How to Clean Your Tongue: Three Proven Methods | Tongue Scraping Benefits


The tongue should be brushed as regularly as the teeth. Research carried out by scientists answers the question “Should I clean my tongue?” so: cleaning strongly affects the reduction of bad breath, and is also the prevention of a number of diseases arising from the excessive multiplication of bacteria.

In the ancient science of life and health – Ayurveda, it is described in detail how to cleanse the tongue by performing shatkarmas – regular cleaning techniques for the oral cavity: danta-dhauti – cleansing the teeth and jihva-dhauti – cleansing the tongue. Ayurveda says that white bloom in the morning occurs due to the cleansing of the body from ama – toxins; by the type of such plaque, one can tell which organs or systems are susceptible to diseases or abnormalities.

The more serious the deviation of the appearance of the tongue from the normal pink color, the more serious the deviation from the norm in the state of the body. In case of an unusual color of plaque, for example reddish, yellow, green or other colors other than white, it is advisable to consult your doctor for advice.




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How to Clean Your Tongue: Three Proven Methods | Tongue Scraping Benefits



How to brush your tongue

How to cleanse your tongue properly to have a positive effect? Cleansing takes very little time, usually cleaning from root to tip of the tongue until a clear pinkish color appears without plaque and other food debris. Try to gently cleanse the tongue without pressing hard, otherwise it is easy to injure it, sometimes, if you overdo it with pressure, small bruises may occur, but you should not be afraid, you just need to be careful next time.

It is especially important to clean the tongue in the morning, since the largest amount of plaque accumulates on it during the night due to the intensive cleaning of the body; if the plaque is whitish and can be easily cleaned, this is normal, other colors of the plaque characterize abnormalities in the work of internal organs.


How to clean your tongue

There are several cleaning tools – in general, their principle is similar – in all cases it is a scraper, the only difference is in material, appearance and price.




How to Clean Your Tongue: Three Proven Methods | Tongue Scraping Benefits



Tongue scraper

This is the simplest cleaning tool after a spoon. For example, it is distinguished from a spoon by a thinner and sharper surface, that is, plaque will be removed a little deeper than with a regular spoon. You need to understand how to properly clean your tongue with a scraper.


If you have never tried brushing your tongue, or have done it for a very long time, discomfort is possible, especially when you have just purchased a scraper, but after a few sessions, the surface will adapt and become less sensitive, and the scraper will become less sharp. Naturally, you need to remember about the golden mean, do not overdo it with the depth and power of cleaning. It will be enough to walk well from root to tip 10-15 times.

Scrapers come in a variety of shapes and materials. If you go back to the knowledge of Ayurveda, the scraper should be made of gold, copper, tin, brass or silver. Usually, either a plastic or stainless steel scraper is used, or – the best option – a copper scraper, this is one of the best materials that is suitable for cleaning the tongue from plaque.

Such a scraper will serve you for many years; in general, nothing has been invented more efficiently than a conventional metal scraper.


A spoon

The spoon is good for its simplicity and accessibility, when, for example, you need to clean your tongue in semi-navigable conditions. You don’t have to order scrapers or expensive irrigators with special nozzles on the Internet, everyone has such a simple item.


But there are disadvantages:

  • less deep cleaning, unlike other devices;
  • less convenience in the cleaning process;
  • the spoon is usually less thin and sharp than other scrapers, which reduces the cleaning efficiency.

But at first, when you just learned about cleaning the tongue, a spoon is quite suitable for training, massage and so that the tongue gradually gets used to such manipulations.


How to Clean Your Tongue: Three Proven Methods | Tongue Scraping Benefits



Irrigator nozzle

This is the most expensive option that can be used to clean the tongue, but in combination with other advantages of an irrigator, it can and even be used for people with dentures, braces, veneers and other dental constructions.

The irrigator itself is designed to clean the interdental space, as well as gently massage the gums using a jet of water under pressure. But for him there are special nozzles in the form of a plastic spoon, through which the pressure of water is also supplied. Most of all, such an irrigator will be effective in conjunction with a classic metal scraper. Also, a jet of water under pressure is able to make a gentle massage, which is also beneficial.


The benefits of brushing your tongue

Several studies show that brushing your tongue regularly is as necessary as brushing your teeth and your entire mouth.

Benefits and results of tongue cleaning:


  • Less susceptibility to oral infections.
  • Prevent accumulated plaque from being swallowed.
  • Removing more bacteria.
  • Elimination or reduction of unpleasant odor.
  • Aggravation of the sense of taste, and hence saturation with less food.


Conclusions, advice

  • Tongue hygiene is just as important as dental and oral hygiene.
  • It is important to brush your tongue as regularly as your teeth.
  • Language is an important indicator of the health of the body in general and the gastrointestinal tract in particular.
  • It is necessary to monitor the color of the tongue, its texture, as this is an indicator of the state of health.
  • Cleaning the tongue is one of the main methods in removing bad breath.

Dentists claim, that even in the 21st century, regular and correct oral hygiene is more a rarity than a rule. People in big cities have only recently been taught to brush their teeth twice a day, but in the periphery, the situation is usually even worse.

Although there is nothing new in such an elementary procedure, it is a cleansing practice already known from antiquity and present in the same Ayurveda. The task of specialists is precisely to educate people about the importance of oral care, as well as to inform about whether it is necessary to brush your tongue when brushing your teeth.

Teeth and Tongue are the first front on the path of food into our body, therefore caring for them should be one of the most frequent and priority actions in our daily life. In addition, the consequences of irregular hygiene are known to all – caries, tooth decay and loss, bad breath. Not only is this a bad appearance of the teeth, but it is also painful visits to the dentist, which is extremely costly in the long run.

In fact, regular brushing of your teeth, tongue and entire mouth is an investment in the future, both temporarily and financially. Therefore, such a simple procedure should be treated with the same awareness as with life in general.


A healthy smile to you!

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