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Physiological and Psychological Consequences of Abortion

Does the lioness dare to destroy her offspring? Women sin with this, even if they are tender, – and their retribution awaits: Often, a woman who has killed the fetus dies herself, – Dies, – when they carry her to the fire, loosening her Hair, everyone in the crowd shouts loudly: “Serves right!”

— Ovid —

Physiological consequences of abortion

The law of karma is not a human-invented law; it operates always and everywhere, like the laws of nature. We can trace its implementation at different levels. Now let’s turn to physiology. Just think, where did such a phenomenon as the unprecedented growth of female diseases come from in the 20th century? All for the same reasons: the consequences of infanticide and payment for comfort. From the point of view of official medicine, all abortions are divided into dangerous and safe. Safe – carried out with the participation of a qualified specialist (doctor, midwife, nurse) using methods approved by official medicine and in a suitable medical institution.

Unsafe – carried out by a person without medical education or without the necessary training, in unsanitary conditions, or it is produced by the woman herself. If we connect these statements with the universal concept of karma, then they will sound something like this: “there are murders for which retribution awaits, and there are well-prepared and organized ones, for which you will not have to answer.” But in fact, this does not happen, you have to pay for everything. If it is still possible to evade responsibility for violating the criminal code, then from the law of karma, from the law of cause and effect, in no way.

The desire to destroy the future person is a violation of the main law of life, followed by retribution, including health. There is no safe abortion, every abortion is a blow to a woman’s health, and this is a direct consequence of her decision. Abortion is often presented as a minor intervention, requiring a woman to change her usual rhythm of life for only a few hours or at most days. This is not true. Abortion is always a very dangerous surgical or medication effect, which carries a series of unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening complications. Any more or less experienced gynecologist will say that a woman after an abortion for a year and a half cannot restore her immune system, she is sick for a year and a half. A woman who has had three abortions is gynecologically ill for the rest of her life.

Various tumors and formations appear, chronic inflammation, doctors have to treat these consequences, perform complex operations, remove organs. The consequences of abortion in one form or another, most likely, a woman will feel throughout her life, even at the physiological level. And all doctors know about this, but, unfortunately, they do not convey this information to women. “We now have 94% of girls say that they do not know what is happening, they do not know the consequences. Gynecologists don’t talk about it, ”writes psychologist Elena Koksharova. they don’t know the consequences. Gynecologists don’t talk about it, ”writes psychologist Elena Koksharova. they don’t know the consequences. Gynecologists don’t talk about it, ”writes psychologist Elena Koksharova.

Most women seriously think about the harm done to their body by abortion only after the termination of pregnancy. This approach can be considered somewhat frivolous in relation to your body. Perhaps for someone to refuse abortion, it will be enough to know about its physiological consequences. After all, not many people know that the harm of abortion affects not only the reproductive function of a woman, but also the body as a whole. Pregnancy is a truly all-encompassing process that affects the entire body. Naturopaths call this “zeroing”, when symptoms of certain disorders in the body accumulated over the years are removed. Under the influence of hormones, not only the physical body changes, the worldview, psyche, energy change. All these processes start at the moment of conception and logically end with the natural birth of a baby, and some continue throughout life. Any outside interference in this perfect natural mechanism, and even more so its rough interruption, will inevitably lead to consequences.

The whole body of a woman is changing and is preparing to grow a new life in itself, as a result of an abortion, it experiences severe stress. All his maternal functions become unnecessary. There is an imbalance in the hormonal, immune systems, renal-hepatic functions, regulation of blood pressure, and circulating blood volume. The whole body of a woman changes and prepares to grow a new life in itself, as a result of an abortion, it experiences severe stress. All his maternal functions become unnecessary. There is an imbalance in the hormonal, immune systems, renal-hepatic functions, regulation of blood pressure, and circulating blood volume. The whole body of a woman changes and prepares to grow a new life in itself, as a result of an abortion, it experiences severe stress. All his maternal functions become unnecessary. There is an imbalance in the hormonal, immune systems, renal-hepatic functions, regulation of blood pressure, and circulating blood volume.

Abortion is a blow not only to the reproductive system, but also to all other systems of the body. After an abortion, amenorrhea often develops (that is, the menstrual cycle disappears), which can last for several years. Menstruation may become scarce or, on the contrary, too abundant, it will be painful in any case. Breast tissue begins to prepare for breastfeeding early in pregnancy, and a sharp “failure” in the original program is accompanied by severe stress for the body.

Abortion is one of the most common causes of mastopathy or even breast cancer. The consequences of abortion can not be avoided and the adrenal glands: metabolic disorders occur, more male hormones are produced, which manifests itself both externally (development of the male-type hairline, for example), and psychologically (instability to stress). Abortion negatively affects the functioning of the thyroid gland; it is with such an intervention that, for example, the development of Graves’ disease, popularly, goiter is associated. Abortion is stressful for all organs and systems, but of course the reproductive system suffers the most.

What are the consequences for her?

Complications during an abortion.

Injury during abortion:

Injury of the uterus during abortion can occur when the cervical canal is stretched (cervical ruptures of varying severity). The soft muscles of the pregnant uterus can easily be damaged by instruments inserted into the uterine cavity during abortion (perforation and rupture of the uterus). Without surgery, such injuries can be life-threatening. Sometimes after an abortion, immediate surgical removal of the uterus is required.

Severe bleeding during abortion:

If large blood vessels are damaged during an abortion, severe bleeding can occur. Such bleeding requires urgent surgical intervention. Blood transfusion is often required, although often it does not work. Sometimes it is also necessary to remove the uterus to stop the bleeding. (It is believed that the risk of bleeding is relevant only with surgical abortion, but the likelihood of its occurrence is high with medical abortion).

Complications associated with anesthesia during abortion:

Every type of abortion pain relief, even local anesthesia, carries some risk, albeit a small one. In particular, cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory and liver disorders may occur. A particularly dangerous complication of anesthesia during abortion is allergic shock.

Early consequences of abortion

In the first days after an abortion, the following complications may occur:


After an abortion, the uterine cavity turns into a continuous bloody wound, and you cannot put a bandage on it. Therefore, various infections are a typical consequence of abortion. First of all, one should be wary of the development of an inflammatory process in the uterus (metroendometritis). Infections can develop in other organs: in the fallopian tubes (salpingitis), in the abdominal cavity (peritonitis), and in the peri-uterine adipose tissue (parametritis). In case of blood poisoning after an abortion (sepsis), there is a danger to life and urgent, intensive antibiotic treatment is required.


Thrombosis due to blood clotting disorders and the entry of blood clots into the bloodstream after an abortion. As a consequence, blood clots can form in the veins, in particular, in the veins of the legs. These conditions require urgent treatment. Now you have read the dry theory, but this is what the stories of women who have experienced the consequences of abortion on themselves look like. With this text, a woman asks for help on one of the forums (we save the author’s text in full): “Hello! My name is NN came to gynecology for an abortion in the period of 7-8 weeks.

They did not complete it, interrupted the operation, as there was a suspicion of perforation of the uterus (the cervix was closed during an abortion).

The suspicion was not confirmed by ultrasound, but it was cleaned again, because An ultrasound scan showed that there was something left in the uterus. There was no temperature, there was no discharge for 2 days, on the third day it “spilled”. A week later, the uterus was enlarged again and the ultrasound showed that there was something there (a large clot). Cleaned it up again. The discharge did not stop.

I did an ultrasound in another place – a placental polyp in the uterus. They performed the operation with a vacuum – they cleaned it out.

An ultrasound scan showed that there was nothing in the uterus, but the inflammation began. The doctor said that there was no need to buy any medicine, they did everything I needed. The pain in the lower abdomen was bearable, gradually subsided, but not completely. Bowel problems began. The discharge (in my opinion) is purulent, yellowish-pinkish, at about the same level – a little more, a little less. They are what bother you. The doctor said that it heals so slowly after 4 interventions.

Imagine what this woman experienced after being on the operating table four times. Imagine how soon her health will recover? She asks how doctors can help her now … On the forums, women share their experience: “After cleaning on the 19th day, I started bleeding, severe. After the ultrasound, the gynecologist said that it was menstruation, but they did not go away for 10 days and were very abundant and painful, “but-shpu” ate handfuls. It turned out that the inflammation of the uterine appendages and for 2 weeks I was treated with antibiotics and did physical therapy. ” “I got inflammation after a month. After cleaning, after 28 days, my period came, went very strong, I realized that it was not normal, I ran to the hospital, I was more likely to get an IV, it turned out to be an inflammation of the uterus ”. “After a medical abortion, which, according to the professors, does not give any complications, I“ blew ”for 2.5 months. It was as if my womb was sobbing bloody tears for a murdered baby. Ultrasound examination revealed many cysts in the ovaries, my lower abdomen hurt constantly, my mood was depressed. “

Sorry for the bloody, in the literal sense of the word, details, but this is the reality. Having experienced the terrible consequences of abortion, often women or their relatives want to blame and punish doctors: “Hello, my mother went for an abortion. After the abortion, she became very ill, vomiting opened, but the doctors did nothing, they sent her home. It didn’t get any better at home, so I called an ambulance for her. After the arrival of the ambulance, the doctor on duty said that her blood pressure was 40 to 20. She was quickly collected and taken to the hospital, already unconscious. In the hospital, she underwent an urgent operation. She spent 2 days in intensive care.

Then she was transferred to gynecology, where doctors diagnosed a 3 cm uterine puncture. She was given a direct blood transfusion and plasma infusion on the operating table. In general, they barely saved. Now the doctor who had the abortion is trying to hide all the facts, proving her guilt. Help us, what to do, where to go! We really want to punish her! ” But are doctors to blame for the consequences of our own terrible and cruel decisions? Someone experiences the consequences of their actions almost immediately. They come to someone a little later, and, as a rule, are already associated with chronic problems in the field of gynecology and the inability to have children.


Late consequences of abortion:

In most cases, the late consequences of abortion develop on the basis of the early complications suffered. The biggest tragedy of our society is that, observing the causes and effects (abortion and further illnesses), no one associates one with the other. Abortion at 15 and cancer at 50 are too spaced apart in time, for a suffering woman, and even for doctors, there is not enough volume of perception to connect one with the other.

Development of an ectopic pregnancy or infertility:

During the termination of pregnancy, the deep layer of the uterine lining is removed by scraping in those places where it connects to the tubes. Subsequently, a scar and obstruction of the tubes are formed. With complete obstruction, a woman forever loses the opportunity to become a mother. If the obstruction is partial, then the sperm can penetrate the tube and fertilize the egg. But at the same time, due to the cicatricial adhesion process, the fertilized cell does not enter the uterus in time, and the fetus begins to develop in the tube (ectopic pregnancy). In cases where this process was not noticed in time, pipe rupture occurs, often with a fatal outcome.

This is how the mutilated destinies look like this: “After two abortions, I was left without children, without a family, in complete loneliness and despair. And no amount of education, love, or career can make up for this loss. Depression, serious illness, hopelessness, pangs of conscience and self-loathing, envy and pain at the sight of mothers with children and the complete meaninglessness of life. ” “When I was young, I had two abortions in a row (from my husband). Then eight years of trying to have a baby naturally came to nothing. ” “Today I went to donate blood. The nurse asks: “Well, did you get IVF?” I say: “No.” She: “Were there abortions?” Yes, I say. And she: “What do you want after that?” The last hopes melted away. She roared all the way. “


Impact of abortion on subsequent pregnancies:

The wounds of the cervix during abortion, mentioned above, lead to the development of cervical insufficiency (isthmico-cervical insufficiency). Because of this, subsequent pregnancies often end in miscarriages and premature births. Perforation of the uterus with an abortion instrument can cause the uterus to rupture during the next pregnancy. A woman can become pregnant after an abortion, but the course of this pregnancy is very likely to be associated with certain problems. “I had an abortion at the age of 20. She married a few years later and soon became pregnant. However, the body was throwing away the fetus. And this happened 8 times. The ninth pregnancy, in order to save the child, lay under IVs in the hospital. Now the only son is 10 years old. ” “When I was young, I had several vacuum abortions, and then, when I got married, I faced the problem of getting pregnant. Only artificial insemination brought the long-awaited result: the child went to first grade this year. He says that those who have faced this problem know the real value of the happiness of being a mother. ” “Abortion is a monstrous violence against the entire reproductive system of the female body. Nature does not forgive this. And responds with a mass of complications that appear during the next pregnancy and childbirth. These are bleeding, toxicosis, miscarriage or premature birth, leading to the birth of a premature baby, ”says Professor Ildar Fatkulin, Chairman of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of the Republic of Tatarstan. Abortion causes the greatest damage to the health of nulliparous women, that is, women who terminate their first pregnancy: restoration of the body after a violation of the already begun restructuring of the body for pregnancy in women who have given birth takes no more than 4 months, while in nulliparous women it can take as much as 1 year or more. Moreover, out of 100 women who had an abortion during their first pregnancy, 25 become infertile.

Abortion at a young age leads to serious complications. If a young woman (aged 15-17) has one abortion, it is likely that there will be no more pregnancies in her life. Never. One abortion and that’s it … Young age is the most serious period when hormonal maturation takes place. The likelihood of complications is also the highest for women: – who have had two or more abortions; – suffering from inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, menstrual irregularities, blood diseases; – who have previously undergone surgery on the uterus and ovaries. “Three hours after taking the pills, I started a real labor, with contractions and attempts. For 6 hours in agony, I gave birth to my poor child. Only I alone know how much pain and despair I had to endure during these few hours, how many tears I shed … The pain was not only physical, sobbing escaped directly from my heart: after all, it is one thing in the agony of having a child and feeling the happiest from the consciousness that you are giving life to a new little man, another thing is to experience the same thing, knowing that you are killing your own child, you have nothing return back, and that these torments are a cruel retribution for what they have done. ” Payback for what we have done … This material is just a reason to think that cancer, infertility, female diseases are not even punishment, it is just a direct consequence of our own actions, karma as it is, not in future lives, but here and now, and it is our direct choice. Perhaps someone, due to their own cruelty, will forever lose the opportunity to become a mother and acquire a bunch of diseases of the reproductive system, and perhaps even give up their life altogether, right on the operating table in a gynecological clinic. On the one hand, no one wanted to experience any of the above for themselves. But on the other hand, a woman who has paid for her act with dire consequences for her health gets a chance to think about what she is doing. Diseases and suffering that follow an abortion is an opportunity to trace the operation of the law of karma using illustrative examples, to understand how and for what life punishes, even if the cause and effect are spaced apart in time.