About Swine Flu and Various Viruses

About Swine Flu and Various Viruses: An investigation by the world’s leading illegal pharmaceutical industry disclosures has published sensational documents exposing an international pharmacological cartel operating in New York that is behind the spread of the swine flu virus and the preparation and distribution of a vaccine against it.

Leading US health products expert Dr. Leonard Horowitz and investigative journalist Sherri Kane have released shocking white papers showing that the holders of a private global biotech trust are behind everything you ever hear about the pandemic influenza virus, including its occurrence and so on. called prophylaxis by vaccination.

These documents, handed over today by lawyers to the FBI, are revealing evidence of how the New York Partnership’s empowered industrialists are behind the creation of the pandemic, the spread of panic and misinformation through the media, the preparation and the official vaccination campaign that is being run. now almost everywhere – from supermarkets to clinics.

About Swine Flu and Various Viruses

“The David Rockefeller (Demon) Trust, which includes a number of powerful partners from Walt Street. Including such media tycoons as Rupert Murdoch, Morton ZuckerMan, Thomas Glouser, and former head of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Jerry Speyer, are accused of plotting a planned global genocide, ”Dr. Horowitz told the FBI officials through a team of lawyers assembled to stop compulsory vaccination of the population.

“This trust oversees global biotechnology research and development. Commercial healthcare is also almost entirely controlled by this trust, including almost complete control over the mainstream media used to promote and advertise the products and services of this criminal cartel. This trust also influences the regulation of the pharmaceutical and natural products market, mainly using the forces of media corporations to shape public opinion and marketing, ”says Dr. Horowitz.

Among the most sensational revelations in the Horowitz and Kane investigation are the evidence of the involvement of the head of Silverstein Properties Inc. Larry Silverstein to the organization of the terrorist attack on September 9-11, as well as to the geopolitical and economic activities of the pharmaceutical cartel in order to reduce the population. Larry Silverstein, a former tenant of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York who agreed to blow up two of its buildings, is the prime suspect in the ongoing 9-11 Truth investigation. Silverstein is currently a co-owner and leaseholder for a biotech trust founded by David Rockefeller.

“If these“ people ”got away with killing more than 3 (three) thousand people in 8 seconds on September 9, 2001, then they are quite capable of killing millions and even billions of people around the world through a complex swine flu pandemic,” comments my testimony Dr. Horowitz, “I pray that the evidence I have uncovered can save millions of lives and help activists appeal to President Barack Obama to legally investigate these crimes against humanity.”



Based on the above, I consider it my duty to appeal to all reasonable people!

Our civilization, all of humanity is facing a serious threat of total physical extermination through mass vaccination. The “swine flu” virus itself is a planned action to create panic and a certain public opinion with the aim of unquestioning obedience and uncomplaining vaccination. The vaccine itself contains a “Trojan horse” that will kill everyone who comes into contact with it – the duration of this lethal injection will be determined by the genetic immunity of a particular person.

I ask all of you to respond to this call and to take Dr. Horowitz’s words and calls seriously. Do not rely on the governments of states that, by and large, do not care about saving their populations.

This information is reliable, and comes from hundreds of decent people – scientists, experts, biologists, geneticists, physicians, public and political figures.



Everyone who read these lines becomes an accomplice in the anti-terror process! Your indifference is support for the enemies of humanity and complicity in a crime against humanity.

Paws away from humanity! Only together can we resist evil! It is the duty of each of you to convey this information to your family and friends, friends and colleagues, neighbors and just people, and most importantly children! Stop the genocide of children!

People from all over the world – wake up and take action! We are being killed! There will be no one to recognize this genocide if we do not realize the seriousness and reality of the forthcoming vaccination!

Man – stand up to protect your kind, people!

The influenza A / H1N1 virus , which has already fallen victim to 61 people, almost six thousand fell ill, may be of laboratory origin. This is the conclusion reached by Australian scientist Adrian Gibbs, who is studying the genome of the virus. His point of view is confirmed by a strong mutation of the strain, which is impossible in nature in such a short time. On Thursday, Belgium was added to the countries where A / H1N1 was recorded.

Leakage of the A / H1N1 influenza virus strain from the laboratory is one of the most likely reasons for its spread in North America, ITAR-TASS reports with reference to Australian virologist Adrian Gibbs from the National University of Canberra.

“The assumption that the virus evolved in vitro as a result of an unintentional human error is the simplest explanation.”

According to the researcher, the version about the laboratory origin of the dangerous strain is confirmed by the noticeable differences in its genome from the previously known swine flu viruses circulating in nature. According to the results of the study, three to four times more mutations were detected in the genome of the new A / H1N1 virus than in the strains closest to it.

“To accumulate this amount of genetic difference, the virus had to circulate in nature for several years, but until April this year it had never been seen by virologists in the wild,” notes Adrian Gibbs. “Therefore, the assumption that the new virus evolved in vitro in a virological laboratory as a result of an unintentional error of personnel is the simplest explanation.”

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently signed a decree allocating 4 billion rubles for the purchase of 43 million doses of the A / H1N1 influenza vaccine, the production of which is planned from November. This number of doses will be enough to vaccinate every third resident of Russia. They intend to start universal compulsory vaccination in December …

The scale and speed of implementation of the planned vaccination program seem absurd in comparison with the mild ailments noted in people affected by the disease. The version that the swine flu virus was artificially created in the laboratory in order to provoke panic and present the vaccine as the only salvation has very specific justifications. And, following the logic, we can conclude that it is not the so-called swine flu that is really dangerous, but the imposed vaccine. Here are some facts confirming this assumption.

Most recently, we were frightened by the bird flu. The media on all channels unanimously broadcast about the mortal danger of this disease. But then the testimony of a former U.S. naval intelligence officer, journalist Wayne Madsen, emerged. He said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with the participation of the US military, was able to restore the body tissues of an Eskimo woman who died in 1918 in Brevig Mission, Alaska from the Spanish flu, which claimed millions of lives in 18 months. The genetic material extracted from these tissues formed the basis of the avian, or chicken, H5N1 influenza virus, developed at the laboratory of the Military Medical Institute for Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Maryland. It became known that this laboratory was also the source of anthrax bacteria,

Now, Austrian journalist Jane Bürgermeister has submitted documents to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation that the swine flu virus was created and released by pharmaceutical companies with the assistance of the World Health Organization, which then declared that the disease was spreading so quickly that it was time to declare a global epidemic.

The symptoms of “swine flu” are practically indistinguishable from the usual and therefore, counting all patients as victims of the epidemic, it is easy to get impressive statistics. Dr. Peter Holden of the British Medical Association was quick to state that while swine flu is not a serious illness, mass vaccinations should still be initiated starting with the “priority groups”.

The main producers of the swine flu vaccine are the American company Baxter International and the Swiss company Novartis. Baxter International excelled this year by “inadvertently” sending chicken flu virus to European laboratories, and in July 2009 paid Kentucky $ 2 million in compensation for selling intravenous drugs to the local Kentucky Medicaid agency at an inflated price. by 1300%.

The new vaccine has rapidly overcome sanitary inspection barriers, which were limited to inspections lasting less than one week. The London Times reported: “According to the European Medicines Agency, the accelerated testing procedure was conducted on samples close to the vaccine that will be used in the mass vaccination program for people of all ages. Clinical tests will continue simultaneously with the beginning of the general mass vaccination of the population. ”

In fact, there is no need for “tests”, except perhaps to calm public opinion. The vaccination organizers are well aware of the composition of the drug and the effect of it. Moreover, in the United States, at the government level, pharmaceutical companies have been previously declared immune in cases of death or irreparable damage to the health of vaccinated persons.

Baxter International executives have already begun shipping the vaccine around the world. The profit is expected to be fantastic …

“Countries such as Ukraine do not have money in the budget for the purchase of a foreign vaccine against A / H1N1,” Deputy Health Minister Valeriy Bedny said at a briefing. However, the World Health Organization offers Ukraine to get a specific drug for free, which costs almost 1 million US dollars. This means that Ukrainians are going to use them again as guinea pigs. ”

“That is, it turns out that they will give us some nonsense, not a vaccine.”

The media reported that pharmaceutical companies and the World Health Organization were day and night developing a vaccine against a “new” subtype of swine flu virus. However, it was recently revealed that Baxter International patented the H1N1 vaccine back on August 28, 2008!


Pending patent application No. US 2009/0060950 A1 states:

“In individual, preferred variants, the vaccine contains several antigens <…> selected, in particular, from one or more subtypes of human influenza H1N1, H2N2, H3N2, H5N1, H7N7, H1N2, H9N2, H7N2, H7N3, H10N7, subtypes of swine flu H1N1, H1N2, H3N1 and H3N2, canine or equine influenza subtypes H7N7, H3N8, or chicken influenza subtypes H5N1, H7N2, H1N7, H7N3, H13N6, H5N9, H11N6, H3N8, H2N4, H144 , H6N5, H12N5 “.


The patent was published in March 2009, a month before the virus hit Mexico, but the patent application was filed seven months before the “new” subtype was publicly known. It is difficult to imagine a more shamelessly planned action! The patent contains the following warning:

“The toxicity of the vaccine depends on the characteristics of the subject and can range from zero to high.”

Jane Bürgermeister has no doubt that we are dealing with a long-standing mass vaccination plan, the developers of which are the least worried about people’s health. The World Health Organization has recommended the use of live swine flu virus in the vaccine, which is likely to lead to a significant increase in its effect on the body after vaccination.

The staged swine flu epidemic of 1976 in the United States was a dress rehearsal for what is happening now. An outbreak of swine flu was first recorded in early 1976 at a US military base in New Jersey. Fear arose in society, analogies were drawn with the influenza pandemic in 1918, but many experts today are convincing that the deaths during the 1918-1919 pandemic were not caused by a virus, but provoked by medical campaigns for mass vaccination of the population.

President Gerald Ford announced a plan to vaccinate everyone in the country. By the end of 1976, 40 million out of 200 million Americans were vaccinated from the new strain of the virus, but a pandemic did not happen – one soldier died from the swine flu then (and that is, there are big doubts about the cause of his death), but the vaccine itself took the lives of 25 Americans, and 500 people were diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (acute polyradiculitis, which can lead to the development of severe respiratory failure or heart rhythm disturbances).

Thousands of Americans have complained to the US Department of Health about the side effects of a swine flu drug. The vaccination story escalated into a national scandal, and the US government was forced to pay considerable compensation to the victims. As a result, vaccination turned out to be much more dangerous and destructive than the swine flu of the 1976 sample.

Today we are on the eve of a similar campaign, but on a much larger scale. And there is no need to wait for compensation, since everything is foreseen in advance, and pharmacists are not responsible for the quality of the drugs. The British and American governments have already ordered enough swine flu vaccine for the entire population, and other countries are following suit.

There were press reports that mandatory influenza vaccinations were already taking place in New York State. Before vaccination, they give to sign a paper, which lists possible serious complications, up to sudden death. And the person under this document is obliged to sign, notifying in such a way that he is familiar with the various probable consequences and will not have any claims.

All employees who refused to work in New York hospitals have been ordered to be fired since December 1. It will not be possible to sit out at home either: they say that mobile vaccination teams will operate. This is such a “kingdom of freedom and democracy.” And whoever in the US says something against this event may be declared a terrorist. Indeed, in 2006, as part of “anti-terrorist measures”, President Bush signed a law stating

Current US President Barack Obama has expressed a desire for his “health care reform” to come into force in August, ahead of the start of mass vaccinations. The law was approved by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and provides for measures to influence parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.

The law says that according to the International Health Regulations of 2005 and the epidemic plan approved by WHO in April this year, WHO’s “recommendations” in the context of a declared epidemic are mandatory for all member countries (there are nearly 200 of them today).

WHO Director-General Margaret Chan announced the beginning of the epidemic before it actually existed. The goal is to secure in advance emergency powers and to “recommend” mandatory vaccination in a different tone.

British experts in the field of neurology warn the Health Protection Agency that the new vaccine against “swine flu can pose a threat to the lives of the population, the effects of the vaccine on the body, especially children, are poorly understood.”

Some German experts believe the A / H1N1 vaccination is a massive human experiment. The head of the health department in the Senate of Bremen, Matthias Grühl, believes that vaccines can be completely dispensed with. The swine flu vaccine sparked a big scandal in Germany. The country’s cabinet ministers were inoculated with a more advanced drug than is offered to ordinary Germans. According to some reports, only 200,000 doses of a “special” vaccine were purchased for the government apparatus, and 50 million doses of the usual drug were purchased for the rest of the Germans.

The standard vaccine contains the so-called adjuvants – elements that enhance the effect of the drug. But because of this, the drug has additional side effects. However, despite this, it was decided to vaccinate everyone, including children and pregnant women.

The leader of the Green Party, Claudia Roth, actively opposed such discrimination against ordinary citizens, who stated that it is impossible to divide people into varieties. For the same reasons, in the medical environment in Germany, the opinion is ripening that people should not be vaccinated with a massively purchased vaccine.

In order not to become infected with swine flu, it is enough to carry out prevention correctly, insists the chief rhinologist of Ukraine, academician Serhiy Bezshapochny, whose words are quoted by Donbass. ua. To effectively counteract the disease, it is only necessary to consume the favorite national product – lard every day. According to him, only a person of the third millennium who has been depressed by the uncontrolled use of antibiotics needs to be treated with lard.

“Together with onions and garlic, lard will fight off any viruses and colds. But on condition of complete rejection of antibiotics and with proper breathing – through the nose, an integral system of protective filters which protects the lungs from microbes and viruses, ”the academician emphasizes.

In addition, virologists suggest enhancing immunity with propolis and honey. And it is also advised to sew a gauze mask in 4 layers.

Pharmaceutical companies, realizing that they will have to vaccinate with the finished vaccine mainly people from high-risk groups – children, retirees, medical workers – report about the allegedly serious trials of the new vaccine on volunteers. Yet many people still have doubts.

Especially after reading an article by Canadian economist and publicist Michel Chossudovski, in which the author says:

  • a document signed by the US Secretary of Health that exempts vaccine manufacturers from legal responsibility for the fruits of their activities;
  • the dubious reputation of the SAGE (Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Vaccines and Immunization), which gives the go-ahead to launch a rapid response to a pandemic;
  • how the world’s largest pharmaceutical company applied for a patent for an H1N1 vaccine a year before the first case.

The introduction of toxic enhancers of the drug’s action, in particular, aluminum hydroxide, into the vaccine is also discussed separately.

The virus will deliberately appear more and more dangerous as it spreads, and the statistics of deaths will be deliberately overestimated in order to stimulate panic and convince people that only a vaccine can save them.

The authorities will accuse those who refuse vaccinations for interfering with stopping the spread of the epidemic.

If WHO headquarters in Geneva, at the request of SAGE, decides to declare a “sixth phase” of the H1N1 virus, then many states will be required to launch rapid response programs. Such programs will be forced to launch even those countries where the number of cases with only suspected H1N1 virus (that is, unconfirmed and unproven) can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

We will remind that today WHO has already announced the “fifth phase” of the epidemic. “The SAGE team at WHO deserves special attention,” says Michelle Chossudovski. – The chairmanship of this group has been held since 2005 by David Salisbury, Director of the Immunization Department of the British Ministry of Health, who was widely criticized in the 80s for supporting the project of mass immunization of children with the measles, mumps and measles rubella (MMR) vaccine produced by the company, now called GlaxoSmithKline.

After many Japanese children developed side effects, the Japanese government withdrew the vaccine and had to pay huge compensation to the victims. In early 1988, this vaccine was abandoned by the Canadian government. Sweden banned it after scientists published facts confirming the relationship between the MMR vaccine and the epidemic of Crohn’s disease (chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, which can affect all parts of the gastrointestinal tract, from the mouth to the rectum).

The executives of the pharmaceutical company have demanded guarantees from the British government against any legal or legal action resulting from possible harm caused by the vaccine. That is, the company already then was well aware of the danger of this drug. But the British government, heeding the advice of the consultant Salisbury, did admit the vaccine to the market. It is this man in his capacity as SAGE Chairman who is now actively promoting the global use of the controversial H1N1 influenza vaccine.

In 1997, a CIA researcher stated that the microcircuits being developed in secret military-government laboratories are so tiny that they can be injected under the skin with a syringe along with an inoculation. Modern nanotechnology makes it possible to do this completely unnoticed.

From these facts, we can conclude that it is likely that a massive reduction in the population of the planet is planned and, in the future, in the process of vaccination, the implantation of integrated microcircuits into the body of every adult and child, which will make it possible to manipulate people. In this case, the impact can be both massive and individual, since each microcircuit is a transceiver device operating at a certain frequency. It will become very easy to kill someone from a distance.

Meanwhile, trials of a vaccine against the “new virus” of influenza are in full swing in Russia. All “new” drugs for A / H1N1 are being tested in volunteers.

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Development, four types of drugs for A / H1N1 have now been created in Russia: one live nasal (it contains a live virus) and three inactivated, which are injected intramuscularly (they contain “killed” viruses).

The first two domestic vaccines – live and inactivated, developed by the Microgen Research and Production Association (NPO) – passed the first stage of clinical trials in adults and were recognized as safe for use. Roszdravnadzor registered these drugs under the name Influvir (live) and Pandeflu (inactivated) and allowed the start of clinical trials on children in St. Petersburg, Smolensk and Perm. This was stated by the press secretary of the NGO “Microgen” Timofey Peshkov.

First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov said that the vaccine will be produced at Russian enterprises, including in Ufa, Irkutsk, St. Petersburg. “All of them are ready for the start of serial production. The timely receipt of funds will allow starting work on the mass production of the vaccine in accordance with the schedule, ”Zubkov assured.

In such a short time, it is impossible to test a new drug and determine its safety. Side effects may not appear immediately. Moreover, the drug should not be tested on children. It is a crime! The situation has never been more serious than in connection with the current intention to carry out compulsory vaccination of the entire population of the planet. The alleged “natural” vaccine in question contains human, porcine and avian genes from several continents. If a virus is created and released into the wild, and a vaccination program planned many years ago is carried out to combat it, then there can be only one reasonable conclusion: it is not the swine flu that is really dangerous, the vaccine is dangerous!

Viral terrorist attack?

WHO has declared a global emergency due to the outbreak of “swine flu” in Mexico. The last time this happened was in 2003 due to the threat of SARS.

In Mexico, where, according to official data, as of April 27, 103 people have died from the “swine flu”, and more than 1.6 thousand people are carriers of the virus, the epidemic may develop into a pandemic. If we take into account the data of the official authorities, published daily, then in Mexico about 20 people die of “swine flu” per day and more than 200 become infected. That is why, in terms of the rate of infection, the rapidity of the spread of the outbreak of the disease, the “swine flu” epidemic reminded doctors of its analogue, the famous “Spanish flu”, which at the beginning of the 20th century claimed the lives of more than 20 million people in Europe.

The last moment is not surprising – the new virus is of the same type as the famous “Spanish flu” – A / H1N1, which, according to scientists, is a “hellish mixture” of the genetic material of swine, bird and human influenza viruses. How did this even come to be known? How did modern doctors determine the type of Spanish flu virus, the epidemic of which ended in 1920?

In 1997, American scientists exhumed the body of one of the victims of the Spanish flu, preserved in the permafrost of Alaska, removed tissue samples from infected lungs and recovered the virus code. The researchers came to the conclusion that the strain that caused the pandemic in 1918 first appeared in birds, but as a result of mutations it became fatal for humans, having acquired the ability to spread from person to person.

Thus, we can say that the deadly “Spanish flu” has returned to us. Maybe with only minor changes. That is why WHO’s fears can be considered fully justified – then, in 1918, about 500 million people were ill with this virus, every fifth inhabitant of the planet. And according to some estimates, every tenth of those who fell ill (that is, 50 million people) died. There would be nothing surprising in this information if not for one coincidence. In 1997, American scientists from the secret laboratory of the US Center for Disease Control dug out the body of a deceased from the “Spanish flu”, in August 2005 they completely restore the virus and conduct experiments on it, and in April 2009 this virus begins its new harvest in Mexico.

Apparently, the experiments on the virus ended successfully? Such a thought arises. Information on this matter is confirmed from another source, which claims that a certain Canadian laboratory also participated in the experiments. There, experiments were carried out on macaques. The first symptoms of the disease appeared within the first days after infection, and the next destruction of lung tissue was so large-scale that if the monkeys had not been euthanized a few days later, they would have practically drowned in their own blood. The animals were killed not by the virus itself, but by the body’s immune system, which harms damaged tissues. The virus can turn off the RIG-1 gene, which regulates the immune system’s response to infection, and as a result, the body kills itself. “This ability to influence the body’s immune response is not unique: it is also possessed by the latest candidate for mutation into a potentially pandemic strain, the H5N1 avian influenza virus.”

Yoshihiro Kawaoka, who led the analysis at the Wisconsin Institute, said: “What we see when monkeys are infected with the 1918 virus is actually the same as what we see with the H5N1 virus. Certain processes may occur at an early stage of infection, but we may be able to intervene and stop this reaction. ”

Dr. Ronald Cutler, an infectious disease specialist at the East London Institute, says: “By knowing how this overstimulation occurs, we can further advance our path towards innovative cures for these diseases and thus be better prepared for possible pandemics.”

Dr. Jim Robertson of the English State Institute for Biostandards and Control also believes that the decision to recreate the terrible virus was fully justified: “Almost all virologists studying influenza are nervous about creating and experimenting with the 1918 Reconstructed Spanish Flu virus, a very dangerous virus. which has long disappeared from the face of the earth. But it cannot be denied that the information gained from this experience is very fascinating and represents an important milestone in understanding the lethality of these highly pathogenic types of influenza viruses. ”

In the collection of analyzed facts, you can probably add an article from the AMF, where a certain “political strategist” Sergei Markelov interviews an anonymous expert who “visited the secret laboratories of Latin America.” It is quite obvious that the political strategist sucked this interview out of his own finger, but … He sucked it out rather thoughtfully. Still, a “political strategist”. All details about wooden huts on five-meter piles with modern biological equipment can be thrown away and forgotten. Obvious nonsense.

Don’t even take it apart. However, in the fictional interview, two very important thoughts flashed. Thought one: – “Can the dissemination of information about the virus be used as a distraction from the global crisis? – From the point of view of information warfare, of course. Now there is the main information flow related to the crisis, as well as a counter-information flow of a similar importance associated with swine flu. The second kind of draws attention to itself. I can admit that the informational reason is kindled to move away from “chewing” the topic of the crisis. ”

Thought two: “I would still look at this story with the pandemic from the point of view of rehearsals for other, more constructive measures, working out scenarios for combating such diseases on a planetary scale. This is more useful for everyone, including bioweapons developers. ”

The constructiveness and usefulness of the deadly flu pandemic is, of course, debatable. More than a hundred people have already died somehow too “constructively”. But about “scripting” – yes, I can quite agree. But most of all, the attention is drawn to the first thought connected with the theme of the crisis. Four years ago, I suggested a similar connection between the 911 terrorist attack and the crisis. In my opinion, the terrorist attack then postponed the crisis by seven years. The following should be noted here – the terrorist attack was directed against its own people, but to preserve the financial and economic system of the country. Now, if we assume the same meaning of a biological terrorist attack, it should also be directed against the Americans themselves and also for the sake of preserving the existing system.

If you look at the map of the spread of the “swine” flu virus, we will notice that the United States is practically in the mites of infection:

Why wasn’t the alleged terrorist attack inflicted immediately inside the country? Obviously for reasons of conspiracy – the virus must come from the outside, then there will be no thoughts about an internal operation of the special services. In addition, there is obviously a benefit from the international nature of the operation – the response of the sanitary services of different countries, the response of governments, etc. is checked. After all, the act of terrorism itself can serve as a rehearsal for a great biological war.

A crisis is fraught with a new world war, and biological warfare may be its first act. Its reality is also confirmed by the Russian special services, which in 2007 banned the export of medical biological samples of a person – from hair to blood samples – outside the country. It was assumed that they could be used to create biological weapons against the Russians. Berezovsky’s “edges” tried to laugh at this, but not too convincingly. It is a fact that the FSB considers such a threat to be quite serious. And they have their own experts who draw similar conclusions.

Dangerous pandemics on the eve of a major war can disguise a real terrorist attack against a future enemy. At the same time, the United States itself, after its own “rehearsal” inside its own country, will have a developed system of biological protection measures. Including the availability of a vaccine. This is quite a serious argument in favor of the version of a “viral terrorist attack.” Well, other arguments include a set of anti-crisis consequences:

  1. The attention of the media and the public is diverted from the topic of the crisis. Its “informational” consequences are reduced. Stock traders panic less, people save less, businesses are less cautious. Thus, the crisis affects itself less.
  2. Many of the consequences of the crisis will be written off due to the consequences of the pandemic. Let’s say the GDP fell by 30%. Official explanation: “This is the result of an influenza pandemic. The system has nothing to do with it. It is quite effective. “
  3. Potential civil unrest will be eliminated by “quarantine” measures. Set up a military cordon around the humming crowds of Detroit’s unemployed. Those who break through will be shot under the pretext of biological safety. The media will not be allowed to the place of unrest. Again, for quarantine purposes.
  4. Those killed in the unrest at the hands of the military will be written off as deaths due to the influenza pandemic. And who will prove it? No one will allow a medical examination!
  5. The crisis creates a lot of people “unnecessary to the economy”. A socially dangerous situation. If you kill these people with the flu, then the social explosion may not happen. Such social genocide can serve to maintain the stability of the system. And I have no doubt that the US authorities can do this. The theory of the “golden billion” also has a countdown.

The text that you have read does not have the character of absolutely reliable information. This is a hypothesis. Its likelihood, although it is high due to the many factors listed, can only be proven true by the coming events.

This article could have ended, but there is another important fact that caught my eye at the last moment. LJ user varjag_2007 collected information from various sources about a similar possible terrorist attack back in February this year. Below is an excerpt from his magazine: “In the second half of February 2009, the Austrian drug distributor Orta sent a batch of influenza vaccine produced by the American international pharmaceutical company Baxter to the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany.

A laboratory assistant at the Czech pharmaceutical company Biotest, near Prague, tested the obtained American vaccine on laboratory ferrets. Shortly after receiving the vaccine injection, all the animals died. A closer look at the vaccine revealed that it contains a live, active avian H5N1 virus and a human H3N2 virus. More detailed studies by the Canadian Chemical Laboratory have shown that the H5N1 component is one of the most dangerous biological agents on Earth, registered as a potential bacteriological weapon. The mortality rate for its use in humans is 60%.

Czech newspapers have questioned whether the discovered vaccines, made by the American company Baxter International and contaminated with the deadly avian influenza virus, and targeting 18 countries, were not part of a conspiracy to cause a pandemic. The speculation is not unfounded because, according to laboratory safety requirements that are routine for vaccine manufacturers, it is virtually impossible to accidentally mix a live viral biological agent with vaccine material.

“The company that released the contaminated influenza virus material from its plant in Austria confirmed on Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1, an avian influenza virus,” the Canadian Press reported.

Baxter contaminated vaccines with the H5N1 influenza virus, otherwise known as the human form of avian influenza, one of the deadliest biological agents on earth, with an average mortality rate of 60%. “Vaccines” were obtained by laboratories in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovenia.

Initially, Baxter tried to ignore the questions, calling for “trade secrets” and refused to admit that the vaccines were contaminated with the H5N1 strain. Then, under the pressure of obvious facts, Baxter admitted that the H5N1 virus did get into the clean batches of the vaccine, but by accident. This was, apparently, an attempt to quickly change the version of what happened, and to hide the fact that accidental contamination of a vaccine with a deadly biological agent like bird flu is virtually impossible, and the only way it could happen was deliberate and criminal.

“Was it just gross negligence or an attempt to cause an epidemic by using flu shots to spread the disease? How has this already happened with anti-B hepatitis with HIV vaccines in the US? And only then sell the H5N1 vaccines that Baxter is developing for money? How could a virus, H5N1, be found in conventional influenza vaccines? ”

That Baxter mixed the deadly H5N1 virus with a mix of seasonal H3N2 influenza viruses is evidence. The H5N1 virus itself has already killed hundreds of people, but it is difficult to spread. However, when combined with seasonal influenza viruses, which everyone knows are airborne and also easily spread, the effect is equal to the creation of a powerful, airborne, deadly biological weapon of the highest quality.

A Canadian Press article explains, “While H5N1 does not easily infect humans, H3N2 viruses are easily transmitted. If a person is infected with two varieties of the virus at once, then he or she will become an incubator for a hybrid that can spread easily among people. ” There can be little doubt that this was a deliberate attempt to transform the H5N1 virus into something that is the exact opposite of a conventional vaccine and, in the guise of a vaccine, infect the population, leading to a devastating epidemic as the disease could now spread through the air.

The Canadian Press writes that the mixing process, called reassortment, is one of two ways to create pandemic viruses, “but also claims that there is no evidence that Baxter did just that, although it does not ask how or where from. Baxter had live samples of the avian influenza virus.

Here it is worth repeating what is a key aspect of this story – it is virtually impossible for a live bird flu virus to accidentally enter a regular flu vaccine.

Health expert Mike Adams says, “It’s disgusting to think about it, but it might not have been an accident. Why? Because Baxter International adheres to BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3), a set of laboratory safety protocols that prevent cross-contamination of materials. ”

A misfortune almost happened that would have collapsed both the euro and the markets in Europe – a blow equal to the outbreak of a local war. In Austria, 18 people are in quarantine, although the “contamination” was discovered quickly – before the spread of infection from the United States. The vaccine has been sent to EU countries. And it seems to me that no one will make an exception for Ukraine as more valuable ”.

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This information is, in fact, irrefutable evidence. It was an attempted terrorist attack that was thwarted by a vigilant Czech laboratory assistant. The attempt remained without high-profile consequences, the scandal was hushed up. But the goals of the attack remained. A new attempt, obviously, had to be undertaken in a different way, and using a different strain.

Business on pandemics.

The “swine” flu virus has received the official name – “California-04/2009”. A very self-explanatory name. In the United States, the first death from “swine” flu was recorded – a two-year-old child in Texas. There are 65 registered infections so far. WHO is increasing the threat level of a pandemic from 4 to 5 on a six-point system. This means that a pandemic is inevitable, according to WHO experts. “The fifth phase of the pandemic is characterized by reported person-to-person transmission of the virus in at least two countries in the same region.”

WHO chief Margaret Chan said she was forced to insist that the world’s governments “” prepare for the worst “. She encouraged pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline and Roche, makers of swine flu drugs, to scale up their production.

Here it will be appropriate to remember that quite recently, on March 27 of this year, the merger of the Swiss Hoffmann-La Roche and the American Genentech took place. Even during the bird flu panic, pharmaceutical giant Roche made good money – it is he who makes the drug Tamiflu, a popular remedy for influenza. However, this popularity was not very well founded. In 2007, the FDA was forced to begin investigating a barrage of evidence of side effects. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, cough … In short – the whole set of flu symptoms, from which he supposedly has to treat. More serious side effects include convulsions, behavioral deviations, seizures, and even the development of encephalitis (32 cases). After 12 deaths of children and adolescents, in Japan, it was forbidden to give the drug to children. And this despite the fact that the only thing that Tamiflu promises is to reduce the duration of flu symptoms by 1 – 1 ½ days. The average cost of Tamiflu in the Russian Federation is 1600-1750 rubles per pack, which contains 10 capsules. Cool business?

Now the company is “lucky” again. New epidemic. Whether Tamiflu will help with the new version of the flu remains to be seen, but profits are already guaranteed. The company was advertised by the head of WHO himself! Let’s not speculate about whether these advertising services were paid for, let’s pay attention to something else – the merger of Roche and Genentech happened just before a new outbreak of a dangerous infection. Moreover, the merger took place in a hurry and according to a simplified procedure, as a result of which Genentech became the full property of the Roche group of companies. In connection with the takeover, under the current valuation rights, all remaining shares from shareholders must be repurchased at a price of $ 95.00 per share. It must be assumed that now these shares would have jumped in price twice and Genentech would have cost the buyer much more. However, we will not make a hasty conclusion in connection with such a coincidence.

By the way, Genentech is headquartered in South San Francisco, California. This probably explains the fact that the entire line of flu strains over the past 10 years was called California, and the current one was simply added the prefix 04/2009. Coincidence? The company, generally speaking, is engaged in “the development, production and promotion of drugs for the treatment of diseases that represent the most serious medical problem.” Maybe she “developed” the flu strain? Or maybe she modified it? The suspicions of the artificial origin of “California-04/2009” have already been expressed by the Minister of Health of Indonesia, Siti Fadilah Supari.

The ways of business are inscrutable. It is only known that the virus of the famous “Spanish flu” was recovered in 2005 in a secret US laboratory by a team of scientists led by Ann Reid and Jeffrey Taubenberger from the Institute of Pathology of the US Armed Forces in collaboration with colleagues from the Centers for Infectious Disease Control. Over the past 4 years, it has obviously been well studied and a vaccine has been developed. Now doctors admit that the viruses of the old “Spanish flu” and the modern “swine” flu belong to the same species and subtype A / H1N1, but hardly anyone would dare to say that the “swine” flu is “Spanish flu”. On the one hand, this is difficult to verify, but on the other hand, the virus itself mutates very quickly. From the old “Spanish flu”, he should already be different, if only for this reason. Consequently, there is no need to wait for statements that it is the “Spanish flu” that is now rampant.

But back to the latest events. Obama has requested a billion and a half to fight the flu, and Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a flu state of emergency in California. California again! By a strange coincidence, it is California that is now in a difficult situation due to the crisis. The state leads in the number of unemployed (10%) and the budget deficit among other states. In February, instead of real money, the state began to pay bills with promissory notes – there is no money and can no longer borrow. Since September 10, the state has not been able to organize the next issue of bonds … Could not sell. This state is bankrupt. Taking into account the fact that at the end of June the state has to pay off a fairly decent amount of T-bills (over 10 billion), the probability is high that it will not be possible to re-borrow the required amount and the state default will happen in the summer, in June-July.

Now the state is cutting spending on medicine and education, stopping 5,600 infrastructure projects. All this despite the fact that during the “mortgage” crisis more than 200 thousand families were deprived of their homes (only in the 4th quarter of 2008 – 75 thousand). In the state, entire towns of former debtors are now empty. An intensification of the crisis is fraught with a social explosion, and the introduction of a state of emergency is very opportune. All this fits into the framework of the hypothesis stated about the connection of this “epidemic” with the crisis. The state of emergency will obviously help deter the state from civil action. That is, to retain power in a situation of a large-scale crisis. Added to this is some commercial interest from pharmaceutical giants. The link between politics and commercial gain has always distinguished Western business. But again, this is just the beginning.

The California 04/2009 case is growing like a snowball and already looks like a real investigation. It turns out, for example, that the drug Tamiflu was developed by the American company Gilead Sciences. She licensed the drug to the pharmaceutical giant Roche, which we mentioned last time. Under the terms of the contract, Roche continues to pay Gilead Sciences a certain percentage of Tamiflu sales in the US and other countries. According to some sources, 20%. But the most interesting thing is that Donald Rumsfeld, the head of the Pentagon under Bush, was on the board of directors of Gilead Sciences. He has been one of the directors of Gilead Sciences since 1988 and has been its chairman since 1997. In 2001, having received an offer to enter the George W. Bush administration, Rumsfeld resigned from the leadership of Gilead Sciences. however, he continued to be one of the largest shareholders of the company. Officially alone, the bird flu panic earned him $ 5 million. Donald Rumsfeld profitably sold part of his shares in GileadSciences in 2004, at a time when the company’s share price peaked. According to the financial report of the US Secretary of Defense for 2004, he then managed to earn more than $ 5 million from this deal alone. However, after this transaction, Rumsfeld continues to have a 25 million stake in Gilead Sciences. In addition, after the share price fell, Rumsfeld could get back the sold part, making money on the fluctuations in the share price as a common stock speculator. Donald Rumsfeld profitably sold part of his shares in GileadSciences in 2004, at a time when the company’s share price peaked. According to the financial report of the US Secretary of Defense for 2004, he then managed to earn more than $ 5 million from this deal alone. However, after this transaction, Rumsfeld continues to have a 25 million stake in Gilead Sciences. In addition, after the share price fell, Rumsfeld could get back the sold part, making money on the fluctuations in the share price as a common stock speculator. Donald Rumsfeld profitably sold part of his shares in GileadSciences in 2004, at a time when the company’s share price peaked. According to the financial report of the US Secretary of Defense for 2004, he then managed to earn more than $ 5 million from this deal alone. However, after this transaction, Rumsfeld continues to have a 25 million stake in Gilead Sciences. In addition, after the share price fell, Rumsfeld could get back the sold part, making money on the fluctuations in the share price as a common stock speculator. However, even after this deal, Rumsfeld continues to hold the 25 millionth stake in Gilead Sciences. In addition, after the share price fell, Rumsfeld could get back the sold part, making money on the fluctuations in the share price as a common stock speculator. However, even after this deal, Rumsfeld continues to hold the 25 millionth stake in Gilead Sciences. In addition, after the fall in the share price, Rumsfeld could return the sold part, making money on the fluctuations in the share price as a common stock speculator.

It is known that in the United States, work on the Human Genome and Genome for Life projects is funded primarily by the US Department of Defense. It is to this ministry that Congress is allocating billions of dollars for alleged bird flu protection. In 2004, $ 40.2 billion was allocated to finance civil research, of which $ 25.7 billion was allocated for biological and medical sciences. For comparison: for mechanical engineering – 8.2; physical sciences – 4.7; environmental protection – 3.5; mathematics and computer research – 2.6; other exact and natural sciences – 1.4; social sciences – $ 1.4 billion and psychology – $ 0.86 billion.

So what did we find? The former head of the US Pentagon turns out to be “financially interested” in a flu pandemic! No more and no less. And for a long time he had under his command secret laboratories from the Institute of Pathology of the US Armed Forces and the Center for Infectious Disease Control, that is, those that were engaged in the recovery and study of the Spanish flu virus. There is a motive and there is a weapon. A jury would already have sentenced Rumsfeld to a lengthy prison sentence. The truth is that the defense still has chances – there are no fingerprints of the accused on the weapon. He could get it, he could shoot, there are no prints. However, there are also “prints”! The case of Baxter International, whose vaccine was found to contain the real avian H5N1 virus in combination with human H3N2, can already be considered such an imprint.

Not only does Baxter International adhere to the BSL3 (Biological Safety Level 3) system, according to which confusion is simply impossible, but the combination of viruses found in the “vaccine” is not at all random. The fact is that under normal conditions the H5N1 avian influenza virus is not transmitted from person to person. That is why there was no pandemic three years ago. For transmission to the virus, a high temperature of the recipient is required. The normal body temperature of birds is about 42 degrees Celsius, while the normal body temperature of a person does not exceed 37.5 (internal temperature) or 34 degrees in the nasopharynx. That is why there is very little chance of infecting a person with the bird flu virus, especially by airborne droplets. A completely different situation arises if a person is already sick – infected with the usual H3N2 influenza virus. The chances of contracting bird flu also increase many times over. And already by airborne droplets! The mortality rate of bird flu is about 60%, which makes it practically a high-class biological weapon. Baxter’s “vaccine” in this regard is a biological weapon with a “fuse” in the form of ordinary flu. A thermonuclear bomb is arranged similarly, where just a nuclear one serves as a fuse.

Does Baxter have anything to do with Donald Rumsfeld? The board of directors of the pharmaceutical company Baxter International is chaired by the former First Deputy Commander of the United States Marine Corps, four-star General Walter E. Boomer, which in itself gives a wide scope for imagination. But Baxter’s story is more specific. Donald Rumsfeld has a very old and complicated relationship with this corporation. For example, William B. Graham, the pre-Boomer leader of Baxter, funded Rumsfeld’s campaign back in 1962, when he was just getting elected to Congress from the state of Illinois. Rumsfeld was then only 30 years old. Old connections, very old. What other traces of a terrorist attack come across? Journalists from the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail have traced a tragic succession of deaths among microbiologists of the highest level residing in different countries. The authors of the article propose to make their own conclusions, noting, however, that they themselves are not supporters of conspiracy theory. Eleven microbiological scientists, in one way or another connected with the development of bacteriological weapons, died under strange circumstances or died within five months – from November 12, 2001 to March 11, 2002:

  • Benito Cue , specialist in infectious diseases and molecular biology at the Miami Institute of Medicine;
  • Don Wiley , one of the largest US microbiologists, worked at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Harvard University, studied the interaction of the immune system with the causative agents of AIDS, Ebola and influenza;
  • Vladimir Pasechnik ;
  • Robert Schwartz studied pathogenic microorganisms, in particular, deciphering their DNA. He worked at the Center of Excellence in Herndon, Virginia;
  • Ngaen Van Seth worked with a group of researchers known for the discovery of the mousepox virus, which may become a means of fighting smallpox;
  • Victor Korshunov , specialist in the field of children’s intestinal infections;
  • Ian Langford , Environmental Health Specialist;
  • Tanya Holzmeier ;
  • Guyang (Matthew) Huang ;
  • David Wynn-Williams of the British Antarctic Society studied microbial activity in space;
  • Stephen Mostov , known as “Doctor Flu” for his achievements in the treatment of this disease.

To this list can be added Ivan Glebov and Alexei Brushlinsky, members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who were killed in Moscow in January 2002 as a result of a “bandit” attack. Antonina Presnyakova and Leonid Strachunsky , a WHO expert, died later, in 2004 and 2005, respectively.

What kind of pestilence attacked the microbiologists?

Maybe these scientists have witnessed the operations of the special services in terms of the use of biological weapons? We, following the Canadian journalists, will not draw any conclusions either, but we will put this data into a collection of facts that indirectly confirm the hypothesis of a terrorist attack. Below is the opinion of a Russian military microbiologist, a specialist in this field. Here is what he writes about the research of the Spanish flu virus in US laboratories:

At present, researchers from the Institute of Pathology of the US Army (Washington) continue to search for the causes of the Spanish flu pandemic exclusively in the genome of the H1N1 influenza virus (they recovered from tissue samples of people who died from influenza in 1918-1920) with enviable persistence. Their experiments on cloning individual genes of the virus in artificial vector systems are more reminiscent of attempts to create new potential agents of biological weapons than the search for the true reasons for the high mortality rate of people in the 1918-1920 influenza pandemic.

The Russian microbiologist convincingly proves some cases of the use of bacteriological weapons by the American special services. So, the famous incident with anthrax in Sverdlovsk in January 1980 was, according to the specialist, a sabotage of the United States against the USSR.

In a dispute with a certain Thomas the Unbeliever, one can resort to analogy, so that these facts are formed into an understandable picture. The analogy is simple – a guy was walking, turned on a passing blonde and fell into an open sewer hatch. You didn’t notice the lady and you believed the guy that he turned around at the hail. This is, as it were, the “official version” of the reason for the fall into the hatch. I show you some facts documented:

  1. The coincidence of the types of viruses “Spanish flu” and swine. (A blonde passed by!)
  2. The Spanish flu virus was recovered 3 years ago. (The guy turned around after the blonde)
  3. There is an “anti-crisis” effect from a flu pandemic. (The guy is generally a womanizer)
  4. The head of the Pentagon and the giants of the pharmaceutical industry are interested in a pandemic. (The guy is enrolled in the Blondes Looking Back Club)
  5. There was an attempt to arrange a pandemic with a different strain 2 months ago. (The guy was already falling from the balcony, looking at the passing beauty)

Not the fact that the guy fell precisely because of the passing blonde. We only point out that the presence of a passing blonde may indicate another reason for falling into the hatch. This is a HYPOTHESIS. We will never know its reliability, but we can assume that the guy will fall again when it appears. And, of course, we can have our own opinion on this issue, which everyone is allowed to have.

Expert opinion

In any serious investigation, the moment comes for an independent examination. Naturally, an independent expert should conduct it. In our case, this is a specialist in dangerous viral infections, military microbiologist Mikhail Vasilyevich Supotnitsky, candidate of biological sciences, reserve colonel. Here is his comment:

I read the article “Terrorist attack California-04/2009” with interest and I can only express my surprise at the meticulousness and insight of the author of the article. But I still believe that we must not distort the epidemic reality, since it can be much more dangerous than a biological terrorist act.

First, about the influenza virus, which was allegedly modified in a laboratory to become a pandemic. No reassortant has caused a pandemic; known viruses are always involved in a pandemic. What is a reassortant? Here you have two of your legs, you use them perfectly, suddenly they remove them, and they offer you to walk on crutches, and so that you don’t feel so offended, they call you a reassortant. Will you run faster on them? Not! The same applies to the influenza virus, which has been stably maintained in natural ecosystems for millions of years – why does it need foreign genes? Such reassortants since the 1950s. obtained in laboratories for the production of vaccines. They form in vertebrates, but they do not have pandemic potential. The most deadly thing about this bird flu story is that the virus that caused the Spanish flu pandemic not only has nothing to do with the avian virus at all, but is even less virulent (dangerous to humans) than the virus of the same serotype that is circulating today! From the very beginning of this campaign to extort money from the Russian state, “scientists” openly and blatantly falsified the data obtained by Anne Reid and Jeffrey Taubenberger (I consider their work in detail in my article – supotnitskiy.ru/stat/stat51.htm). All, of course, were surpassed by the director of the Research Institute of Influenza Kiselev. received by Anne Reid and Jeffrey Taubenberger (I consider their work in detail in my article – supotnitskiy.ru/stat/stat51.htm). All, of course, were surpassed by the director of the Research Institute of Influenza Kiselev. received by Anne Reid and Jeffrey Taubenberger (I consider their work in detail in my article – supotnitskiy.ru/stat/stat51.htm). All, of course, were surpassed by the director of the Research Institute of Influenza Kiselev.

In my article I give links to the works of American researchers Reid and Taubenberger, re-read them and see for yourself – the bird flu virus has nothing to do with the “Spanish flu”. Therefore, if you are concerned that the pandemic and the virus are artificial, then I believe that the situation is much worse – we do not know the reasons why deadly influenza pandemics develop. What else to talk about, when the natural reservoir of the influenza virus is not even known, and this beautiful scheme – “the virus becomes a reassortant in the pig’s body and is carried by birds” – is just a hypothesis, journalists can repeat it, but not scientists. But we, in principle, will not know the mechanisms of the development of a pandemic, the natural reservoir of the virus, the reasons that activate them, since research on influenza is planned from trivial premises – “we will create a vaccine,” etc.

It is disappointing that in the West, the study of natural reservoirs of pathogens of dangerous infections is going on very intensively. In this section of my new book “Evolutionary Pathology” (supotnitskiy.ru/book/book4-2-3.htm) I have summarized the most interesting achievements in the study of the primary natural reservoirs of microorganisms dangerous to humans. Finishing my reasoning on the virus that caused the Spanish flu, I would also like to draw the reader’s attention to the following information – the virus that caused the Spanish flu in 1918 circulated among people since 1900, and after 1918 it was still supported among pigs two decades without causing a pandemic. Now match all these unknown components of influenza pandemics and translate them into the artificial pandemic version. It turns out?

The author of “Terrorist Attack California-04/2009” writes that A / H1N1, according to scientists, is a “hellish mixture” of the genetic material of swine, bird and human influenza viruses. This is not true, the author was misled. “Scientists” who think so are risking their scientific reputation – see this article – cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5815a5.htm.

The Western press has been writing for a long time about Rumsfeld’s commercial interests. I think that he was also involved in the strange vaccination of the personnel of the American armed forces (AF) with a chemical anthrax vaccine on the eve of the war in Iraq. By the way, have you ever wondered why Saddam was accused of preparing bacteriological warfare using only the anthrax pathogen? There are also causative agents of plague, glanders, melioidosis. Their infectious dose with aerogenic application is not more than several hundred cells. But the infectious dose for anthrax is about 40 thousand spores. There is a difference? But not a word was spoken about glanders, melioidosis and plague. The reason for this is extremely simple – only a licensed anthrax vaccine is available for commercial implementation in the United States, but there are no licensed vaccines against plague, glanders, melioidosis. Hence all this perennial screeching about the “intermission virus” (and so they wrote!), And again the unprincipled behavior of scribblers, “luminaries of science”, politicians. To see all the filth of this scam, carried out in the “most democratic country in the world”, I will only point out to you that the vaccine, which was inoculated by 2 million American soldiers, is veterinary. It gives many antibodies to the protective antigen of the anthrax pathogen, but does not protect against it if it enters the human body in an aerosolized state. Six injections of this vaccine must be given during the year. The fact that a vaccine of this type cannot protect against aerosol of the causative agent of anthrax has been known almost since the early 1960s. The cost of the annual vaccination of US military personnel is $ 650 million, this is the price of the issue for American taxpayers. The Rumsfelds don’t mind their soldiers! Even by the properties of this vaccine, we knew that Saddam had no biological weapons, and that everything that was written about his military biological program was a lie. For your information, I will tell you that our STI-1 vaccine is very effective against this method of human infection. But this vaccine of ours (supotnitskiy.ru/stat/stat55.htm) is even more effective than STI-1. They were created in the so-called 19th military town in Sverdlovsk, which for 30 years has been mercilessly defamed as being involved in the alleged “release” in 1979. The “luminaries of science” have actively joined the defamation of the real achievements of our science (including military), the kind of people who create “vaccines” against “bird flu” all the time. Everything useful and sensible that is in the biological science of Russia is defamed and hushed up by them, and in return forgery in the form of “bird flu”. The author, by the way, mentions the existence of a sabotage version of the events in Sverdlovsk in 1979.

The list of persons allegedly related to BO is random. Firstly, there is the 1972 Convention on the Prohibition of these Weapons, where did so many of those “involved” in its creation come from? In Russia, the creation of biological weapons is prosecuted! Secondly, Pasechnik, he really, having fled to the West, pretended to be the “creator of BO”, but he died of cancer in a hospital bed.

The author quite rightly writes about the rehearsal of a great biological war. I don’t know if you noticed that in 2008 it was not Ben Laden, but Bruce E. Ivins, an employee of USAMRIID (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Derrick) – an organization engaged in military biological research in the United States. So, today few people know that in July 2001, during the talks in Geneva, the US representatives unceremoniously and unilaterally refused to complete the work on the already agreed Russian draft Protocol to the 1972 Convention, which would make possible a mechanism for controlling BW. At the end of the same year – from further consideration of this issue as a whole. The Americans simply sent our delegation away with all its proposals. Who is the boss in the world? Now that it was revealed that USAMRIID employee Ivins carried out a biological attack using a dry formulation of the anthrax pathogen produced at the same institute to equip cluster submunitions, it became clear that the United States, by blocking Russian initiatives to control BW, was creating a one-sided advantage in this area. The secret development of materials for equipping cluster biological munitions is a gross violation not even of the Protocol, but of the 1972 Convention itself. The amount of the anthrax agent formulation used by Ivins for the attack is sufficient to equip one American E120-type biological cluster submunition or its subsequent modifications. From here the reasons become clear

The author is absolutely right that the crisis creates a lot of people “unnecessary for the economy”. But they began to fight them for a long time, in fact, without taking any real measures against the AIDS pandemic, replacing them with false chatter about “human rights” reputation this way in exchange for “money for the vaccine.” Such an experiment could be carried out in Africa, and no one would ever know about it. In general, we can state the banal truth that we live in a world in which “the tail wags the dog.” In him, lies exist as a principle. The distortion of media reality is global. And what happened to domestic epidemiology in the light of the outbreak of “swine flu” can only be called a collapse. I emphasize, not a single Russian “scientist” even in the ranks of an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences or RAMS, he did not oppose the profanation of influenza in 2005-2007, on the contrary, it was they who spread it. In Russia, there is absolutely no concept of scientific reputation. And how could it be otherwise given the system of values ​​that developed in Russian science in the 1990s? I am sincerely grateful to the author of the article for trying to objectively analyze the situation with the “swine flu”.

This was the commentary of a specialist. The commentary provides a wealth of food for further thought on influenza and Rumsfeld’s role in the latest epidemic. However, I asked the specialist clarifying questions about the original version of the biological attack.

malchish.org: As I understood from your comment, artificial organization of a pandemic of “swine” influenza serotype A / H1N1 is impossible? Or is it possible under certain conditions?

M.V. Supotnitsky: No, it’s impossible! We know too little about the flu to cause an epidemic, let alone a pandemic. It’s not just the flu. For example, General Ishiya in Manchuria scattered plague fleas and spread plague rats, but did not receive anything similar to the 1910 plague epidemic (supotnitskiy.ru/book/book3-34.htm). malchish.org: If not, does this follow from the fact that the main method of infection in humans is not airborne droplets, as is commonly believed with the flu? We are talking specifically about the serotype A / H1N1, not about the avian H5N1, with which Baxter was caught. He did not have a pandemic potential for obvious reasons.

M.V. Supotnitsky: I think that the occurrence of an influenza pandemic depends on the massiveness and duration of the “injection” of the influenza virus into human populations from some unknown so far natural reservoirs. Moreover, at the initial stage of a pandemic, the waterway will be the main one (initiation of a pandemic), then the virus breaks away from its natural reservoir and circulates among people for some time, being transmitted as an airborne infection. But it cannot circulate endlessly among people (and any other vertebrates), since its niche in the human body is macrophages (evolutionary descendants of protozoa), the T- and B-cell systems very reliably recognize virus-infected macrophages and start the mechanisms of their destruction, known third-year medical students. And the flu virus from its past life is not familiar with T- and B-cells,

malchish.org: Could the Spanish flu be the prototype of a modern swine flu epidemic of the same serotype? In terms of mutation or artificial modification?

M.V. Supotnitsky: “Spanish flu” is not a disease, but a pathological syndrome that occurs in any influenza pandemic and during the circulation of any virus serotype, albeit with different frequencies. I write about this in detail in my article – supotnitskiy.ru/stat/stat51.htm. Therefore, your question has nothing to do with the phenomenon of “Spanish flu” itself. The Spanish flu and “swine flu” are phenomena of a different order.

malchish.org: Generally speaking, my article makes a hypothesis of artificial infection and use of the Spanish flu virus, a virus of the same type that is now recognized for “swine” flu. Therefore, my main question for you, as a specialist, is whether it is possible to use the recovered Spanish flu virus for a targeted terrorist attack? M.V. Supotnitsky: Absolutely not! It is less virulent than those circulating today. This is the biggest mystery of the pandemic! What American scientists are doing now has nothing to do with elucidating the causes of the lethality of the 1918 pandemic. They clone genes that they believe may be virulence genes and insert them into other microorganisms using artificial vector systems, and then study the virulence of these particular microorganisms. malchish.org: I ​​understand that you have a detailed theory of the natural reservoir for the flu virus in the form of protozoa. Does this theory contradict the possibility of artificial infection with the influenza virus? After all, the airborne spread of influenza infection among people does not reject your theory? As far as I understand, the primary source of infection can be both natural (the same protozoa) and artificial.

M.V. Supotnitsky: Criminally, you can infect a person with any microorganism. If you “try”, you can infect many people, see the description of one such outbreak here – supotnitskiy.ru/book/book1-2-4.htm. But it will only be an outbreak (how many infected, and so many got sick), the transmission of the pathogen along the chain, that is, there will be no epidemic. Epidemics are too complex a process, with many unknowns to be caused artificially. So, the specialist rejects my original version of a biological attack. True, I noticed some contradictions in his words. On the one hand, an artificial influenza pandemic is impossible, on the other, “you can infect a person with any microorganism by criminal means.” On the one hand, “epidemics are too complex a process, and with many unknowns, Why was it impossible to commit a terrorist attack with the California-04/2009 virus? The case with “Baxter” is certainly not yet proof of such an attempt, but its possibility should not be dismissed due to the possible loss of the company’s reputation. She already lost it. At least by chance. What has changed? And if there was a pandemic, and it was proved that it was not accidental, then the case would be blamed on some terrorist who infiltrated the laboratory. Is it difficult? Why was it impossible to commit a terrorist attack with the California-04/2009 virus? The case with “Baxter” is certainly not yet proof of such an attempt, but its possibility should not be dismissed due to the possible loss of the company’s reputation. She already lost it. At least by chance. What has changed? And if there was a pandemic, and it was proved that it was not accidental, then the case would be blamed on some terrorist who infiltrated the laboratory. Is it difficult? that case would have been blamed on some terrorist who had infiltrated the laboratory. Is it difficult? that case would have been blamed on some terrorist who had infiltrated the laboratory. Is it difficult?

The expert connects the possibility of a pandemic with “the massiveness and duration of the injection of the influenza virus into human populations from some unknown so far natural reservoirs.” At the same time, he notes that “in the West, the study of natural reservoirs of pathogens of dangerous infections is very intensive.” Isn’t there a lead in the West in researching ways to “stuff” infections into human populations? In the end, a massive “stuffing” of a dangerous infection can be organized artificially – several aerosols are sprayed at the airport and a dozen planes will arrive at the destination airport with infected passengers. Buses, cinemas, supermarkets – a bunch of possible locations for such attacks. Wouldn’t the massive nature of such attacks replace the “stuffing” of a virus from natural reservoirs? Generally, the examination did not dispel all my doubts, although it greatly changed the likelihood of such a version of events. After all, not even a pandemic, but just a fairly massive outbreak of the incidence can bring the desired effect to the organizers. The expert’s information about Rumsfeld’s possible machinations with the anthrax vaccine and the case of Bruce Ivins strongly strengthen the prosecution. The list of microbiologists who died under strange circumstances, of course, may contain accidental deaths. But it may include not random ones. The list of microbiologists who died under strange circumstances, of course, may contain accidental deaths. But it may include not random ones. The list of microbiologists who died under strange circumstances, of course, may contain accidental deaths. But it may include not random ones.

Obviously, the investigation is not over yet and the future will bring us new information to think about. In the end, even if the expert is right and there was no biological terrorist attack, then all its effects could have been created by a purely informational act. After all, the state of emergency in California was introduced after the death of just one person from the flu, who died in Texas. And the profits of the pharmaceutical giants are not excluded. They already exist – WHO has ordered 300 million courses of Tamiflu. There is no pandemic, and Rumsfeld is already calculating profits.


The article was published in the newspaper “Towards the Barrier!” 22 October 20, 2009


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