Food supplement E110 | E110 Food Additive (Sunset Sun): dangerous or not?


Food supplement E110 – Sunset Sun: one of the basic human needs, and that is why the food industry is one of the most successful and rapidly developing industries. In our society, food has long been an entertainment, and food corporations will stop at nothing to get you to buy what costs them as cheaply as possible and will cost you as much as possible for your health. Meet the food supplement E110Sunset Sun” – a real sunset for your health.

Food supplement E110 | E110 Food Additive (Sunset Sun): dangerous or not?

E110 – food additive

E110 is an artificial colorant that is absent in nature. E110 is artificially synthesized in the laboratory. Food additive E110 is used to give the product a pronounced orange color and its various shades. First of all, these are all “natural” juices, including the so popular orange juice, which is rarely really made from natural products. This also applies to orange-colored vegetable juices. E110 is actively used in the confectionery industry – various types of jelly, marmalade, jams, ice cream, glaze, oriental sweets. Also, E110 is widely used in the production of canned fish, sauces, rusks, etc. to give these products of dubious quality an attractive presentation.

Any unnatural or with a claim to naturalness, products colored in orange or its shades, including yellow, most likely contain exactly the food additive E110Sunset Sun” (“Yellow Sunset“). Various juices that are marketed as natural are too cheap in our stores to be natural. In addition, pay attention to their shelf life: it is often several months, which is impossible for a natural product.



E110: effect on the body

Food supplement E110, romantically referred to as “Yellow Sunset” or “Orange Yellow S”, is a real poison for our body, and its beautiful name recalls the tradition of naming a deadly weapon in a poetic style, like the Tulip mortar and the deadly aircraft gun “Ballerinka”. The situation is similar with the food additive E110. Its use will lead to the fact that the sunset for human health will come very quickly. E110 dye is a modified dangerous toxic chemical “Sudan I”, which is the most dangerous poison for human health. And the E110 dye is the sulfonated version. Thus, in the “Yellow Sunset” may be present “Sudan I” as an admixture.

Among the symptoms that E110 causes are chronic nasal congestion, rhinitis, urticaria-like rash, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, double vision, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, indigestion, and even complete impairment of kidney function. Of course, such symptoms will not appear immediately, but over time, as this poison accumulates in the body; although with a strong sensitivity of the body, a more rapid onset of symptoms is possible.

This is the meanness of food additives: their harm manifests itself in the long term, which does not allow a person to trace simple causal relationships and, as is customary in our society, when health problems begin, blame everything on the environment.

E110 has a particularly negative effect on the child’s body, causing, like any other synthetic dye, hyperactive behavior and attention disorder. By the way, pay attention to how children behave in public places or at school: most often the behavior is inappropriate – screams, tantrums, tears. And the reason for this is that parents almost from the cradle begin to stuff the child with all sorts of sweets and “snacks”, abundantly flavored with preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers.


Dye E110 and similar ones act not only on the physical state, but also on the psyche – they destroy it. This is especially true of the fragile child’s psyche. If we pay attention to Soviet children who ate healthier, natural food, they grew up more adequate, calm and balanced.

And one of the reasons for this is the lack of additives such as E110 in the food industry. Therefore, one should be mindful and not add children to artificial, harmful food, which will destroy not only the body, but also the psyche.

Taste sensations and short happiness from your favorite “snacks” are not worth it. Nervous breakdowns, tantrums, problems with peers and lagging behind in school curriculum can also all be caused by unhealthy dietary supplements.

Surprisingly, in Russia and the CIS, with all the above properties, this pesticide is not considered prohibited and is actively used in the food industry. The reasons for this are obvious: food corporations have a lot of influence and will not allow reforms to be implemented. While in the United States and most European countries, the Yellow Sunset has long seen the end of its career in the food industry.

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