Cell Phones Harmful Radiation Is Safe or Not | Cell Phones and Cancer


Here we discuss whether cell phone harmful radiation Is safe or not. Do cell phones cause cancer? Since the advent of mobile phones, disputes have not subsided: whether or not their constant use is harmful to human health.


Voluntary irradiation of the brain with microwaves from a mobile phone is the largest biological experiment on a person


Cell Phones Harmful Radiation Is Safe or Not | Cell Phones and Cancer
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Until recently, a cell phone was fashionable but rare, but now almost everyone has it, especially in big cities. New tariff plans provoke people to talk on the phone more and more. Consequently, the dose of electromagnetic radiation that a person receives per day increases. Since the advent of mobile phones, disputes have not subsided: whether or not their constant use is harmful to human health. Opinions on this matter differ. Representatives of cellular companies claim that there is no harm and cannot be, and if there is, then no more than from a conventional household electrical appliance. Supporters of this opinion refer to the absence of any long-term studies in this regard.


Studies of the influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on living organisms have been conducted for more than a decade. The World Health Organization (WHO) has even established a special program “Electromagnetic fields and human health”. This problem is given the closest attention all over the world.

The most sensitive systems of the human body to EMF are the nervous, immune, endocrine, and reproductive systems, although the whole body suffers from the EMF of a cell phone. The biological effect of EMF accumulates under conditions of long-term exposure, as a result, the development of long-term consequences is possible, including degenerative processes of the central nervous system, blood cancer (leukemia), brain tumors, and hormonal diseases. Electromagnetic fields can be especially dangerous for children, pregnant women (embryos), people with diseases of the central nervous, hormonal, cardiovascular system, allergy sufferers, and people with weakened immune systems.

The most typical manifestations of cell phone exposure, which we often felt ourselves, are dizziness, discomfort, a feeling of “warmth” near the ear, nausea, neurological disorders, and increased fatigue. Moreover, the maximum increase in temperature was observed by about 30 minutes of exposure, up to 36-39°C.

Consider the influence of a cell phone on the human brain. Already from the 15th second of the conversation, inhibition of alpha and theta rhythms of the bioelectrical activity of the brain is noted. Further, there is an increase in the temperature of the ear, tympanic membrane, and the adjacent part of the brain. Thus, the expression that the mobile phone “fries the brain” is not without foundation. Prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation can damage the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxic proteins to enter the brain tissue. Research by Swedish scientists in 2003 proved that even a two-minute conversation on a mobile phone can cause damage to the blood-brain barrier, which is not restored even an hour after the end of the conversation.

In 2006, Italian scientists stated that cell phones, by stimulating the cerebral cortex, can cause an epileptic stroke in people with mild excitability of brain cells. Doctors do not recommend using mobile phones to persons suffering from neurological diseases, including neurasthenia, psychopathy, psychasthenia, neurosis, the clinic of which is characterized by asthenic, obsessive, hysterical disorders, as well as a decrease in mental and physical performance, memory loss and sleep disorders.


Employees of the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences recently discovered that a mobile phone operating in standby mode can reduce and disrupt the most important phases of nighttime rest – REM and non-REM sleep. If you use your cell phone as an alarm clock, place it away from your head, at least within arm’s reach.

Mobile phones also have a negative impact on our eyesight. As a result of electromagnetic irradiation of the head, the blood circulation of the eyes deteriorates. The lens of the eye is washed with blood worse, which eventually leads to its clouding and further destruction. These changes are irreversible. This process is accompanied by pain in the eyes and noise in the head. And yet, according to recent studies, long-term focusing on small cell phone screens near the eyes overstrains the eye muscles, which causes irreversible negative changes in the human eye. The cell phone also has an effect on the cardiovascular system. For example, in the UK, people with heart problems often complained of pain when they carried their phone in their breast pocket.

Japanese doctor Hajime Kimata from Unitika Hospital in Kyoto believes that microwaves emitted by mobile phones can “excite” antigens that cause asthma-type allergic reactions. A cell phone is also harmful to the reproductive system. Sexual dysfunctions are usually associated with changes in their regulation by the nervous and neuroendocrine systems.

Researchers from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, as a result of studying 364 men, concluded that those who used a mobile phone for 4 hours a day or more had a lower number of spermatozoa in semen. Moreover, the sperm of these people were less mobile and of poorer quality. Reports of researchers from the United States are confirmed by the Hungarian scientist Imre Fejes from the University of Szeged. After examining 221 volunteers for 13 months, he found that a mobile phone can degrade sperm quality by 30%. At the same time, it is not necessary to talk a lot about it, it is enough just to carry it with you – in a trouser pocket or on a belt.

The cell phone also affects the reproductive system of women negatively. Thus, women who talk on the phone all day are 1.5 times more likely to have miscarriages, and the number of children with congenital defects is 2.5 times more. Therefore, in many countries, women are strictly prohibited from using mobile phones from the moment the fact of pregnancy is established and during the entire period. The results of the conducted epidemiological studies allow us to conclude that the presence of contact of women with electromagnetic radiation can lead to premature birth, affect the development of the fetus, and, finally, increase the risk of congenital malformations.


The most independent and reputable medical organization, WHO, in its EMR and Human Health program states unequivocally: other conditions, including suicide, are the result of exposure to electromagnetic fields.” Thus, the statement about the harmlessness of cellular communications is not true.

While “scientists are arguing”, Levi’s has announced that it is preparing to release a new model of Icon S-Fit jeans that will protect its wearer from harmful cell phone radiation. Their pockets will be made of impenetrable “anti-radiation” fabric.

The International Committees for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, as well as the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, recommends that cell phone owners:

  • do not use a cell phone unnecessarily;
  • talk continuously for no more than 3-4 minutes;
  • do not allow children to use cell phones;
  • limit the use of cell phones by women during pregnancy;
  • when buying, choose a cell phone with a lower maximum radiation power;
  • in a car, use MRI together with a hands-free speakerphone system with an external antenna, which is best placed in the geometric center of the roof;
  • limit the use of mobile radios to people who have implanted pacemakers (pacemakers).

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