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How to Build Self Confidence in a Children || Confidence for Kids || Self Esteem Development in Your Child

How to Build Self Confidence in a Children || Confidence for Kids || Self Esteem Development in Your Child

It is worth recognizing that an attractive and tidy person will be surrounded by many friends. Therefore, from an early age, the child is taught to take care of himself. Appearance is the foundation of self-confidence.

Why choose the right clothes and shoes

From the very beginning of the existence of civilizations, estates stood out in appearance. Therefore, until now, people attach great importance to clothing and shoes. With its help, you can get the following information:

  • the financial situation of the owner;
  • his interests – whether he follows fashion, stylish, etc .;
  • where does he go – to work, a party, to the theater, etc.;
  • does sports and much more.

You don’t have to choose clothes in line with the latest fashion trends. It is important that it is clean, whole, tidy. This is what needs to be instilled in children at preschool age.

Good looks are respectful of people. Who will enjoy hanging out with someone who smells bad, and who can get dirty in something? When choosing an outfit in accordance with etiquette, people emphasize where they go and where they are.

In addition to fashionable and unfashionable clothes, there are things for the seasons, for different activities – sports, beach holidays, everyday wear and others, upper and lower.

It is important to choose the right clothes. To do this, you need to discuss with the child what to put on. For example, you cannot come to the theater in a tracksuit, and in a dress for a physical education lesson.

Child’s tasks

Neatness training should be age appropriate. Younger preschoolers are given small assignments such as washing their hands and face, carefully removing their clothes and hanging them on a chair.

The older the child, the more difficult it can be for him to give instructions. For example, middle preschoolers are told about stains on clothes or dirty shoes. It is important not to use derogatory wording, rather correct remarks.

You can give the preschooler the opportunity to keep track of his closet. He is instructed to fold things, hang them, clean shoes from dirt, etc. It is not worthwhile to fully instruct the child to monitor the wardrobe, but it is worth making him an assistant.

A few tips for parents

The child takes an example from adults and therefore they should be a model. Therefore, if the head of the family walks in stretched sweatpants, and the mother in a torn dressing gown, then what kind of neatness will the baby learn? No.

It is important to praise and encourage the child, to say how beautiful he looks and what unusual things he has. This is especially worth doing if the preschooler has chosen the clothes himself.

At first, you need to draw the child’s attention to problems. For example, “look, you have a stain on your dress” or “you have stained your shoes, you need to wash them.” Gradually, the baby will get used to examining himself and assessing his appearance.

There is no need to wait for an instant result. Parenting takes a long time, so be patient. It is important not to use insults, swear words and derogatory constructs. They will only lead to a negative reaction from the baby.