Oats: Contraindications and precautions | Best Recipes for Liver Cleanse


Oats: For a person, especially for a metropolitan resident, the issues of detoxification – cleansing the body – are of paramount importance. A sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, sometimes accompanied by bad habits, inflict a crushing blow on the body. Expensive diets and modern detox methods are not always effective, and are sometimes very dangerous.


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Oats: Contraindications and precautions | Best Recipes for Liver Cleanse



Even their high cost does not guarantee that you will be able to improve your health. A reasonable question arises: “How to be?” Is there an effective and, most importantly, affordable way to cleanse the body? Of course there is. This material will tell you how to cleanse the body of toxins using oats.

There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist (doctor).



Why oats are useful

Oats are familiar to many supporters of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating is often associated with oatmeal in the morning. Such love for this cereal culture is not accidental: oats can rightfully be called a storehouse of vitamins.


Oat grains contain iodine and zinc, magnesium and calcium, as well as a huge amount of vitamins of group B. Due to their high energy value (352 kcal per 100 grams), foods containing oats can be an excellent breakfast option, as they provide the body with a boost of vigor for day.

Oats contain silicon, which keeps bones strong and improves immunity. Potassium strengthens blood vessels, balances blood pH, and has a positive effect on the work of the heart muscle.

The fiber in oats has a calming effect on the intestines. Thanks to the same fiber, blood pressure is normalized, the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases.

Oats are also widely used in folk medicine: our ancestors put the husks of oats in the pillow, such pillows helped to fight insomnia . For those who suffered from stomach pains, healers offered oatmeal jelly.

Oats help maintain normal insulin levels, which helps prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease.



The benefits of a decoction of oats for the liver and the body as a whole

As noted earlier, our distant ancestors used a decoction of oats to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For us, this experience is especially important, since malnutrition, in particular the abuse of fatty foods, causes various liver pathologies.

But the liver has a key role for the body, a violation in its work is fraught with not only physical pain, but also disruptions in the digestive process, metabolic disorders. An unsatisfactory condition of the liver can affect the appearance of a person: circles appear under the eyes, rashes and acne appear on the skin. In addition, a diseased liver is unable to perform its main task – filtration, which leads to the ingress of toxins into all organs.

Taking a decoction of oats can help fight liver diseases and accelerate the regeneration and healing of liver cells. Regular consumption of oats cleanses the pancreas and liver from toxins, promotes the elimination of cholesterol from the body. Broth of oats creates natural protection for the intestines and liver, prevents the absorption of toxins into the blood.

Such a decoction will be especially useful for the elderly, as well as during the recovery period after an illness or operation. Oats improve the functioning of the digestive tract, immune system and kidneys. To restore the body’s work and to return to full-fledged activity as soon as possible, it is also recommended to drink it for those who have undergone a course of chemotherapy.

Oat infusions can help you cope with stress and fight insomnia. Alkaloids, which are part of oats, have a relaxing effect on the human body, and act as an excellent assistant in case of mental and physical fatigue.



Oat milk
Oat milk


It will also be useful for those who have decided to fight such a harmful addiction as smoking. Oats removes nicotine from the body, improves mood and overall well-being, which is especially important when quitting tobacco.


Contraindications and precautions

Before talking about how to brew oats to cleanse the liver, you need to talk about the precautions that are closely related to the process of cleansing the body of toxins and toxins.


First of all, it is important to remember that you cannot cleanse the body if you do not change your lifestyle. Of course, no one will forbid you to drink infusion of oats and at the same time eat sweets, but such “detoxification” will not bring a positive effect.

So, the first step in order to cleanse the body of toxins does not bring harm, should be the rejection of bad habits . Give up alcohol and smoking, exclude hot sauces and seasonings from the diet, and smoked dishes and pickles loved by many should leave your food. Limit or skip meat and fish altogether.

Talk to your doctor before taking oat decoctions , especially if you have gallbladder or kidney problems. You should give up oats if you have had your gallbladder removed or have gallstones. Also, the method of cleaning the body with a decoction of oats will not work for you if you have a gluten intolerance. It should not be ruled out that the body may have an allergic reaction to oats, so you need to consult a specialist before starting to take it.


Oatmeal with berries
Oatmeal with berries



Despite the fact that oats are extremely healthy, it should be consumed in moderation, not exceeding the dosage indicated in the recipes. An excess of oats interferes with the absorption of vitamins D and calcium.


How to brew oats

You’ve learned about the health benefits and health benefits of oats, looked at the contraindications that can limit detoxification, and are now ready to learn how to make a decoction of oats. To prepare it, we do not need so much:

  1. 2 cups oats
  2. 1 liter of cold water.

Pour oats with water and let it brew for 24 hours. Then the resulting infusion must be brought to a boil and held over low heat for 5 minutes. After that, the broth is kept for one more day, filtered and used for its intended purpose.

There is a slightly shorter brew preparation option. The amount of ingredients is the same. We wash the grains in running water, add to boiled water. Cook over low heat for two minutes, and then leave the broth to brew for 30 minutes.



Banana Walnut Oatmeal Smoothie
Banana Walnut Oatmeal Smoothie


A trip, a business trip or a trip abroad, where it is not possible to make a decoction of oats to cleanse the liver according to classic recipes, is not a reason to interrupt the detoxification of the body. The “marching” version of the broth will suit you:

  1. 2 tablespoons of oats
  2. thermos with a capacity of at least 1 liter.

Pour oats into 0.5 liters of boiling water and let it brew for 3 hours. Pass the resulting broth through a filter and use in accordance with the recipe. If desired, the broth can be slightly sweetened.

There is another recipe for a decoction in which a thermos will come in handy. Mix oats and water in a ratio of 1/5. The poured grains are boiled for 30 minutes, and then poured into a thermos and allowed to brew for 12 hours. Next, the broth is filtered and, if necessary, boiled water is added to the initial volume.



There is a decoction recipe for those who “have no time.” A glass of oats must be chopped in a blender and filled with 3 cups of boiling water, you can add 1 spoonful of honey and cinnamon to taste. Let the broth cool and refrigerate for 12 hours. In the morning you will have a delicious and, most importantly, healthy oat broth ready.

There is another cooking option. Brew two glasses of oats in one liter of water. After the broth boils, it must be cooked for another 20 minutes on minimum heat, without removing the lid. Then the broth must be wrapped and allowed to cool. Then pass through the filter and use as directed.


Oatmeal with berries
Oatmeal with berries



How to drink a decoction of oats

Before detoxifying, do not forget about the preparation methods for cleansing. Try to tune in to detox not only physically – through diet and giving up bad habits – but also psychologically . A depressed state of mind, depression will not help cleanse the body of toxins, but will only exacerbate existing diseases.

The best time to start a decoction course is spring or autumn. In the early days, slight nausea or heaviness in the stomach may be felt – this is evidence that toxins and toxins begin to leave the body. Some doctors recommend taking appropriate antispasmodic drugs to prevent pain. It is up to you to decide whether to do this or not after consulting your doctor. A few tips for taking oat infusions.

  • Any broth or infusion should be drunk warm. The recommended dosage should not exceed one glass. It is best to take the infusion half an hour before meals. However, it is not recommended to start the course with a full dose; it is advisable to gradually increase the amount of the broth drunk. For the first couple of days, drink a quarter glass twice a day, after two days increase the amount to half a glass, and after another couple of days, if you feel well, you can take the full dose.
  • Throughout the detox period, follow a diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, and give up sweets.
  • The duration of the course should not exceed 10 days. Then you should take a break and re-clean after three weeks. When you have successfully completed three of these courses, you can cleanse the body for preventive purposes once every three months.
  • Drink plenty of water. You should drink at least two liters a day. For convenience, you can install the appropriate application on your phone, it will remind you to drink another glass of water. Compliance with the drinking regime reduces the intoxication of the body.


In order to consolidate the achieved result, not so much is needed: it is enough to adhere to the described diet and give up bad habits.

If you feel worse, dizziness, weakness or pain appear, stop the procedure immediately and consult a doctor.



Oatmeal cookies
Oatmeal cookies



At first glance, it may seem that cleansing the liver with oats is extremely boring and tasteless. To convince you otherwise, we offer recipes of not only delicious, but also healthy dishes.


Oatmeal jelly with berries

  • 50 g oats
  • 750 ml of water,
  • 1 glass of berries.

Pour oats with boiling water and leave for 8 hours, then filter it through a sieve, add berries and 200 ml of cold water. We put on low heat and bring to a boil, continue to cook for another 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally. We let the jelly thicken and drink at our pleasure. Such jelly will be especially useful for those who have bile secretion disorders.


Those who suffer from fatty liver hepatosis will have to give up sweet jelly with berries. In this case, liver cleansing is carried out with oats in husks, since oats under the influence of heat treatment lose some of their properties.


Prescription for the treatment of hepatosis :

  • 1 cup oat grains
  • 2 l of water

Pour the grains with water and put on low heat. Cook for 20 minutes, then remove from heat and insist in heat for a couple of hours. The broth should be drunk in equal parts a day, the next day it is necessary to prepare a new infusion. Do not add sugar or salt, as well as other additives.


Oatmeal jelly recipe with the addition of milk whey

  • 250 g of oat flakes;
  • 1000 ml of milk whey;
  • sugar and salt to taste.

We mix flakes and milk whey, leave in a warm place for a day, mix several times. Then we filter and add salt and sugar, cook until thickened. We cool the drink and put it out in the cold, take it three times a day before meals.



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Did you know that the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates advised every person to drink tea every day, but tea is not simple, but from oats?

A decoction of oats, according to Hippocrates, not only cleanses your body, but also prolongs life. And this recipe has survived to this day. The French scientist Jean de Saint-Cathery, using such a decoction every day, lived for over 100 years; the same recipe is used by a yoga lover and a well-known friend of animals Nikolai Drozdov.



For tea according to Hippocrates, we need :

  • ½ kg of oats,
  • 3 liters of water.


The oats are poured with water and brought to a boil, boiled over low heat for an hour, then filtered and taken orally. You need to take Hippocrates tea three times a day, 2 tablespoons: in the morning on an empty stomach, 2 hours before lunch and the last portion three hours after lunch. This scheme was followed by Kateri, believing that in the morning a person has an active large intestine, in the afternoon – the heart and small intestine, and in the evening hours the pericardium is active. The scheme proposed by a French scientist helps with the following diseases:

  • kidney and bladder disease;
  • problems with heart,
  • unstable psyche.


Oats can also be a great alternative to cow’s milk and come to the rescue of those who refuse animal products for medical or ethical reasons. Homemade oat milk will make it possible not to buy products of dubious quality.

To prepare it, we need:

  • 2 cups oatmeal
  • 2 liters of water.

Fill the flakes with water and leave for 10 hours. If the room is hot, put the milk in the refrigerator. After the milk is infused, pour it into a blender and whisk. You can add a pinch of salt to taste.



Oatmeal jelly
Oatmeal jelly


Oats will also help those who want to cheer up, but the usual cup of coffee does not save him. For a natural “energy” we need only 2 tablespoons of oat grains. They must be filled with water and allowed to brew for 12 hours. Then the mixture needs to be simmered over low heat for an hour and a half, drain the water, and grind the grains with a blender.

We combine the mass with the broth and boil over low heat until the broth thickens. Your elixir of vigor is ready! It can be given to children and those who are weakened after illness. This cocktail can be an alternative to eating, as it contains 100% of the daily value of protein, as well as vitamins and minerals.



As you may have guessed, oats are a reliable helper for the body; it not only helps the organs, but also protects them. However, the benefits of oats are not limited to this: an oat cocktail can also help those who decide to get rid of extra pounds while maintaining their health.

For this we need:

  • 50 g oatmeal,
  • 300 ml of milk,
  • 300 ml of water,
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon

To begin with, we will cook oatmeal in the water. While the porridge cools down, peel the apple and cut the core. Cut the apple and put it in a blender, adding honey and cinnamon. Beat everything until smooth, add porridge and mix everything again in a blender. This cocktail replaces a losing weight breakfast, energizes the whole day. In addition, the cocktail is perfectly absorbed by the body, filling it with vitamins and minerals.

Remember to consult your doctor before using the suggested recipes.

Take care of yourself.

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