Cancer Treatment with Naturopathy and Yoga Methods


Cancer Treatment with Naturopathy and Yoga Methods: A modern person, having learned about the onset of a disease, invariably turns to the help of doctors, who, in turn, prescribe chemical preparations, the so-called medicines. What follows next? We know that: a decrease in vitality, complications caused by taking antibiotics, an accumulation of foreign chemical elements in the body, which in the future gives another disease.

A person again and again turns to the pharmacy, and the medicine industry blooms in lush color … Why do we consider our medicine progressive, if every year around the world millions of people die and suffer from various diseases?

There is an alternative to medical treatment – naturopathy. “Naturopathy (naturopathic medicine) is a kind of alternative medicine, which is based not on methods, but on principles, the main one of which is that every person has the ability to heal himself from birth. Naturopathy offers a path to this self-healing. ”

Cancer Treatment with Naturopathy and Yoga Methods

This was no secret to the ancients; even Hippocrates said: “Treat not the disease, but the patient.” Avicenna says: “If a person is moderately and timely engaged in physical exercises and adheres to the regime, then he does not need any treatment or medication.” The principles of naturepathy are:


  • Close interaction between patient and doctor during treatment, partnership between them, individual treatment of each patient;
  • The use of non-toxic, predominantly natural remedies of plant and natural origin;
  • Consideration of all factors affecting the patient’s health and well-being during treatment, the impact not only on the body, but on the entire system of the patient’s Body-Mind-Spirit;
  • Minimal invasive (from Lat. Invasivus – “penetrating”, any procedures with penetration into the body, from injection to surgery) intervention;
  • Trust and use of the forces of nature in the course of treatment: plants and aromatic oils from them; water; air; sunlight; landscape; the use of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, cereals for ingestion as a medicine; the use of music, ozone and other means as therapy; trust in the human body as a part of nature and help it in self-healing.


Naturopaths assume that the human body, created according to the laws of the Universe, is perfect; he gets sick only because of foreign penetration into his system, whether it be polluted air, toxic substances or food with chemical additives. One has only to cleanse the body of foreign elements, toxic substances and toxins that have accumulated and formed in the body over the years of life, as it will have the ability to cope with any disease on its own.

Also, naturopaths recommend introducing a person into an ecological environment, that is, providing him with a sufficient amount of clean air, water, light and natural nutrition; introduce a healthy daily routine, include physical exercise and activity; and, finally, it is worth returning to the Spirit its integrity, that is, to give an understanding of the true meaning and joy of life not for the Ego, but for the Soul. And now the person is healthy without any artificial drugs, operations; moreover, its tone can increase many times compared to what it was before the illness.

Modern medicine tries to heal only the body; this is its main omission and gap. The human body is a part of the natural system, and you cannot treat it as the body of a robot that can be stuffed with various artificial substances. It will surely fail, tomorrow or in many years. To cure a disease, it is necessary to bring a person into harmony with the general natural rhythm, doing this on three levels: Body, Mind and Spirit.



Chapter 1. Treatment of cancer with methods of naturopathy and yoga

Let’s take a look at the scheme of treatment with methods of naturopathy and yoga for such a complex disease as cancer at the level of Body, Mind and Spirit.


1.1 Causes and treatment of illness at the physical level


At the level of the body, modern medicine identifies such causes of the disease as:

  • smoking and chewing tobacco;
  • air pollution (emissions, smoke, radioactive fallout);
  • eating food with chemical impurities;
  • insufficient amount of food with fibrous structures.



Naturopaths add to this:

  • The use of meat from animals, birds and fish, since the protein contained in it, by its structure, is foreign to the human body. And since it is alien, the body will defend itself from it in the same way as from exhaust smoke, nicotine or chemical food – by localizing foreign substances in the body and the formation of tumors around them from aggressive cells as armor.


Here is what Marva Vagarshakovna Ohanyan, a naturopathic doctor, biochemist with 45 years of experience in medical treatment and laboratory work, says about this.


“What is cancer? A terrible, fatal disease, it comes from nowhere, develops gradually, is often found in a neglected state, affects the blooming age, most often – healthy people. Some of them did not have any complaints, did not get sick, went in for sports or work requiring perfect health – pilots, for example. Occurs this malignant disease willows 16-25 years old, in young – most often in the form of a blood disease (leukemia).

Why is this happening? Elementary logic tells us that in order to develop a tumor, to create it, the body needs a strong, powerful immune system. After all, cancer cells are cells with increased energy of growth, it is much more aggressive than the surrounding healthy cells. In terms of growth energy and morphology, they are similar to germ cells, but unlike them, they are not capable of differentiation, but develop in a continuous homogeneous mass and require anoxic conditions for their vital activity, i.e. develop in an anaerobic environment.


Normally, the human body grows up to 25 years old, i.e. up to 25 years, there is an increase in protein tissues: bones, muscle mass, the mass of internal organs and the nervous system grow. Thereafter, the increase in body weight means only the accumulation of adipose tissue, i.e. excess food eaten by a person and not consumed in the form of energy is converted into fats, deposited in the subcutaneous tissue.

The body also stores a small amount of carbohydrates in the form of glycogen – “animal starch”, which is deposited in the liver and muscles. In the adult body of a healthy person, the mass of protein tissues does not grow, and even more so, it is not stored in reserve, like fat.


What is a cancerous tumor? It is precisely the undifferentiated protein tissue, “wild meat”, which grows wildly, surpassing all tissues of the body in growth rates. Naturally, it destroys them, eats them and takes their place. A deplorable picture! But why does such an abnormal, suicidal behavior of body cells occur? Indeed, in the body there is a perfect self-regulation of metabolic processes, carried out by the nervous and hormonal systems, as well as the system of tissue enzymes. Why doesn’t it work in this case? After all, everything has its own reason.



And the reason for the undifferentiated aggressive, i.e. malignant growth of certain cells in the body is the presence in the tissues of foreign products, and extremely toxic and life-threatening. It is the presence of these toxic products in the tissues that makes it necessary to create an “army” capable of destroying them. Therefore, cancer cells of any localization are so malignant, since their function is to destroy dangerous products that are incompatible with life. But “pinpoint” strikes are impossible, as in any war, and together with the “warehouses” of products to be destroyed, the civilian population also perishes; healthy cells of the body.


It is this situation that is confirmed by the morphological analysis of tumors, on serial sections taken at different stages of tumor growth, the stages of development of cancer cells are clearly visible – instead of one nucleus, the cell acquires two, then four nuclei – intensive, aggressive growth. Then it bursts open, absorbs neighboring cells, kills them and dies on its own. Echelons of other cells, “kamikaze”, are in a hurry to replace it. But what causes such a uniform “militarization” of cells, their irrepressible aggression? The reason must be very serious.


And this reason is purulent accumulations in any tissues of the body. And neither adults nor children lack them. They are present in the four paranasal sinuses (frontal sinusitis, sinusitis), in the gums (periodontal disease), meninges (arachnoiditis), pharyngeal tonsils (tonsillitis), in the lumen of the bronchi and parabronchial lymph nodes (bronchitis, bronchoadenitis), submandibular salivary glands (parietal), in the pulmonary alveoli (pneumonia), in the chest cavity (pleurisy), in the large intestine (appendicitis, proctitis, paraproctitis), in the abdominal cavity (peritonitis), in the gallbladder (cholecystitis), subcutaneous tissue (phlegmon, boils, erysipelas).



What is pus and how is it dangerous? Pus is a collection of dead cells that rot without oxygen. That is why an insufficient supply of oxygen to blood and tissues is a predisposing moment for the development of a tumor, tissue respiration is impaired, metabolic products are not completely oxidized and are not excreted, but are retained in tissues and decay, releasing deadly poisons: monoamines – putrescine, cadaverine, ptomaines, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane. No wonder Hippocrates said: “Where there is pus, cleanse it.”

But if we do not regularly purify the tissues and cavities of the body and also have a powerful immune system capable of fighting tissue pollution, then it gives an appropriate response to the presence of poisons in the body – tumor growth.


So, tumor growth is provoked by poisons – including exogenous (from the external environment) – nicotine (lung cancer in smokers) and all kinds of environmental pollution – air, water, soil, including radiation impurities, which, when entering the body, cause destruction , cell degeneration. And the destroyed cells die and must be removed – a tumor develops.



What follows from what has been said? First, it is easy to prevent a tumor, not to bring the body to reprogramming cell growth to malignant, i.e. do not leave purulent deposits in the body, but remove from all of the above organs. Secondly, when a tumor forms, it is not necessary to fight it, especially to irradiate and kill it with chemotherapy drugs, since the result is always the same – healthy cells die simultaneously with the tumor or faster (especially during chemotherapy).

The immune system loses its capacity and ability to recover, i.e. cancer successfully turns into immunodeficiency. If you do not need to fight the tumor, then apparently you need to fight the cause that caused it, i.e. again, do what they did for the purpose of prevention – to cleanse, eliminate purulent foci and prevent new tissue contamination.


And from this follows the third, very important conclusion: since the immune system that forms the tumor is strong enough, it is quite simple to recover at the very beginning of the disease – when carrying out a complex of cleansing procedures, all the processes of tissue cleansing, the program of which we set the body, are successful and active. Having got rid of purulent deposits, the body itself removes the unnecessary tumor and its metastases.



Recovery occurs in 4-6 months. Even after surgical removal of the tumor, the cleansing process is quite intense, unless chemotherapy or radiation therapy has been used, which disrupts the ability of the immune system to cleanse and repair tissue. The fatal mistake of doctors and patients is the use of chemotherapy in the initial stages – “before it’s too late.” Alas, after it it becomes too late to cure the disease.


The paradox is that pus accumulates in various tissues of anyone, but a cancerous tumor occurs only in the absence of tissue cleansing and the presence of a strong immune system. A healthy person does not consider it necessary to cleanse himself, especially since he does not get sick with flu and colds. And he is not sick because he has a good, strong immunity.

The body compensates for the disease, does not get sick, therefore, does not cleanse itself. After all, an acute cold disease, flu, causes cleansing crises – the lungs, paranasal sinuses are intensively cleared of pus. There are huge statistics from China, it was found that those who often have the flu get cancer six times less often than those who do not get the flu. For some reason, this is perceived as a curiosity. But you can’t argue with facts!



Without getting sick and not clearing himself, a person accumulates and stores dead purulent cells, and in the presence of a capable immune system, a tumor is formed to eliminate them. And therefore, we recommend and very much ask all readers at the first signs of vague malaise, incomprehensible pain in any part of the body, loss of appetite, a change in the timbre of the voice, a feeling of suffocation, even a slight, quick fatigue, to start the system of purification procedures described below.

This system is available at any age, from the newborn to the very old. Remember! No need to wait for test results to confirm the diagnosis! Expensive every hour. Start a cleansing program and simultaneously examine yourself, because cleansing, you do not lose anything.

Of course, it is better to carry out cleansing procedures that normalize metabolism, before the onset of the disease and in young children, and even better – before the birth of the child. And therefore, cleansing is necessary for every pregnant woman who wants to give birth to a healthy child.



After all, not only “sobriety is the norm of life.” The norm of life, first of all, the purity of the internal environment of the body: tissues, organs, cells. And if inner purity becomes a conscious need of a person, then there will be no place for alcohol, nicotine and drugs, as well as for moral untidiness and social vices.


The issues of improving the health of the human population, improving the quality of health, reducing morbidity and mortality from any diseases can be resolved only and only through natural hygiene, which considers health and disease issues in conjunction with factors and the ecology of the environment, and the body as a link in the chain of the ecosystem of nature.

The millions that the state and the patients themselves spend on the cure of cancer would be of real benefit only if hospitals for natural treatment and prevention of diseases were created while teaching patients the rules of environmental behavior in society and the environment. ”



Treatment of the disease

So, at the level of the body, treatment consists of cleansing the body of accumulated pus, deposits of toxins and toxins, and its further nutrition with pure raw food – in this way a new healthy cellular system is formed.


Purification offered by Ohanyan Marva Vagharshakovna:

“It is clear that in any situation and at any second our body strives to be healthy, that is, clean. Therefore, we need to help him, not hinder him. How to help? To cleanse. From what? This is understandable to everyone – feces in the large intestine and pus in various places – from the bronchi and pharyngeal tonsils to the paranasal sinuses and lymph nodes.


How to get rid of perennial impurities stuck in the colon? Fecal stones, mucus stuck to the entire inner surface of the colon? For this, there is one generally available means – washing the intestines with warm water, preferably with the addition of a tablespoon of table (or sea) salt and a teaspoon of baking soda per 2 liters of warm water.


Moreover, these washings should not be single, but repeated: 2-4 times in a row and 4-10 days in a row for both adults and children – after all, already two-year-old children can form fecal stones in the intestines, and three-year-olds – stones in the gallbladder !


How to get rid of pus in various organs? Cleanse them. How? The first stage is the flushing of the entire liver tissue, biliary tract and gallbladder with large quantities of herbal infusions that cleanse not only the liver, but also the kidneys, and lungs, and intestines.


To do this, a day you need to drink up to three liters of herbal infusion (mint, plantain, mullein, tricolor violet, chamomile, knotweed, horsetail, motherwort, sage, etc.) with honey (1-2 teaspoons per 1 glass of infusion plus juice 1 / 4 lemons or any sour berries: cranberries, viburnum , sea buckthorn, currants, cherries, pomegranates – according to the season).



But at the same time it is necessary to stop all feeding on solid food. Thus, it is possible to turn on two healing processes at once – the cleansing of all body tissues and the nutrition of the same tissues at the cell level (herbs, honey, lemon – in a dissolved state), turning off digestion.


Digestive enzymes are not secreted, since there is nothing to break down, and all the body’s energy is now directed to cleanse the tissues.



Autolysis – self-digestion of diseased, defective tissues – this is the powerful healing process inherent in each of us by nature, which enables any living being to rid itself of the disease. But you must be able to run it!


It does not work during “normal” times when we digest food received from the outside. When we stop external nutrition, the so-called endogenous nutrition begins, that is, self-digestion of cells by proteolytic enzymes of the body, the activity of which is greatly inhibited at normal times.


Only in the absence of digestion begins the activation of tissue proteolytic enzymes that break down diseased, defective tissues. Splitting, they are excreted from the body in all possible ways – through the intestines (daily bowel lavages are required), through the kidneys (abundant drink), through the skin (daily bathing with hot water), through the lungs and nasal passages (there is an intense discharge of pus from the nasal sinuses and bronchi – cough, expectoration).



Cleansing lasts 21 or 28 days. This is the period during which the body will release a huge amount of poisons and slag products and improve its health.


If there are stones in the gallbladder, then they must be taken out. They dissolve over the previous 3-4 weeks, losing their mineral composition, and turn into purulent clots that leave the gallbladder completely painlessly, taking the shape of the biliary tract at the exit.



There may be many or few of them, of different sizes, but usually the matter is not limited to one cleaning. It is necessary to carry out the expulsion of calculi 4-5 times (taking olive oil with lemon juice according to Semenova) with an interval of 4-5 weeks.


In between these cleanings, it is necessary to observe a purely vegetarian food regime – raw fruits and dried fruits, pureed raw vegetables plus green leafy (sorrel, lettuce, parsley, coriander, spinach, beet tops, purslane) with vegetable oil and lemon juice, as well as vegetable broths and infusions of choleretic herbs.


The patient will get rid of his illness. A healthy person will receive a guarantee that he will not get sick, since the internal environment is cleansed and the cells of the body no longer contain pus. Now it becomes clear how you can avoid getting diphtheria without vaccination – instead of turning your body into a battlefield for viruses and our own cells, you just need to cleanse it and prevent microbes from multiplying, parasitizing in us, feeding on our defective tissues.


It goes without saying that in this way it is possible to avoid the viral flu, and tonsillitis, and the common cold and the resulting large and small evils in the form of rheumatism, pneumonia, meningitis, myocarditis or just a prolonged cough, which leads to nothing more than obstructive bronchitis. (after 3-5 years),


The first, and perhaps the only cause of all human diseases is his food – its quality composition. Food is the building block of our body. The chemical composition of our cells and tissues depends on the chemical composition of their original building material, i.e. our food. After all, it is not enough to cleanse yourself once, you need not to constantly pollute your internal environment, not to create conditions for the formation of purulent toxins and pus in it. And what is the cause of their occurrence in the body?

Alien animal protein! It is he, the protein of the meat of animals, birds and fish, killed by us in various ways and prepared in the form of appetizing cutlets, sausages, broths, getting into the body, decomposes with cadaveric rot, since it is nothing more than the corpse of an animal. Nature cannot be deceived, and how not to call this delicious food, and a person does not have the ability to digest it enzymatically, because we do not have enough enzymatic and physiological capabilities for this (acidity of gastric juice, pancreatic enzymes, etc., etc.).

Consequently, a part of meat products (at least 40% according to estimates of domestic and foreign biochemists) decays and turns into pus, which permeates the body and collects where there is a place.



How do we treat? Medicines, chemistry, antibiotics and hormones and not a word about the need for urgent and thorough cleansing of the intestines and drinking herbal cleansing infusions and abstinence from food. What about myocardial infarction, hypertension, asthma, rheumatism? Medicines, more and more potent and … very harmful, because they intensively pollute our internal environment, as if there is little chemical pollution of the external environment!


The entire course of treatment should be flushed daily with an enema and have access to fresh clean air.



It is recommended to leave the fasting regime gradually: after 28 days, add to the intake of herbs drinking vegetable and fruit fresh juices (1 week); further raw fruits and vegetables (1 week).


After a course of fasting and intestinal lavages, it is necessary to observe a clean and separate diet (do not mix proteins with carbohydrates and starches in food), so as not to get in the intestines a combination of decay and fermentation processes that poison us. Clean nutrition with repeated courses of cleansing 3-4 times a year will protect both the child and the adult from any disease.


After the fasting described above, the main food is fresh thermally unprocessed fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals, nuts, seeds, honey, water, herbs, herbs.



Due to the correct, biologically complete nutrition, restoration occurs, the creation of healthy tissues.


Indeed, your health is in your hands, in yours, and not in ours. We, doctors, can only teach you, not cure or protect you from illness. You will do it yourself if you know what makes you sick ”3.



Yoga asanas and shatkarmas (cleansing techniques) help purify the body.


Ayurvedic medicine experts believe that cancer occurs due to a mismatch in the interaction of three doshas (qualities of the body – wind, fire and mucus), which disrupts metabolism. Yoga asanas even out the proportion of doshas, ​​are preventive measures, and even help in the treatment of cancer. According to Swami Sivananda, the following complex helps well.


  1. In the morning, perform Sahaj Bhastrika in combination with other asanas and mudras. Then it is possible to take a bath and perform agnisara dhauti and vraman-pranayama right in the water.
  2. Before lunch (at noon) take a bath (about 20 minutes) and perform Sahaj Agnisara up to 30 times in the water, Agnisara Dhauti No. 1 – up to 10 times, Agnisara Dhauti No. 2 – up to 4 times, Sahaj Pranayama No. 3 and 4 for 3 minutes each.
  3. In the evening, perform vraman-nranayama, sarvangasana, matsiasana, pashimotanasana – 4 times, sahaj-agnisara – 25 times, agnisara dhauti No. 1 – 10 times and agnisara dhauti No. 2 – 4 times, sahaj-pranayama No. 1, 2, 8 and shirshasana.



Swami Sivananda also recommends following a diet and general health regimen.


All of the above techniques can be found in the book by Swami Sivananda “Yoga Therapy (A New Look at Traditional Yoga Therapy)” 4.


So, let’s name the steps to heal the physical body again:


  • Fasting with plenty of drinking herbs with honey and lemon for 28 days (possibly 21).
  • Daily bowel lavage.
  • Active coughing up and other removal of all exiting phlegm and waste from the body.
  • Daily hot bath.
  • Daily active walk in the fresh air.
  • Daily practice of asanas and pranayama.


After 28 days of fasting, while continuing to practice asanas and walks, add fresh juices (1 week), then add raw fruits and vegetables (1 week).

After that, the transition to a predominantly raw food natural diet, sugar, coffee and teas, chocolate, all refined products are completely excluded, dairy food is sharply limited or excluded.


1.2 Causes and treatment of illness at the mental level


Both Western and Eastern medicine agree that psychological stress is the second most important risk factor for disease. At a conference on holistic (holistic) medicine in Toronto in March 1977, Carl Simonton 5 called cancer a psychosomatic disease and clearly pointed out the mind-body relationship in the development of cancer:



“Cancer should be understood as a disease that affects the entire body, it affects the psyche and the body. This psychosomatic model is based on cancer surveillance theory. This means that every organism produces cancer cells from time to time. In a healthy person, the immune system recognizes and destroys them. If, for one reason or another, the immune system is weakened, then cancer cells will reproduce and a tumor will form. ”


Emotional stress can suppress the immune system. Stress also suppresses hormone production and this leads to hormonal imbalances. These factors contribute to an increase in the production of abnormal cells. But it is worth strengthening the immune system by recognizing stress factors and excluding them from your lifestyle and thoughts, as the disease recedes.



Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, points out the malfunctioning of the Anahata and Svadhisthana Chakras in case of cancer 6. In the course of its work, it turned out that the heart chakra (Anahata), described in the Upanishads and other Vedic literature, is responsible for controlling the activity of the human immune system and promotes the formation of antibodies.

Secondly, she mentions that the left Swadisthana chakra is responsible for the functioning of the spleen 7. Damage to these chakras leads to disease, and when the damage is very severe, a person develops cancer.


The Anahata chakra, the heart chakra, is the energy center that is responsible for a person’s ability to love and accept the world and other people as they are. It has been noticed that most often people get sick with cancer who are unable to pour out their love into the world around them: more often they feel either resentment, or suppressed anger and despair, or melancholy and abandonment.

The teaching of yoga says that a person can live in happiness and love only when he himself is a “producer” of happiness and love, when his heart is a laboratory for the production of love and giving it to the outside world, and not waiting for receiving her from the outside. Apparently, due to an incorrect mental attitude, focused on receiving more than giving, such a formidable disease as cancer can arise.


An incorrect mental attitude over time depresses the heart center; a depressed heart center weakens the immune and hormonal systems; the body cannot cope with neutralizing cancer cells.


When other subtle chakras are affected and oppressed due to ineffective mental attitudes, we observe cancer of the organ that is associated with the corresponding chakra. For example, throat cancer may indicate that a person could utter a thoughtless speech and thus oppress his throat center, the Vishudha chakra; genital cancer can talk about problems (most often anger or repressed resentment) in relationships with the opposite sex and thus oppression of Svadhisthana, sexual chakra, etc.

This means that in the treatment it is necessary to get rid of the corresponding negative attitude, which caused the oppression of one of the centers, plus strengthen and fill it with energy.



Lawrence Leshan, who recently studied more than 500 cancer patients, confirms that most often cancer patients maintain a negative mental attitude that is ineffective for life. He revealed such attitudes of their way of thinking and life as feelings of hopelessness, despair, helplessness, suppressed pain and anger. This leitmotif of thinking is recognized as typical in cancer patients.

Such people tend to over-think about the past and emotionally experience it, emotionally react to little things. The left energy channel in the human body, called Ida Nadi, is overly activated at the same time. Such people can be called “left-handed”. In order to help a person to take a more internally active position of the creator of his life, to learn to be in the position of a giver,


Treatment of the disease

  • Performing Kundalini yoga complexes aimed at strengthening the Heart and Sexual Center (since it is also the center of a person’s creative and vital energy), as well as those centers that are associated with the affected organ.
  • Meditation “Breathing with an Organ”: imagine how inhalation and exhalation passes through the affected organ and fills it with energy.
  • Performing any meditations that fill and cleanse the heart center. Singing the OM mantra for an hour every day, or repeating and visualizing “I fill my heart with love and light” will do.


“Indeed, many difficult and almost insurmountable obstacles await the one who has embarked on the path of Yoga, but the yogi must continue to practice in spite of any dangers, even when he is on the verge of death.



Finding a secluded place and mastering his senses, let him silently repeat the long mantra OM.

This overcomes all obstacles. Thus, the wise will destroy the Karma of his present life, as well as of past births. ”

  • Activation of Pingala Nadi by breathing through the right nostril (sit up straight, pinch the left nostril with your little finger, breathe through the right nostril for 10-15 minutes daily).
  • Communication with active and cheerful people, an active lifestyle.
  • Creation of a life-affirming attitude “I can do anything, I change my lifestyle and become healthier than I was before the disease.”


1.3 Causes and treatment of illness on a spiritual level




A person lives when he has something to live for. The formulation of the great Spiritual task of one’s life solves the problem of illness instantly: a person either recovers, having done everything for his recovery, or lives with the illness, but forgetting about it.


Treatment of the disease

In order to feel the spiritual taste of your life, transforming every second of life, you need to get distracted from your worries and look up and into eternity, to realize that this life is only one of the stages of the life of the soul, and you need to go through it with dignity.


Reading spiritual literature and communication with spiritually developed people, staying in spiritually saturated places will help. A person who regularly practices yoga develops a taste for a meaningful and spiritually joyful life, which greatly reduces the likelihood of any disease.



Unfortunately, if you follow all the precepts for the body and mind described above, but without realizing your eternal spiritual nature, then there will be no benefit, since the disease is given precisely so that a person makes the right conclusions about his soul and thinks about global issues; if he does not do this and does not pass the lesson, then the lesson will be given more and more until the exam is passed.


Chapter 2. The experience of people who have been successfully cured of cancer by methods of naturopathy and yoga

2.1 Andrey Gergilenko

Web designer, web software developer



Recovered from throat cancer with meditation and diet in 1 month.

– Andrey, tell us, what was your diagnosis by the doctors?

– Stage 1 throat cancer.

– Why didn’t you seek medical treatment?

– I know the abilities of the human body, and before that I have healed myself more than once.


– Tell, please, the method by which you were treated.

– My former boss cured himself of stomach cancer with this technique, and recommended it to me.


First comes standard meditation. Although as a standard one, you take a horizontal position and say to yourself: Exhale Inhale. And so on until these words disappear from your head, and your consciousness is completely cleared of all thoughts, even of these words. There should be a feeling that you are falling somewhere deep in the bed. And then you need to monitor your breathing. Feel the air enter. When you breathe in, you feel the air in your lungs. Any organ can breathe in the same way. So you need to imagine how a sick organ breathes (I had a thyroid gland) and everything connected with it.



Thus, energy passes through the diseased organ, and it is restored.

– That is, you need to imagine how breathing passes through the diseased organ.

– When the air enters the lungs, you feel a certain chill. So you need to imagine that this chill passes through any organ.


– Should this be done in a meditative state? What does this mean (for those unfamiliar with meditation)?


– Yes. First, as I said, you need to enter a state close to a trance in order to clear your head of thoughts, and as a poet you should already breathe with your organ. But this, you know, takes time. It depends on how much you go into a trance. In order to enter a trance, I have enough 2 minutes. An inexperienced person may need 10 minutes. And it takes about ten minutes to breathe with a diseased organ.


– How long does this meditation last?

– I did three times a day, 15 minutes each for a month. Then he was examined – and there was no tumor. Doctors made a helpless gesture, they thought a miracle.

And then one doctor said, they say, you are probably a yogi. I said something like that. Then he said that then there was nothing surprising in this. Yogis can always be cured of cancer.



– Is nutrition important? How did you eat this month?

– Of course, he led a healthy lifestyle. That is, he did not drink and did not smoke. I don’t trust regular food from the store. There are different chemistry, flavors, dyes. In cancer, this is contraindicated, everything should be natural. In general, semi-finished products should not be consumed during treatment, otherwise the cancer will not be cured.

Especially the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate. So I ate chicken and vegetables. But this is just my approach to diet. Another person may have another, the body always tells what he needs. Don’t look at the diets that go online. The fact that food must be natural, unprocessed.



– Did you drink milk, eat cheese?

– No, fat is not allowed in any case. I said chicken and vegetables. Even fatty fish is prohibited: cod, pike perch, sturgeon.


– Have you tried to starve?

– Me not. And my former boss was cured of lung cancer by starvation. I haven’t eaten for almost a month. When the body is starving, it begins to eat its cells. And first of all he eats sick, unnecessary cells.



– Clear. That is, you just ate vegetables.

– Yes, I also drank tincture from a golden mustache. But this is for prevention, I took a tablespoon three times a day before meals. And I drank tomato juice from tomato paste. Tomatoes also cure cancer.


– Thank you, Andrey, for sharing. I hope that this knowledge will help many people to understand the natural capabilities of their body, which open up when they refuse chemical nutrition.


– My pleasure. I am always happy to help. Here’s another thing I remembered. Cancer cells appear in the human body every day and are destroyed by the same organism. And as soon as a person learns about cancer, the brain produces a disease. And therefore, when a person is not examined, does not know about cancer, then he never gets sick. I partly agree with this opinion. When you are constantly afraid of getting sick, you will definitely get sick. As I said before, the brain produces disease. A non-suspicious person rarely gets sick 9.


2.2 Amanda Deming

Currently a yoga teacher and hostess of a SPA company


Recovered from cervical cancer by switching to a raw food diet and meditation.



– After the appearance of a small tumor, it turned out that you have cancer. What did you do first?

– First of all, I went to the doctor to collect the necessary information. The doctor said that sometimes our bodies are able to heal themselves through proper nutrition and meditation. He was, however, willing to give me the usual medical treatment.


– What kind of treatment was it?


– It would be an operation to remove the cervix. But I didn’t want to do this …


– What did you do instead of the operation?

– I decided that I will not do it yet. I wanted to try meditation, eat better, and change my lifestyle – and I did it. I started the next day.



I said to myself: “Okay, now the day has come when I will change my life. I will change my eating habits and I will change the fact that I have stage 1 cancer. ”


– How did you change your diet?

– Immediately after going to the doctor, my only food was raw. The vegan diet consists only of raw, thermally and chemically unprocessed plants such as raw fruits and vegetables, seeds, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruits, and seaweed. To learn more about the raw food diet, I did a little research and found out how many people cured themselves of cancer, diabetes and more, and it was just incredible!



It was like a spark of hope in me: to know that if these people could do it, then I can too!


– How are you feeling now?

– Fine! There is no cancer. I became a Certified Yoga Teacher, Raw Food Specialist. I’m a singer. Owner of her own SPA company.



– What would you say to those who have just been diagnosed with cervical cancer?

– First, I would go to consult a doctor. Change your diet. Everything that you eat, you put into your body, and sooner or later it will make itself felt. When you eat food of higher vibrations, you will undoubtedly rise to higher vibrations yourself. Make sure you get enough vitamins, drink plenty of clean water, do some form of meditation. When you immerse yourself in meditation, you begin to hear your body and you are more in tune with the world – especially the inner one.


I am confident that combining a raw vegan diet, kundalini yoga, meditation, exercise, and self-care in the broadest sense of the word can save anyone from cancer.



– What are your plans for the future?

– I am planning a long, happy life filled with energy, wholesome food, wonderful people and light.


2.3 Henry Stein



Recovered from prostate cancer with diet and lifestyle changes.



Henry was 64 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctors offered him surgery, chemotherapy, and medication. But Henry, refusing, decided to cure himself.


“When you are diagnosed with cancer, you have three paths:



– Listen to your doctor and do operations, radiation, take pills;


– Do nothing, watch and wait … Why wait? Miracle?

– Take control of your life yourself, change your lifestyle, diet and heal yourself.



My wife and I have been moving in the direction of healthy eating for several years now, having given up red meat and started eating chicken and ham instead. But when I got sick, I did my research and found out that this is far from enough! It is necessary not only to completely abandon any meat, but also any dairy products!


From now on, my main diet is greens and vegetables, although before I always laughed at vegetarians. It would seem that all that is needed to recover is:


Change your lifestyle and thoughts



Change your diet


Say goodbye to illness!



But when you start doing this, you find out that it is not so easy … The fact is that these are the things that you get used to from childhood and it is not easy to take and not just say, “I will change”, but Change! It’s good that my wife and I went vegan together and supported each other.




Don’t eat any meat



Don’t drink milk or eat dairy products


Eat only raw, organic, plant-based foods.



I’ll also tell you: if you’ve been diagnosed, don’t trust anyone. Go into your research on this question, because that is the way. Don’t let anyone else draw conclusions for you. Search and find dozens of sites and hundreds of people who have cured themselves of cancer by themselves. ”



So, we examined, using the example of cancer, how you can cope with the disease on your own, using the method of natural pathology and yoga.


I will join Henry Stein and say, do your own research, on the Internet you can find many sites with stories of people who have been cured of cancer by their own body. Study, find the answer to the question of whether incurable diseases really exist and whether the only way out is to destroy your body by chemical means.



I think everyone should know this information, even in case of less formidable diseases: after all, the same cold, it turns out, can be treated with naturopathy methods in a few days without any medications, while cleaning the body and bringing benefit.

The method is always the same: for any disease, they cleanse the body by fasting with intestinal cleansing, and then maintain the purity of cells with a vegan diet. Only the timing of fasting will be different, collecting herbs, additional procedures, whether it is removing stones from organs or something else. All recommendations for cleansing and curing diseases can be found in the books of Marva Vagharshakovna Ohanyan.


We thank such bright people for their valuable contribution to this world and desire to share knowledge.



Let’s make it so that by spreading this knowledge to help a society become healthier in every sense and happier.

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