How to Create or Registering “AdMob” Accounts || Login/Signin an AdMob Google Account 2022


    AdMob is a mobile advertising network owned by Google. For registration, it is recommended to use a Google account other than the one associated with Google Play. Signing up for AdMob is free and requires just a few simple steps.

    To register, follow the  link . If you are using an existing Google account, then just enter the password to it. If you want to create a new account – click “Create account” in the lower left corner.


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     On the next page, you need to select your country, time zone and billing currency. For Russia, the payment currency is the US dollar.

      Check the box next to the Adsense Terms of Service and click the Create AdMob Account button. Specify which emails you want to receive from AdMob by selecting the appropriate responses and clicking Next.

     The next page asks for a phone number to verify your account. Enter your real phone number and select SMS (or voice call, if you prefer). SMS arrives within a couple of minutes, the sent code must be indicated on the next page. After that, your account will be verified.

      After logging into your account, you need to go to the “Payments” section (left side of the page) and click the “Set up billing information” button. On this page you need to indicate your real data in Latin characters, because they will be used in the future to pay income. Also, Google will send an email with a PIN to the address you provided to confirm the validity of the address.

      This completes the registration and you can create ad units for your applications.


! Update from October 5, 2022!

      According to the new rules of Google Play and AdMob, all applications must have a website that contains an AdMob cookie. AppyGen has made a website for each user (at the moment these are empty pages), which must be indicated when placing an application on Google Play.
In addition, you must include your Publisher ID in your AppyGen profile. To do this, find your ID on the AdMob site and paste it into the “Admob Publisher ID” line on your profile page  . Then press the black button “Update Accaunt Settings” in the upper right corner.
In the line ” Developer Website URL” you can see the address of your website.


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