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Nowadays, the words “Gluten Free Recipes” appear more and more often on grocery packages. Gluten-free diets are gaining popularity, and news is emerging that various well-known personalities are opting for such a diet. Let’s see what gluten is and should we give it up?

Gluten is a complex protein. Most cereals, such as rye, wheat, barley, contain large amounts of it in seeds. This is gluten, which we can isolate if we mix flour with water, knead the dough, and then rinse it under running water. The plastic gray mass that will eventually remain contains the maximum amount of gluten. Translated from Latin “gluten” means “glue”. You can really make a good adhesive solution from it.

Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten in the form of gluten gives the dough elasticity, when mixed with water, the dough becomes elastic. The amount of gluten in flour is one of the parameters by which its quality is judged.

There is evidence that, thanks to special selection, the amount of gluten in cereals is now much higher than before. That is, our digestive system has to cope with more gluten than our ancestors literally a couple of generations ago.

The pure gluten isolated from wheat is seitan. Such a product is widespread in Asian cuisine and is used in the preparation of various dishes as a substitute for meat.

Is gluten harmful

It has been scientifically established that approximately 1% of the inhabitants of the earth have an intolerance to such protein, they cannot digest it normally. Gluten intolerance is called celiac disease. People affected by this genetically transmitted disease should not eat any form of barley, rye or wheat.

Celiac disease is often not immediately diagnosed, since its symptoms can accompany other diseases. Diarrhea, anemia, emaciation, bloating, osteoporosis, delayed puberty, and intestinal dyskinesia are common symptoms of celiac disease. This disease has different forms. Severe celiac disease is rare. Mild forms of the disease are most common.

The difficulty of assimilating protein from cereals increases due to the fact that during production, strong heating of the raw material often occurs. Even when making flour in a common way, cereals are heated above 40º, which leads to the destruction of enzymes that help break down gluten. In this regard, celiac patients are advised to eat yeast-free cakes, which were made from grain ground on stone millstones. Such cakes should be cooked for no more than 1 minute. You need to eat them immediately after cooking.

Confirmation of the presence of the disease is a sharp improvement in well-being against the background of refusal of products containing gluten. The mainstay of celiac disease treatment is a lifelong gluten-free diet.

What foods contain gluten free recipes

Gluten is found in various derivatives of wheat, rye, and barley. There is no gluten in oats, but due to the fact that cereals are often stored in the same warehouses, they are transported together, and to some extent they are mixed. Therefore, for those who try to avoid gluten, it is better to be careful with oats as well.

You can eat vegetables, fruits, dairy products, legumes, various seeds, including buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, rice, nuts, corn. But it should be remembered that many industrial products may contain hidden gluten due to the fact that the production of different products takes place on the same equipment, or because the manufacturer includes cereals in some form. For example, this applies to soy semi-finished products (including soy sauce), yoghurts, starch, which is also found in many products.

Gluten Free Recipes for Diet

Fortunately for those who, for one reason or another, choose a gluten-free diet for themselves, and due to the fact that this direction is gaining more and more popularity, especially in the West, there are more and more various recipes and products that satisfy the requirement that there is no gluten in the composition.

For example, you can now find gluten-free pasta made with corn, peas, or other suitable ingredients.

In this section, we collect interesting and healthy vegetarian, vegan, and raw gluten-free recipes for you. If you’re new to a gluten-free diet, there are some interesting options for you to diversify your diet.

All recipes in this section are gluten free. You can safely choose any of them and start creating! For your convenience, we will continually expand the variety of gluten-free recipes.

If you think that such food requires special effort and time, then you are mistaken. Cooking gluten-free meals is no more difficult than preparing regular foods. It is only possible that it will take some time to buy the right ingredients. But at present, their choice is quite extensive. Various types of gluten-free flours such as buckwheat, rice, and pea flours can be bought even in small shops.

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