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Today, the relevance of the topic of a healthy lifestyle is obvious to almost everyone. True, most often, health is understood exclusively as physical health. But around we can see a lot of examples of how a person who is healthy physically is sick spiritually. This is the law of life: if a person pays attention to only one area of ​​life, other areas of life inevitably begin to collapse. Because in our life there is only that which we support with our attention. As soon as we take our attention from any sphere of life, the process of destruction begins.

The Relevance of a Healthy Lifestyle: Freedom from Concepts, Importance of Positive Motivation | The Relevance of a Healthy Lifestyle: Advantages and Benifits | Lifestyle Benefits

What is health and a healthy lifestyle? It is not only about the health of the physical body. We can say that health is cleanliness . Both the purity of the physical body and the purity of thoughts, purity of consciousness. As Victor Pelevin wrote in his novel: “There is only one freedom: when you are free from everything that your mind builds.” It was noticed very accurately: often the main obstacle on the way to health becomes precisely the clogging of our consciousness.


Today the concept of freedom is also distorted. As the apostle Paul wrote: “Everything is permissible for me, but not everything is beneficial.” That is, a person has freedom of choice, but at the same time he must understand that any action will have consequences. And a healthy lifestyle is, first of all, freedom from behavioral models imposed on us.



Healthy lifestyle as freedom from concepts

Today, more and more people are “awakening” from the sleep in which they have been for many years. Freedom is a right given to us from above , and a child is born free. But from the very first days of life, the environment begins to determine it. And we can, of course, say that each person makes his own choice, but many “programs” in our minds are laid in the first years of life. And a healthy lifestyle is a way of life that allows a person to be free from thought forms and concepts imposed on him, this is an opportunity to follow his destiny, share his desires and those imposed by society and advertising.


Perhaps the “pitching” who spend 24 hours in gyms think that they lead a healthy lifestyle – and this is their right to think so. But objectively speaking, this has a very mediocre relationship to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is very important to determine for yourself what exactly is the understanding of health for you.



Spiritual development also often turns out badly. Does gym work alone or reading smart books give us health? Alas, this is only a form, but the essence is much deeper. You can “play spirituality”: hang on Rudraksha, learn many “sacred texts”, but if relations with others only deteriorate from this, a person becomes withdrawn, fixated on some religious dogmas, then what kind of health are we talking about?

The Relevance of a Healthy Lifestyle: Freedom from Concepts, Importance of Positive Motivation

The topic of a healthy lifestyle is more relevant today than ever. But even more important is the understanding of what health is. Without a claim to absolute truth, but only as something close to this truth, we can say that health is harmony. Harmony with yourself, with the world, with the people around you. If the boundaries of human freedom are expanding day by day, it means that he leads a healthy lifestyle. If various phenomena and events around us less and less affect us, our well-being, joy, good mood, this is freedom.



If we go to the pool every day, that is, of course, good. But if we experience suffering at the impossibility of attending the next training session, then can our life be considered harmonious? Whatever we become attached to will sooner or later cause us suffering. On the other hand, everything can be used as a tool. In this regard, the words of a well-known spiritual teacher can be cited: “I have one addiction: I am engaged in self-development from life to life. And sooner or later, this dependence must also be renounced. But as long as this addiction allows me to overcome the rest, let it persist . ”


Formation of a healthy lifestyle in the family

As psychology says, we all come from childhood. Healthy and strong personalities are formed in an atmosphere of freedom. We are not talking about permissiveness, we are talking about the fact that parents should instill in children a healthy lifestyle, not by instructions, but by personal example. The father, who is with a cigarette in his mouth, says to his son: “Son, smoking is bad” – this is just a plot for an anecdote. Everything would be funny, but today so many people do this.


Each of us should have freedom of choice from birth. And all that we can do in the matter of forming healthy habits and a child is simply to become healthy ourselves . Healthy at all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. If parents lead a sober lifestyle and alcohol never appears on the table, then the child will not even have the thought that it is possible to live somehow differently. Even when he enters adulthood, he will have a clear understanding of what his values, priorities and guidelines are. And if a child from childhood saw his parents wake up before dawn and practice meditation, this is what he will consider the norm, and the habit of sleeping before lunch will be considered a deviation. And this is what will allow a person to choose the right path in life.



The importance of positive motivation in promoting a healthy lifestyle

Today we simply have no choice. A person not only has to develop, he is forced to do it. Today the world is changing so quickly that if we do not learn to become better every day than we were yesterday, we will simply find ourselves on the sidelines of life.


“In the beginning was the word,” the Bible says. But to this we can add that in the beginning there was a thought. We are what we think. And a healthy lifestyle does not start in a gym or tennis court; health begins in our head. The one who thinks positively is much healthier than the one who just goes to the gym every day without changing his mind.

The Relevance of a Healthy Lifestyle: Freedom from Concepts, Importance of Positive Motivation


The principle of free will is more relevant today than ever. Everyone makes their own choice, and everyone pays for this choice himself. We cannot choose what information the surrounding world loads in us from childhood, but we can choose: go with the flow or resist the usual rhythm of life.


Freedom is, first of all, freedom from negative attitudes in our minds, and this is where health begins. A person who does not eat meat, but at the same time aggressively condemns “corpse eaters” every day, is not healthy at all, he is seriously ill. A person who does not drink alcohol, but at the same time considers the people who use it to be people of the lowest grade, is not healthy at all, he is seriously ill. If our worldview, our position in life (even if it corresponds to all the external attributes of a healthy lifestyle) does not lead us to harmony with the world around us, then we are seriously ill. It doesn’t matter that our day begins with an orange juice and a run. As the saying goes, “a bad head does not give rest to the legs.” So not only the legs, a bad head can haunt the whole “healthy” body. And what then is the price of such health?


It is important to understand the most important thing. All we can do is change ourselves, our consciousness and our life . And then the world around begins to change. Our happiness, joy and love are always only within us. And if the world around us affects the level of our happiness, then we are not free and, therefore, not healthy.



It often happens that parents try to raise a child without changing themselves. “Well, who are you like?” – they ask, not realizing that they are in many ways the very reason for what happens to the child. The child always feels insincerity. He sees not actions, but motivation. If a parent works 24/7, but at the same time hates his job, the child will grow up lazy, because he sees how the parent works hard, but does not understand why it is necessary: ​​every day to force himself to go to the hated work. Thus, what we are doing is the tip of the iceberg. The most important thing is a good motive. And health begins in the head. And as correctly noted, true freedom is freedom from mental waste.


Look at the birds of the air: being born in powerless lumps, they are called to conquer the sky. And if such a transformation is possible for birds, then certainly human capabilities are endless. For all our limitations are only in our head. Saying to himself “this is impossible” or “I cannot”, a person does not reflect reality, but simply sets limits for himself. In this sense, birds are happy that they live by instincts. But if they, like us, knew how to doubt, then, most likely, many of them would never fly out of the nest, thinking that “flying is not mine.”



Health is freedom from negative attitudes that limit us . By nature, we are limitless, and nothing can drive us into a framework. We ourselves come up with limitations and sacredly believe in them. A healthy lifestyle means making an informed choice every minute, realizing that every action has a cause and will have consequences. And we can change our life only by changing our thoughts and actions. In this world, no one is guilty of what is happening to us, except ourselves – it is important to understand. And the world around us simply shows us our limitations. If you turn on the light in a dirty room with cockroaches and rats, is the light to blame for the dirty room?


The worst disease is not AIDS and tuberculosis, but selfishness . It is this disease that gives rise to everything else. And if our healthy lifestyle is a kind of project to create a comfortable “little world” for ourselves personally or, at best, for our family, this is a very strange and very unconstructive position. You might as well build a hut in a blazing forest and think we’re doing well. And the main criterion for a healthy lifestyle: it should harmonize the space around us. If the lives of the people around you are improving, it is a clear sign that your lifestyle is truly healthy…. And everything beyond this is just the attributes of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body is only an instrument for the soul’s action in the material world. Taking care of the health of your body all your life is like saving money all your life. And it ends with hyperinflation and walls pasted over with banknotes in toilets. And the accumulation of physical health for each of us will end in hyperinflation, whose name is death. And our task is to intelligently invest our potential in something reasonable, kind, eternal.

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