Peony Evading: Medicinal Properties, Contraindications, Tea Benefits


Peony Evading: The evading peony is a beautiful perennial shrub with spreading leaves and bright flowers that spread a refined, delicate, pleasant aroma around them. There is a legend that in Ancient Greece, the God of medicine Asclepius Peon healed from ailment with the help of this wonderful flower of God Pluto, therefore, the evading peony in translation from Greek means healing, healing. And it is no coincidence that it acquired such a name: this flower received its legendary purpose for its richest healing properties.



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Peony Evading: Medicinal Properties, Contraindications, Tea Benefits



Since ancient times, healers have used peony infusion and with the help of this miraculous flower they have healed many diseases. And to this day, the evading peony is popular in China, Mongolia, Tibet and many other countries for treatment of various ailments. In ancient Russia, the evading peony, or “Maryin’s root”, was also very famous for its magical healing properties and occupied a high place in folk medicine, as it was used for many diseases. In conventional modern medicine, the evading peony has also gained respect and is widely used both for preventive purposes and in the treatment of many diseases.

There are contraindications, a specialist consultation is required


Peony evading: medicinal properties

Ancient medicine widely used the healing capabilities of the evading peony, and even today, modern evidence-based medicine uses this miracle plant in the treatment of various kinds of diseases. Peony Tincture is sold in almost all pharmacy chains in modern Russia, as it is a universal remedy for many diseases.


  • Has a mild hypnotic effect, helps to eliminate insomnia, improves sleep quality
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Strengthens and soothes the nervous system
  • Eliminates an excitable, nervous and panic state, obsessive fears, anxious phobias

But the beneficial properties of a peony are not limited only to this list.

Due to the rich internal composition of macro- and microelements, organic acids, carbohydrates, flavonoids, essential oils, which have a beneficial effect on the human body, the evading peony is successfully used to obtain the following effects important for human health:

  • Has a beneficial and healing effect on the gastrointestinal tract system, relieves stomach cramps
  • It removes harmful salts from the body, which helps to relieve puffiness and prevents the appearance of kidney stones, leaching of calcium, joint pain, the manifestation of osteoporosis
  • Gives positive effects in the treatment of epilepsy (is an anticonvulsant)
  • Gently relieves diarrhea while improving bowel function in general
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • It has antiseptic properties, which contributes to the rapid restoration of the skin with various damage to the skin and tissues, as well as the healing of pustules, wounds, eczema
  • Provides restorative, antimicrobial (antibacterial), anti-inflammatory effects
  • Helps quick recovery from severe illnesses
  • Relieves muscle spasms, relieves symptoms of paralysis
  • Removes harmful toxins from the body
  • Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, making them elastic and more durable
  • Improves digestion processes, which prevents the appearance of fatty deposits

The evading peony helps not only in the healing of diseases – thanks to the large amount of vitamins, macro- and microelements, the peony broth is also effective for cosmetic purposes. If you wipe your face and décolleté with a freshly prepared cool decoction, gradually fine wrinkles will be smoothed out, and the skin will acquire a beautiful, youthful, toned appearance.

Rinsing hair with a warm decoction of peony evading after shampooing will not only give the hair a beautiful, healthy, shiny look, but will also help strengthen and enhance hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, which will prevent hair loss and premature baldness, as well as eliminate oily shine, relieve from dandruff.

Peony Evading: Medicinal Properties, Contraindications, Tea Benefits



Peony evading: contraindications

Although the use of the dodging peony is more harmless, it should still be treated with caution, like any other plant. Despite the effective effect of this plant on the human body in the treatment of various kinds of diseases, in some cases its use can be harmful, since there are certain contraindications. Therefore, before using the evasive peony, it is still necessary to consult your doctor-specialist.

Do not use a decoction or infusion of this plant internally in the following severe conditions:

  • Hepatic and renal failure
  • Low blood pressure
  • Chronic constipation

Even in the absence of the above conditions, the evading peony should not be used at all or used with extreme caution, and only on the recommendation of the attending specialist doctor, in the following situations:

  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Children under 12 years of age
  • Individual intolerance

The evading peony, although it helps in the treatment of many diseases, but, like many plants, is toxic, and in case of an overdose it can cause undesirable manifestations, such as:


  • Light dizziness
  • General weakness and malaise
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Excessive sleepiness

Peony Evading: Medicinal Properties, Contraindications, Tea Benefits


Collecting herbs with a peony evading

In the absence of severe chronic diseases and personal contraindications, you can prepare various healing decoctions that will enhance and accelerate the healing effects of herbal preparations.


Evasive peony, licorice root, linden flowers.

The combination of these three plants is aimed at prophylactic and healing actions in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, as well as colds, since they have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects, have sputum-removing effects, etc.;



Peony evading, coltsfoot, violet, thyme.

This collection of leaves and flowers relieves attacks of asthmatic cough, normalizes respiratory processes, etc.;


Evasive peony, birch leaves, field horsetail, calendula, buckthorn bark.

This collection, consisting of five amazing plants, has an invaluable effect on removing harmful salts from the body and prevents the occurrence of many serious diseases such as kidney stones, joint diseases, fragility of bones, etc.;



Evasive peony, valerian, motherwort, Xhawthorn.

This combination of four invaluable useful plants is a powerful sedative that has a mild hypnotic effect, etc.;


Peony evading, chamomile (pharmaceutical) medicinal, peppermint leaf, stinging nettle leaf.

The combination of these four herbaceous plants together will have a positive effect on the skin of the face and décolleté – lotions from this decoction will help smooth out wrinkles, normalize the metabolic processes of the skin

Peony Evading: Medicinal Properties, Contraindications, Tea Benefits



Peony tea: benefits

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the evading peony has many healing properties, therefore, tea from this plant will be of great benefit to the human body both for medicinal and prophylactic purposes. But this plant has the ability to induce appetite. Therefore, those who do not want to build up excess body weight should use it with extreme caution. And it is best to brew a herbal drink not from one evading peony, but in conjunction with other useful plants.

There are generally accepted norms for making a healing drink from a dodging peony:

1 tablespoon of dry raw material is poured into a thermos, 200 milliliters of hot water is poured, tightly closed with a lid and infused for 15–20 minutes.

We draw your attention to the fact that it is advisable to eliminate any problematic at three levels: physical, energetic and spiritual. The recipes contained in the article are not a guarantee of recovery.

The information provided should be considered as capable of helping, based on the experience of traditional and modern medicine, the multifaceted action of herbal remedies, but not as a guarantee.



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