parents are directly involved in the pedagogical process. Do not expect immediate results – the formation of will takes place over a long period of time.

Basic techniques

First of all, parents are obliged to be an example. You can use a personal example to explain what overcoming difficulties is. For example, if a dad decides to quit his job, the family will have no money. Or mom has to solve different problems. Stories about real heroes help a lot. For example, pioneers who fought alongside adults during the Great Patriotic War. You can use different fairy-tale characters who will find themselves in artificial situations. The task of the child is to tell how the hero should act and why exactly.

It is important to give the preschooler the opportunity to overcome difficulties on his own. The golden rule of parenting: never do for a child what he can do for himself. For example, collect toys, put things in a closet, or make a bed.

It is important to cultivate moral attitudes. For example, a child is taught not only to evaluate actions as good and bad but also to predict their consequences. For example, if a cat is pulled by the tail, it will be painful and unpleasant. Therefore, you cannot do that.

Different games allow the preschooler to understand the rules. Both tabletop (lotto, checkers, “walkers”) and mobile are suitable. The more often the baby participates in such activities, the faster he will acquire an understanding of other people’s boundaries.

From an early age, the child is accustomed to the daily routine. After waking up, he should go to wash, brush his teeth, dress, etc. At first, it passes under the control of an adult, but gradually it decreases. It is important to educate the preschooler to follow the rituals.

The key point in developing strong-willed qualities – promised? Do It. Therefore, parents should be responsible for their words. Otherwise, they will lose their authority in the eyes of the child.