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Features of children 3-4 years old and how they affect education

Features of children 3-4 years old and how they affect education

At younger preschool age, a child is only learning independence. He gets used to communicating with peers, adults, learns to interact with objects. During this period, there is a crisis of three years – its purpose is to prove its own autonomy.

I am myself

On the one hand, a preschooler seeks to do everything on his own, on the other hand, not all actions are within his power. Therefore, you should not rush and insist on the full implementation of orders. You can give your child a choice and support.

During this period, it is important not to criticize the baby. Even if he does badly, crookedly, slowly – you cannot evaluate it negatively. Otherwise, an adult will only cause unpleasant emotions in him. Positive ratings, on the other hand, make you want to improve and repeat the action.

At this age, children willingly imitate adults. For example, they seek to reproduce the behavior of mom or dad. This also needs to be encouraged. For example, mom rolls out the dough. You can give your child a small lump and a baby rolling pin.

At younger preschool age, the baby is in a difficult situation. He begins to understand what I am, what are his features, and that he is not an attachment to his parents. But at the same time, the preschooler is filled with contradictions: he cannot cope without adults, his freedom is limited.

Why does he do it

For this age, it is common to constantly ask questions – this is normal, the baby is trying to comprehend the world around him. His aggressiveness and activity are formed due to the desire to constantly do something.

At this age, it is important not only what knowledge the child has. But also that he understands whether he knows how to make causal relationships. Logical operations should be available to him – combining objects, exceptions, distributions.

Curiosity during this period is a good sign. It is important to instill in the child the desire to explore the world, ask questions, and interest in the people around him. All this will be useful to him in later life, especially while studying at school. But more importantly, he will be able to establish social connections and maintain them. For this, the baby is sent to kindergarten.

My baby pisses me off

A three-year crisis is not always easy to get through. Even the mantra “this is just a period and it will end” is of little help. The aggression of a preschooler, I will bring tantrums to anyone.

At such moments, you need to be distracted. This can be done as follows: you need to remember any text. For example, a poem or declension of irregular verbs in English. You need to read any phrases to yourself and concentrate on them. After a couple of pages, the person will find it easier to react to the situation.

You can not beat, scold and speak derogatorily about the child. This will only cause negativity and rejection on his part. Even with punishments, you need to be careful.

The age of 3-4 years is important for the formation of independence. Parents need to instill in the child the desire for independence, responsibility for their actions and deeds.