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Health is the most popular, quoted and sold topic. People have long understood that health is easy to lose and difficult (and sometimes impossible) to regain. Various trends are emerging that promote healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, healthy sports and even healthy alcohol consumption. Let’s try to figure out what really refers to health, and what is just a marketing ploy to increase sales or raise popularity.

The value of health has long been recognized everywhere. Back in 1948, the “Constitution of the World Health Organization” recognized health as a fundamental human right and declared that “the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of everyone, regardless of race, religion, political opinion, economic or social conditions.”



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What Is Health: Nutrition, Physical Exercise, Daily Regime, Mental and Emotional Health

However, health is more than just feeling good or ill, appearance or numbers on a medical record. Health is an all-encompassing state of how we manifest ourselves in relation to ourselves and the world around us. In other words, true health lies at the intersection of physical, mental and mental health.


Physical health

Physical health is the general position of a living organism at the moment, which consists in the absence of diseases and deviations. The body is in a state of optimal well-being, that is, it functions as intended. But throughout life, a person is faced with the fact that the environment or the wrong lifestyle lead to malfunctions in the body. In this case, we are talking about a partial loss of health. To keep the body healthy for as long as possible, efforts must be made to provide preventive measures.




Our body needs proper nutrition. However, the controversy about what proper nutrition is, has not faded for decades. Every year, new diets and systems appear, offering “special” and “most correct” nutrition systems. However, more and more people are losing physical health due to poor nutrition. Anorexia, obesity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, oncology – this is an incomplete list of diseases that lead to food delusions. Before diving into your next nutritional system or weight loss marathon, you need to remember that every physical body is a set of individual qualities.

What Is Health: Nutrition, Physical Exercise, Daily Regime, Mental and Emotional Health

What helps the diet writer can be detrimental to you. Therefore, when choosing products, when drawing up a menu and preparing food, it is necessary to take into account the individual constitution, quality and compatibility of products, season, age, physical activity and a number of other factors. Correctly selected food can become a cure for many diseases, strengthen immunity and prolong life.



Physical exercise

The human body is designed to be physically active. The heart needs to pump blood from time to time to maintain muscle tone. The lungs need special breathing exercises to avoid congestion. If we walk through each system, organ or joint, we will find that without movement they atrophy, lose mobility and cannot adequately respond to external stimuli.

To maintain physical health, a person is offered different directions: from dancing to a gym. Even yoga sometimes surprises with the diversity of schools and trends. But the question is not even what the person will be doing, but that the classes are regular and conscious. Only if these conditions are met, it is possible to maintain and strengthen physical health.



Daily regime

No matter how a person tries to appoint himself as “the king of nature,” he still remains a part of it and functions according to its laws. Any violation of biological rhythms leads to health problems. Sleeping and eating at the wrong time is the cause of chronic fatigue, depression, obesity and a whole bunch of other deviations. Back in the natural biorhythm track, many people see how they feel healthier, get rid of chronic problems, and look younger. Moreover, this effect came without taking medication.


Maintaining physical health is not as difficult as it might seem. It is a matter of a conscious approach to life and healthy habits. Then the organism itself, as a unique self-healing system, will protect itself from diseases. However, our body exists in close connection with the psycho-emotional sphere, the state of which is also an indicator of human health.

What Is Health: Nutrition, Physical Exercise, Daily Regime, Mental and Emotional Health


Mental and emotional health

Mental illness and emotional instability are more difficult to recognize than abnormalities in the physical body. A person may not be aware of his condition or even not guess about some problems. And all due to the fact that this is an immaterial and very subtle sphere of our existence.

According to the World Health Organization, mental health is “a state of well-being in which everyone realizes their own potential, can cope with the stress of life, work productively and contribute to society.”


Mental health or ill health is difficult to ascertain. The fact that someone is not suffering from a mental illness does not necessarily mean that their mental health is normal. Likewise, you can be diagnosed with a mental disorder if you feel well in many areas of your life.

The situation is complicated by not always adequate directions of development of society, which push a person to destructive forms of life. Advertising alcohol and stimulants, popularizing an unhealthy lifestyle, imposing standards of appearance lead to a deterioration not only in physical, but also in mental state.

Even the popular creed “live for yourself” has a detrimental effect on the state of the psyche: on the one hand, a person seeks to live according to the laws of an egocentric society, on the other, divine nature speaks of the abnormality of such an existence. Constant dissonance, lack of sound goals are also the cause of a person’s mental disorientation.

Common disorders include:

  • Panic attacks are attacks of sudden fear, a feeling of imminent disaster and death.
  • Phobias are irrational fear of certain objects, scenarios, or animals. Phobias are usually deeply personal, and specialists cannot even name their exact number.

Some suffer from depression, others from bipolar disorder. Any of these states, leading a person away from a state of rest and tranquility, indicates a lack of health. Even if all organs and systems are still functioning correctly and without failure.

Man is a multidimensional structure. And health is a state of balance of all structures. Our challenge is to find and maintain balance throughout life. The difficulty may lie in the fact that a person does not always understand his nature and is not aware of the real goals of existence. However, such omissions can be easily eliminated through self-exploration and study of the spiritual aspects of being.


Ayurveda says a lot about ways to maintain balance, a similar topic is revealed in yoga. Like us, people in the past experienced wars and epidemics, they were tormented by fear and uncertainty. Therefore, the heritage of our ancestors still does not lose its relevance. It remains for us to use this wisdom, which contains all the necessary instructions, and be healthy.

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