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How to make money watching ads on the Internet without investment – TOP6 ways + personal experience and tips to increase income

Hey! My name is Sergey, I study at the university and at the same time I work on the Internet. I started out as simple as watching ads for money. After registering on one of the sites that offer to do this, after 5 minutes I started making money, which was a huge discovery for me! Making money on the Internet has ceased to seem like something mysterious and almost impossible. In this article I want to tell readers about how you can make money by watching ads on the Internet.

You will learn:


  • What are the ways to make money by watching ads;
  • What you need to earn your first money;
  • What are the proven sites for making money;
  • How much can you earn;
  • What other simple ways are there to make money online.


Get ready – it will be interesting!


List of terms:


  • Surfing – browsing sites on the Internet. In this article, by surfing, I mean browsing advertising sites;
  • Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to buy / sell on the Internet;
  • Electronic wallet – a virtual wallet site to which money is withdrawn from sites to earn money, and from there to bank cards;
  • Referral – the one you invited to register on any site using a personal referral link; inviting referrals also brings you income;
  • Referrer is the one who invited you to the site. You can act as a referrer yourself if you invite referrals.
  • Refback is the percentage that you get back from the referrer’s earnings. That is, if you earned 1 ruble for a referral, and a refback is set at 90% on the site, you will receive 0.9 rubles back.

The essence of making money by watching ads on the Internet. Why can you make money on this?

The essence of making money is watching various advertisements on the Internet. We looked – we got the money. Additionally, you can earn money on different actions (clicks, transitions, and so on). What is meant by “viewing ads”:


  • Visiting advertising materials, sites;
  • Watching short videos;
  • Viewing advertising banners in a browser ;
  • Completing tasks for viewing ads.


Now I’ll tell you a little about why you can make money on this. According to statistics, more than 1 million sites appear on the Internet all over the world every day. Obviously, they do not immediately become popular – even if the site has a cool design and a unique idea, no one will notice it anyway. To promote the site, its creators use various advertising methods. And one of them is ordering paid views through special services.

on viewing advertisements on the Internet

We will consider these services below. The scheme of their work is transparent – they act as intermediaries between customers (those who want to promote something) and performers (those who want to make money). The creators of such sites earn from commissions (from deposits / withdrawals from the balance), so there is nothing fraudulent here.

By the way, not only sites advertise. Goods, services – whatever comes to mind.

In practice, earnings look like this:

  1. We register on one of the services for making money;
  2. Selecting a task for viewing ads;
  3. We carry it out. In the case of an automatic check, the money will immediately go to the account; in the case of a manual check, you need to wait until the customer checks it.


There are the following ways to make money by watching ads:


  • Work on books (surfing / autosurfing sites, reading letters, passing tests, performing user tasks);
  • Installing extensions that display ads in the browser;
  • Earnings on special sites with advertising videos;
  • Viewing advertisements in mobile phone apps;
  • Viewing ads for cryptocurrency (you will learn more about this unusual method later).






We will consider each of them in more detail below. I will give examples of proven sites for making money + show examples of tasks from them.

What do you need to earn money?

Internet connection and browser. No special skills, additional programs, education. Earnings from viewing ads are mainly seen as a “entry point” into the topic, so it is primarily aimed at beginners with no experience in the Internet.

What you need to make money

Earnings are suitable for schoolchildren and students, as well as adults as a low additional income.

What else is needed to earn money:


  • Email – for registration. How to create email on, Yandex and Gmail. To register on sites, you need a username, password and mail. How to register on any site using this data .
  • Electronic wallet – for withdrawing money. What is an electronic wallet and how to create it using the example of the WebMoney system . Or using Yandex.Money as an example .


Ways to make money by watching ads

We consider in detail ways of earning money, proven sites and examples of tasks.

Earnings on boxes (methods + TOP of the best sites)

Buks are sites that pay to perform simple actions (mostly by watching ads). The main ways to make money on bucks:

  1. Surfing / autosurfing sites;
  2. Reading letters;
  3. Passing tests;
  4. Performing custom tasks.

In addition to these methods, there are others: tasks to be performed on social networks (likes, reposts , subscriptions), watching videos on YouTube (+ likes, subscriptions, comments), paid visits (the same as surfing, but with additional actions) …

Earnings on boxes

We will not linger on books for a long time, since we have a large separate article on this topic: How and how much can you earn on clicks and surfing?

Advantages of axle boxes:


  • Easy tasks;
  • Fast payment;
  • Low minimum withdrawal amount;
  • There is always work to do (+ some tasks can be performed several times);
  • Easy to get referrals.




  • Low pay;
  • Monotonous tasks.


Next, we will consider options for earning + examples of completing tasks using the example of SeoSprint and SeoFast boxes.


Surfing sites

As mentioned earlier, surfing is the process of viewing advertisements, websites, and other similar content. That is, you need to be on the advertising page for some time (from 10 to 60 seconds), creating the appearance of viewing. After this time, you receive money and you can close the page.

Bux surfing is partially automated. In the corresponding section, the user sees a list of links. By clicking on them, he will move to the advertising page, and at the same time the timer will start. After the time has elapsed, you will need to solve an easy math problem or captcha to confirm your viewing.

On average, 0.047 rubles are paid for surfing one page on any books.

How it looks in practice:

for surfing one page


Most successful

What will be shown to you

What will they show you? Basically, advertising of any ways to make money. Much of what will be shown in advertising is an outright scam, so be careful. If you are interested in something, then do not be lazy to read reviews about the project on the Internet. If there are no reviews, then this should be even more alarming. You can send questions to me , I will definitely check the service and write you an answer.

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Autosurfing sites

From the name it is clear that this is also surfing, but automatic. The system shows how many autosurf sites are available, and you just have to press “Start” and that’s it! You do not need to confirm your viewing by entering a captcha or solving a problem – sites are shown automatically.

Earnings in this way are fully automated, and, accordingly, the payment is lower (on average – 0.03 rubles).

Autosurfing sites

pay below

Reading emails

Upgrading surfing assignments. The bottom line is as follows:

  1. Read the advertising text and answer the security question at the end;
  2. Look at the advertising page for a while (surfing).

Slightly difficult surfing, which is paid higher. On average, payment for execution is 0.07 rubles.

How it looks in practice:

Reading emails

When you select a task, a window with text will open where you need to answer the question. Read what is in the image, and you will understand that there is nothing difficult in this stage:

text box

Next, an advertising site with a timer will open (everything is the same as when surfing):

advertising website with a timer

Passing tests

Another complication of surfing. To complete such a task, you need:

  1. Read the customer’s text;
  2. Run the test. The answers to it are hidden on the customer’s advertising page.

Tasks of this type are posted infrequently, but they pay well compared to surfing: an average of 0.3 rubles. That is, this is also viewing ads (on the customer’s website), but with additional activity.

Let’s analyze an example of a task:

Passing tests

Tasks are different:

Tasks are different


In the latter, more activity will be required (go to a search engine, find a site on request, perform actions on it). For example:

it will take more activity

After finding the site, you begin to complete the task according to the instructions. Its execution took me 2-3 minutes, and as a result of success, the system will notify you:

carry out the task according to the instructions

Unfortunately, if you make a mistake at least once, the test will fail, the money will not be credited to the account.


Custom tasks

What I have covered above is not very encouraging as a job. The pay is small and the assignments are completed quickly. However, the buxes are mainly earned on custom tasks. This is a job other people have to do.

At the time of this writing, there were over 13,000 user jobs on the SeoSprint website. Their variety is impressive: registration in various services, clicks, social networks, voting, posting, reviews, investing, downloading files, and so on. Some tasks can be performed multiple times (i.e. they are reusable).

Payment is also “motley” – from 0.2 rubles. up to 1000 rubles (depends on the complexity). Ads viewing jobs usually pay low (they set the minimum bar).

Custom tasks

Nuance: manual check. You are submitting a report and waiting for its verification. For example, in registration tasks, the report asks you to indicate the login under which you registered.

Examples of tasks for viewing ads:

Examples of tasks

Task description

Start execution


TOP of the best sites for making money

There are a lot of Buxes on the Internet, but the best of them do not give up their positions for years (as long as I work on the Internet, they have never closed and honestly paid money to their users). On the services listed below, you can make money in any of the ways that I mentioned earlier.


  • Seosprint is the site from where my career on the Internet began. For a month I earned 500 rubles on it. The tasks are simple, the design is done in pleasant colors. Withdrawals are available on WebMoney (WMR) and Yandex.Money. The minimum withdrawal amount for WebMoney is 2 rubles (+ 1% commission), for Yandex – 10 rubles (+ 0.5% commission).
  • is another popular long-lived axle box. Unlike SeoSprint, tasks for social networks, viewing teasers, paid visits are available on it. The following withdrawal systems are available: WebMoney (WMR), Yandex, Qiwi, Perfect Money, Payeer. There is a growing “refback” – a bonus to earned funds.
  • – old, but proven axle box. Payment is made in dollars. In addition to simple tasks, you can make money on articles (sell them in the store). Payments are made from $ 0.1 to WebMoney, Yandex, Qiwi, Payeer.


And I also know about the other 27 cool boxes, which I talk about in more detail in the article 30 boxes for earning money without investments, which pay well .

Earnings from watching videos on special sites

On boxes, in addition to viewing advertising, you need to take additional actions to earn money. What if you watch it and do nothing? Yes, this is possible!

There are special sites where customers can promote their video. This can be an advertisement, YouTube video, and other video material. The essence of making money is that a person watches a video and after the time expires on the timer, he receives money.


Obviously, you don’t need to watch the entire video. On some sites, you can “cheat” – start a video and simultaneously watch another site or communicate in social networks, and the timer will work! Or you can turn on the video and just go about your business, such as cooking or cleaning.

Basically, earnings are automated (but there are services that have a manual check). All the user needs to do is press a button. Additionally, you will need to link your YouTube account (if you don’t have one, create a Google account following our instructions ). mostly orders are received to view videos on this platform.

Let’s look at an example of completing a task on the LikesRock website :

We are looking for the corresponding tab:

We are looking for the corresponding tab

Attention: you need to click not on the title of the video, but on the “Watch” button! On sites where the process of making money is automated, this is a prerequisite, otherwise the money will simply not be credited to the account.

on the "Watch" button

We are waiting for the end of the timer and close the video page:

We are waiting for the end of the timer




Verified sites for making money

I managed to find 10 sites where you can make money by watching ads / videos:


  • is a great site for making money on social media (including watching videos). There are many tasks (170 at the time of this writing), the task is reduced to pressing one button, payment in euros. You can buy a Pro account and receive double rewards for tasks. The downside is the high minimum withdrawal amount (€ 30). Withdrawals can be made to PayPal and AdvCash.
  • is another similar site where making money on video comes down to watching videos on YouTube. They pay in rubles, there is no minimum withdrawal amount.
  • – here you can also make money by watching YouTube promotional videos. Payment is made in dollars, there is a rating system. There are also surfing tasks, social networks.


I talk about the other 7 sites that pay for watching videos in another article: Earning money by watching videos on the Internet without investment . There I also tell you in more detail how you can make money on video without watching ads.

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Earnings from viewing banners and teaser ads in the browser

You can get money for viewing ads without being distracted from your usual surfing on the Internet. To make money in this way, you often need to spend time in the browser.

The essence of making money is to install a special browser extension that will display advertising banners and teasers. You do not need to be on the same site and wait for ads – you can view your favorite resources, and ads will appear and disappear by itself. You do not need to confirm your viewing either (but sometimes you need to go through the captcha in the extension).

Any browser is suitable for making money: Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others. Extensions are installed from the official stores of extensions of these browsers: for Google , for Opera , for Mozilla Firefox . In Internet Explorer, the installation is done in the settings.

Earnings from viewing banners

Extensions for making money by watching ads are free, installation is done in one click.

To make money in this way, you do not need to do anything (but for an additional fee, you can make a transition to the site if such an offer appears, see an example below). Accordingly, the payment is the lowest of all the methods that we consider in this article . With the SurfEarner extension I managed to get about 20 rubles a month, with – about 10 rubles.

In addition to installing the extension, you need to register on the website that represents it. There you will have a virtual account where the money from the viewing will be received.

Let’s consider an example of installing an extension using the website. Having registered in advance, I go to my personal account and look for a link to install the application. It is usually in a conspicuous place:

example of installing an extension

We click on the desired browser icon, after which we will get to the previously mentioned extension store:

Click on the desired browser icon

extension store

Here you need to click “Install” and that’s it! The process itself takes a few seconds, and after installing the application, an icon will appear (in Google Chrome in the upper right corner). By clicking on it, you will see statistics on earnings:

see statistics on earnings

Attention: you can customize the display of ads. Make sure ad display is turned on!

Examples of ads that will appear in the browser:

Examples of advertising

View site

Examples of advertising


10 best sites with extensions to make money

The type of earnings is not as popular as buks, therefore there are few sites with extensions for viewing paid advertisements on the RuNet. But those that exist work without failures and fraud.


  • is a pleasantly designed site that offers to earn money by viewing advertisements. What I liked: there is an opportunity to make money in additional ways (doing tasks, like on bucks, watching videos, mining cryptocurrency), there is a rating system that affects payment (thus income can be doubled).
  • is another site I personally verified that pays per view in dollars. Advertising shows a lot (the record holder in comparison with other sites).
  • – one of the best sites for earning on teaser ads. What are the advantages: high pay, a lot of impressions, additional earnings on paid clicks.


I will tell you more about these and other sites, as well as about making money on extensions, in another article: Extensions for making money in a browser on a full automatic basis – 22 proven services .

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Viewing ads on a smartphone for money

Another interesting way to make money is watching ads on your smartphone. With the help of your phone, you can earn money anywhere (at school, on a trip, on a walk, and so on).

Earnings in mobile applications are the same as in boxes. You can watch ads for money by surfing the Internet – we also click on the links, stay on the advertising page for a while and get money.

For viewing ads from a phone, they pay the same as from a computer – in the region of 3-5 kopecks.

Withdrawal of money is carried out mainly to a mobile phone account (you must agree, this is convenient). However, you can order a payment to e-wallets (WebMoney, Yandex and others).

Viewing ads on a smartphone

In addition to viewing ads, you can earn money by completing assignments, paid emails, and other activities.

There is a place to make money by viewing ads from the phone, but there are few special applications for this. And it is more convenient to click on links from a computer.

An example of making money in the AdCore application. After registration, we get access to the tasks panel, where we need to find tasks for viewing ads:

in the AdCore app

Next, we get to the advertising page, where you need to stay for a while (a timer is displayed).

to the advertising page

Upon completion, we solve a simple problem:

we solve a simple problem

And that’s all, we get money!

we get money

As you can see, the work does not differ from what is presented on the boxes, it just can be done on the phone.


The best apps for making money


  • AdCore is a nicely designed application in which you can make money by watching ads (15-20 links appear per day). There are other ways to make money – reading letters (about 10 per day), YouTube (likes, subscriptions, views), performing user tasks (at the time of this writing, there were over 800), VKontakte (reposts, joining groups, likes).
  • Globus is another simple application that automates the viewing of advertisements (i.e., it sometimes appears on the phone itself). Basically, they pay from 0.1 per view, money can be withdrawn to WebMoney and Paypal. There is also a similar program for making money on a computer.
  • Banners App is a proven application in which you will be paid $ 0.001 = 0.065 rubles for viewing one advertisement. The advertisement appears on its own after the phone is unlocked. There are a lot of banners, and you can see over 100 advertisements per day. You can control how often your ads are shown.


With the help of mobile applications, you can earn in other ways, for example:


  • Downloading and installing programs;
  • Actions on social networks;
  • Reviews and polls;
  • Watching video;
  • Clicks and so on.


I talk about this interesting direction in the field of Internet earnings in a separate article: Applications for making money (mobile earnings) – 15 ways to make money .

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Earning cryptocurrency for viewing ads

Today, few people have heard of cryptocurrency against the background of its frantic growth in 2017. Methods of making money on cryptocurrency began to spread just as quickly.

Currency can be “obtained” using the computing power of a computer, but this will lead to damage to technology. There is a safe way to make money – watching ads for cryptocurrency.

There are sites called bitcoin faucets. On them, you will receive a certain amount of cryptocurrency for certain actions (viewing ads, completing tasks, playing games). Mainly they earn in Bitcoins (Bitcoin, BTC), the most popular cryptocurrency.

Payment is made in Satoshi. 1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC. For example, for viewing ads you will be paid 10 satoshi = 0.0000001 BTC = 0.025 rubles. at the rate at the end of March 2019.

Earning cryptocurrency

Surely you have questions: is it reliable, how to withdraw money from the bitcoin faucet and transfer it into the usual rubles, what are the differences between these faucets. I explain this on my fingers in this article: What are bitcoin faucets and how to make money on it .

Basically, the creators of bitcoin faucets earn by displaying ads. On the site you can see a lot of banners and teasers, don’t be alarmed. Roughly speaking, your visit is already counted as viewing ads. It remains to get your money by entering the captcha.

I will show you an example of making money on the website. After registering on the main page, you need to enter the captcha:

on the website

Everything. This is the whole process of making money. As a result, I was paid 0.00000047 BTC = 0.12 rubles.

 This is the whole process of earning

Captcha can be entered once for a certain period (on this site, once an hour).

The earnings are quite interesting, I recommend that you read the full article.


Proven Bitcoin faucets for earning

I tried to make money on bitcoin faucets personally. There are a lot of them on the Internet, since the process of creating such a resource is simple. I have highlighted a couple of the best Bitcoin faucets:


  • is a colorful site. You can earn money on captcha, games, tasks from partners of the resource. You can solve the captcha 3 times in 10 minutes, they give from 3 satoshi at a time.
  • is a simple bitcoin-faucet, on which earnings are carried out according to the “lottery” principle. After solving the captcha, you get a ticket number from 1 to 10,000. Numbers from 0 to 9885 are paid at a minimum, and if you get a ticket of 10,000, you will receive 0.05036705 BTC = 12,700 rubles.
  • BTC piggy bank is an unusual Russian-language bitcoin-faucet, on which earnings are made by viewing advertising articles and evaluating them. You can evaluate it once an hour, and the articles are really interesting (about travel). You can earn up to 0.00213650 BTC = 542 rubles. There is an additional way to earn money by writing articles.
  • – Bitcoin faucet with tons of banner ads. To earn money, you need to enter a captcha on the main page (every 15 minutes). Usually they give 20-30 satoshi. There is a daily bonus, and the site itself is easy to use.


More about these and six other faucets, as well as multibitcoin faucets and rotators (other types of resources for this type of earnings), I talk about in this article: List of the best faucets that pay .

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Earnings on the website


  • Link:
  • How much does it cost to click through an advertisement: 0.027 rubles.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: no
  • Withdrawal systems: WebMoney


A very simple and unique site, the creators of which offer to earn money through ad clicks. The service hosts various kinds of articles, mostly glued together with funny pictures.

To earn money, you need to go to the page with the article, stay there for a while (or read it) and click through the advertisements. You don’t have to “sit” on the advertising page – you went over, got the money right away, you can close it.

What attracts the site: it is simple, and its authors do not pursue any goals. All they want is for their project to help people relax, laugh. They openly declare this and urge the author to publish kind, funny material.

Let’s consider an example of making money. Registration on the site is trivial: login, mail, password. The main page looks like this (it also hosts articles):

Earnings on the website

To earn money, you need to click on any of the articles. After the transition, you need to stay on the page for a while, and then go to any advertisement in the “Advertising on the site” block, which is located at the top of the site:

to any of the articles

After that, you will go to the advertising site, and immediately money will be added to your account:

 go to the advertising site

close advertising page

After the transition, you can close the advertising page and continue to click on the advertisement.

The site is interesting. A minimum of unnecessary functions, interesting positive articles and earnings. On a voluntary basis, you can post your material.

How to withdraw earned money?

The withdrawal of the money earned from viewing advertisements from Russian-language services is carried out in just a few clicks. For almost all the sites reviewed, the process is elementary and straightforward.

We will look at an example of output on the SeoSprint website . Before paying, you need to make sure of two things:


  • You have entered the correct payment details in your personal account;

in your personal account

  • You have accumulated a sufficient amount for withdrawal (for example, on SeoSprint the minimum amount is 2 rubles);


amount to withdraw

If everything is done, we are looking for a button to withdraw money (on SeoSprint it is in your personal account):

button to withdraw money

We indicate the amount to be withdrawn and select a payment system (for example, I entered the details of WebMoney, so only WebMoney is available to me):

We indicate the amount to be withdrawn

We confirm:

We confirm

 on ad views

When making money on ad views, you do not need to wait long for the money to be withdrawn. This usually happens in a matter of seconds:

happens in seconds


How much can you earn

Making money by watching ads is one of the most (if not the most) simple ways to make money on the Internet, where you practically don’t need to do anything. Obviously, you shouldn’t expect high pay.

I showed many examples of tasks and payment for them, and you yourself saw that they pay pennies (rarely – rubles). Accordingly, surfing a couple of hours a day, you can earn 200-1000 rubles a month , no more. Income can be higher if you use the referral program, as well as complete custom tasks.

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How to increase your income? Tips for increasing earnings

Earnings can be increased in the following ways:


  • Register on multiple sites to view advertisements. I gave an example of 6 ways to make money, each has 5-10 sites, the choice is yours. You can also combine ways of earning. The work is simple, so there will be no problems with combining;
  • Cunning. Check if the timer will work when leaving the advertised page for another. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Use the affiliate program. Each site considered in this article invites users to invite their friends and acquaintances (referrals) via a special link (referral). If they register using your link and start working, you will receive a percentage of their income (from 5%, the threshold is set by the site authors themselves);


You can find a similar link in your personal account. For example, on SeoSprint it looks like this:

How to increase your income

How do I find referrals? There are free ways: posting a link in social networks, advice to friends / acquaintances, recording a video on YouTube, posting a link on the forum. There are paid methods: buying advertising space on sites, creating tasks on boxes, and so on.

Other easy ways to make money on the Internet

On the Internet, there are other simple ways to make money on the Internet, which also do not require special skills and a lot of time from you.

Making money on actions in social networks

Making money on actions in social networks

There are many people registered on social networks. One person is usually registered in several social networks at the same time. In them, people communicate, rate each other’s photos and records, comment on events, subscribe to communities of interest, and so on.

On all such actions (likes, reposts, subscriptions), you can earn money on special sites. Some of them are automated (by category of tasks), some are similar to axle boxes with custom tasks. And, of course, similar orders can be found on the same axle boxes.

Daily earnings can be 50-100 rubles (provided that you come across tasks with good pay). Actions on social networks are rated higher than viewing ads, but to make money you need to have a good page (with friends, photos, and so on).

You can read more about this type of earnings here:


  • How to make money on likes, reposts, subscriptions on social networks? Review of the 7 best sites


Earnings on captcha

Earnings on captcha

Captcha is a set of characters that must be entered when surfing to prove that you are not a robot. You will encounter captchas 100% if you earn from viewing ads. There is a type of earning on captcha input, and its essence is reflected in the name.

There are special services on which a person registers and begins to solve the captcha over and over again. The minimum cost of 1 captcha is 0.01 rubles. Agree, not enough, but earnings depend on you, or rather, on how quickly you enter the captcha.

For an hour of continuous work, I managed to earn 10 rubles. True, the work is monotonous and boring, and the pay is small. But for the first experience of earning money on the Internet and “warm-up” fingers will do.

I recommend reading the following articles on this topic:


  • Earnings on entering captcha on the Internet – 5 proven services
  • How and how much can you earn on the RuCaptcha service?

Earnings depend on the print speed, therefore:

  • How to learn to type fast on the keyboard – 8 best trainers


Earnings on comment exchanges

Earnings on comment exchanges

Another simple form of earnings in which you need to show a little creativity. The bottom line is to write short (1-2 lines) custom comments / reviews on forums, blogs and other resources.

The exchange of comments is similar in principle to the axle boxes – customers post various tasks, and you complete them. The payment is much higher than for viewing ads – for one comment, which is written in 5 minutes, you will receive from 2 to 10 rubles.


  • How and how much can you earn on the QComment exchange?


Earnings on surveys

Earnings on surveys

By making money from paid surveys, you can get paid for your opinion. All that is required of you is to answer the questions and that’s it!

Registration for paid questionnaires is protracted – you need to fill out a questionnaire in detail so that the system understands which polls to send you. This is where the problem arises – if you, for example, understand a little-known topic, say, “Computer games”, you may be left without work on such services.

Notifications about new polls come by e-mail, so there is no need to monitor sites while waiting for work.


  • Surveys for money on the Internet: TOP-18 proven sites for making money on surveys



Earnings from viewing ads will allow you to earn money to pay for mobile and Internet. It is best to combine it with other types of income. For many people, earning money from viewing ads is the starting point in the world of remote work on the Internet. I myself started with this, and then began to master other options for earning money. Now I earn several times more and my income is constantly growing. Therefore, I recommend that you move gradually, explore these options and try others until you find something that will bring you good income and will be interesting. Read our other articles on the topic of making money on the Internet , share them with your friends.

I hope I managed to reveal the topic of earning money by watching ads in as much detail as possible, and I answered your questions. And if they remain, do not hesitate and ask in the comments, I will be happy to answer! I would be glad if, in gratitude for my work, you would rate the article and share the link on social networks.