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Marvel’s The Eternals 2021

Production year 2021
Country UK , USA
genre fiction , fantasy , action , drama , adventure
the words Tagline “In the beginning …”
Director Chloe Zhao
Scenario & Story by Ryan Firpo , Kaz Firpo , Chloe Zhao , …
Producer Victoria Alonso , Mitchell Bell , Luis D’Esposito , …
Operator Ben Davis
Composer Ramin Javadi
Painter Eve Stewart , Clint Wallace , Suzanne Bru , …
Mounting Dylan Tychenor , Craig Wood
Budget $ 200,000,000 ($200 million)
Worldwide fees + $ 90 100 305 = $ 161 397 524fees
World premiere October 18, 2021 , …
Age 18+
MPAA rating PG – 13
Time 156 minutes / 02:36
Eternals IMDB Ratting 63,209 IMDb users have given a weighted average vote of 6.9 / 10 (Till 10 oct 2021)
eternals release date hbo max (In India) 5 November, 2021

OverviewThe Eternals Marvel are a race of genetically enhanced superhumans living secretly on Earth. They were born 5 million years ago as a result of the experiments of powerful celestials. Endowed with incredible superpowers, for millennia they hid from human civilization, secretly protecting people from monstrous deviants. However, the recent events and actions of Thanos have forced them to come to light.


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The first day of rental in India brought Eternal a little more than as aspect – $3 million (about 4710 lakh rupees which is in crores). For comparison, We tell you why this story did not live up to hopes for a delightful sight.

For seven millennia, a group of highly developed aliens with superpowers have lived on Earth, protecting humanity from monsters from outer space. The group calls themselves the Eternals. For some reason, the leader of this humanitarian mission Ayak (Salma Hayek) strictly forbids her Timurovites to stop human wars, but does not prevent the introduction of primitive technologies in agriculture. So the Eternals live among people and rule the evolutionary process, and Ayak reports on the progress of the mission to the higher authorities – the celestial Arishim, who is on his mind.

But this is the background. The main events of the film will unfold in modern times.

When the Avengers returned billions of people who did not survive the Thanos genocide (Marvel fans know the plot of the films “Avengers. Infinity War” and “Avengers. Endgame”, where the heroes fought with a mad titan), a universal alarm went off, and Ayak went to collect the Eternals wandering homelessly around the Earth … The situation is critical, we need to unite. However, the chain of events entails the disclosure of shocking secrets, and conflicts are brewing in the group that will have to be overcome in order to save the beloved humanity from a new threat of extinction.

You can retell the plot of Chloe Zhao’s The Eternals forever. The introduction to the story (with fantasies of Babylonian and ancient Mexican life), invented by Stan Lee’s co-writer Jack Kirby, takes up a quarter of a film that is two and a half hours long.

In fact, the entire film is a protracted presentation of the heroes and their conflicts, written out by unconvincing close-ups. Here is the majestic Ayak tinkering with the unbalanced Fina (not Athena, this is important) performed by Angelina Jolie; here merciful Sersi (Gemma Chan) turns soil into water and studies the culture of earthlings; soldier Ikaris (Richard Madden) – flies and shoots lasers from his eyes, like Superman (there are even jokes about a DC competitor in the script).

Not enough? OK. Here is Fastos – a genius engineer, as well as the first openly gay in the MCU (now everyone is wondering if the actor himself is Brian Tyree Henry); the super-fast and totally deaf Makkari (actress Lauren Ridloff performing her is also deaf). A special place among the Eternals is occupied by Druig (Barry Keoghan) – an analogue of Professor X, who rules over human consciousness. By the way, it is he who rebelles against the Ayak dictatorship, becomes a hermit, brings confusion to the group and is the only one with the potential for his own solo film.

These are not all characters. There are eleven of them – a lot for one film. Even in the failed Justice League in 2017, only seven heroes were presented, so embarrassingly that in 2021 it took all the creative powers of the visionary Zach Snyder and an additional $ 70 million to finish filming the characters in a four-hour “Snyder” version. It was streamed on HBO Max, luckily for viewers.

The entire film is a protracted presentation of the heroes and their conflicts, written out in unconvincing close-ups.

Chloe Zhao, an MCU fan who set out to combine East, West, and her vision of the universe in this film, was tasked with keeping within blockbuster timing and packing all Eternals’ lore into a picture for IMAX. The writers Ryan and Cas Firpo are not James Gunn and Nicole Perlman (wrote Guardians of the Galaxy) and they did not draw out the chemistry between the characters, and Chloe Zhao shouldered at least the whole planet on her fragile shoulders.


Shot from the filming of the movie "The Eternals"
Shot from the filming of the movie “The Eternals” © KINOPOISK

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The film exudes a detached beauty, as in images of the Earth from space. Luxurious camera spans are replaced by atmospheric landscape shots, but the characters are pasted into them like paper models. The shooting location was the Canary Islands, many scenes were filmed on location in natural light – the depth and breadth of space should inspire greatness in this story. Only it is false.

In fact, the director, inspired by the manga and Terrence Malick , rejected the MCU’s self-irony orientation. The “Black Widow”, which had recently died down in cinemas (which could have been shot by Chloe Zhao, but did not grow together), bribed with ridicule; the adventures of the new hero from “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” unfolded in two temporary parts, but managed to maintain a sense of humor. The Marvel series (Loki, What If? …, Wanda / Vision, and others) have built a foundation of postirony and multivariance.

Against their background, “The Eternals” look like a copy of the Eiffel Tower on the outskirts of Hangzhou.


Shot from the movie "The Eternals"
Shot from the movie “The Eternals” © KINOPOISK


Some characters were simplified as much as possible to analogues of Mercury or Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, while others tried to deepen, but did not put the squeeze on. Zhao managed to examine Fina’s personality a little (Jolie habitually portrays the bitterness of unworked trauma), hinted at Druig’s difficult relationship with himself and at the involvement of Sprite (Leah McHugh) in the birth of “Peter Pan”. Kingo’s character (Kumail Nanjiani) contributed comedy to the boring Eternals – but it was out of sync with the majestic pathos of the mosaic.

The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has repeatedly explained the mission of Zhao and the new superheroes – to open the fourth phase of the MCU , redefining its direction and changing the idea of ​​it. For example, the participation of the Eternals was supposed to clarify the place of the Earth in the cosmic hierarchy of this intricate multiverse. Cleared up, only the scenery left the same.

The emphasis on cast diversity and Kevin Feige’s intercession helped The Eternals escape scandalous criticism, although the press rated Zhao’s film well below other Marvel Studios creations (ratings on Rotten Tomatoes slid down from 63% to 57%). Ratings are not a problem, and criticism is not a problem for Marvel’s expansion. Kevin Feige is determined to continue his work, and is ready, like the god with whom the Eternals are fighting, to destroy the old world for the birth of new ones. For the glory of the business model

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More about Marvel’s Eternals

Ghostly Oncoming in Marvel’s Eternals

If you do not dig into the details of the Cinematic Universe structure, then the point of the release of “The Eternals” is to somehow replace the “Avengers”, whose story arc ended in the previous phase of development on the beautiful and super-grossing film “Avengers: Endgame”.

Since then, the heroes have gradually crept into other episodes, and it’s time to introduce new ones. Kevin Feige, head of Marvel cinema, puts on a big stunt: he adds a whole new team to the global storyline. True, in an unexpected way.

This is how it looks: first, in the manner of Kubrick’s “Space Odyssey”, a large geometric thing flies past the Sun, similar to a flat cardboard package. This is a ship from other worlds, from where immortal people with supernormal abilities come to the primitive Earth and begin to teach inept humanity all sorts of wisdom. Without third-party prompts, the number of homo sapiens, according to the version of the movie “The Eternals”, would not have thought of the wheel and other inventions.

Over the years, interplanetary enlighteners settled on Earth, conspirated and got used to us, smaller brothers. One (Kumail Nanjiani) became a popular actor in Bollywood, the other (Gemma Chan) chose the path of a museum curator. They cleverly deceive society, since they do not age for centuries. And they gradually figure out why they were actually sent to Earth, which must be protected from immediate destruction.

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Who made the cherished word out of ice

According to the general feeling from the picture, the director Chloe Zhao got somewhere in the wrong place – or just in vain picked up the phone at a certain moment. She is now about the most promising director in the world. For the third film – independent and artistically expressive “Land of the Nomads” – she received several “Oscars”, including the main one, and “Golden Lion” in Venice.
According to the general feeling from the picture, the director Chloe Zhao got somewhere in the wrong place – or just in vain picked up the phone at a certain moment. She is now about the most promising director in the world. For the third film – independent and artistically expressive “Land of the Nomads” – she received several “Oscars”, including the main one, and “Golden Lion” in Venice.
Chloe Zhao with an Oscar in the nomination for best director for the film Land of nomads - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03.11.2021
© REUTERS / Chris Pizzello / Pool Chloe Zhao wins Oscar for Best Director for The Land of the Nomads
It is clear that her maneuver towards the highest-grossing franchise looks like an attempt to capitalize on success in time – and monetize it. It’s not a shame to make money, and Zhao had reasons: she hoped to shoot something that Marvel had not yet done, for example, she added much more location filming. Whether she succeeded is a separate question.
In the name of Angelina Jolie, they also lure into the “Eternals”, but it is unlikely that she can write down this work as an asset. Her heroine is rather faded, not even a debut in the Disney clip, because Angelina played two parts of “Maleficent”, where the image is much more noticeable. And in general, we must admit that under the wing of Marvel, accomplished artists do not come to make history, but to give their careers a belated additional impetus. That Cumberbatch, that Jolie, although she was never famous for incredible acting transformations.
Of all the artists in the project, Barry Keoghan is the most noticeable – however, he has a very small role as the Eternal, who controls the mind. This striking actor with a plight of fate previously drew single-handedly “Killing a Sacred Deer” and played the brightest episode in “The Legend of the Green Knight.”
Barry Keoghan in the movie The Eternals
© Marvel Studios Barry Keoghan in the movie The Eternals


Now about the sad things. Neither Barry Keoghan, nor numerous field shots, where decent actors stand in ridiculous costumes against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes – nothing saved “The Eternals” from defeat. The first Marvel film to receive negative rather than positive reviews from critics, which usually Marvel and Disney readily over-praise. Tactical and strategic mistake – no more, no less.
First of all, the anti-scientific picture of the world, which is being imposed on us, is outraged. Previously, the mainstream superhero did not pretend to anything special, only entertained, and now it claims that the history of mankind is not at all what it seemed to us. This conspiracy alternative is even ironically awkward to watch. In terms of the degree of insanity, it resembles those videos that are shown to adherents of the Scientology sect who have reached a certain level.
The film is monstrously drawn out – “The Eternals” really lasts an eternity, almost two hours and forty minutes. In theory, this should have been justified by the fact that there are a lot of new characters in the picture. But, in fact, we do not even have time to confidently learn their names – the differences between immortals are not obvious.
It was important for Zhao to show a bed scene within the conservative MCU – but what didn’t we see there? And a deaf character named Makkari (she runs really fast, kind of like the Flash from DC), played in sign language by Lauren Ridloff (“The Walking Dead”), who really hasn’t heard anything since birth.
Lauren Ridloff in The Eternals
© Marvel Studios Lauren Ridloff in the movie “The Eternals”
Inclusion is a tremendous opportunity in itself. Thanks to this newfangled and humanistic trend, filmmakers tell stories that they might never have gotten to. But it’s very interesting to understand how people live with whom we rarely meet, whose needs and passions we don’t know, it helps us all to unite as a society.
But there is nothing hidden behind local inclusion: yes, sometimes someone speaks with gestures, it is translated with subtitles – that’s all. You cannot be happy for Ridloff, she does not have very many roles, and it is good that she found a job, but in this case she was insolently used.
The third Marvel movie in a year (there was also “Black Widow” and “Shang-Chi”) – and the third time without planetary success. Maybe cinema really changed forever and now large-scale universes are not needed by anyone outside of the series. Or maybe this is all temporary and Marvel will surprise us again one day (which would be, of course, incredible, because “The Eternals” is the 26th release, it is too late to unfold). But not at this time.
Eternals’ Villain -Who is the secret villain of Marvel’s Eternals?
Due to constant transfers, merchandise creators must keep their inventory of gear under lock and key. But sometimes something leaks out. We look at the main villain of the film “The Eternals” – Cro: Born of the mind of Jack Kirby, Cro is the leader of the Deviants, a powerful being who, in addition to the standard “very strong and almost invulnerable”, can change the structure of his body. Because of what Kro can disguise himself and transform into other humanoids.
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