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Blue hair will always attract a lot of attention from the outside. Thanks to special dyes or tonics, you can dye your hair for a long or short time, which will help to significantly change the image and feel in a new way. Read below for all the features of blue hair color.

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Who suits

The blue color actually suits almost any color type of a woman, but there is only one type that should be treated with caution – these are red-haired girls. Due to the red freckles and too light eyebrows, the blue color will make the image too cheap, which will look unprofitable. But if you really want to, then it is better to consult with the master in the salon and choose the optimal tone or choose partial staining, and not a complete color update.

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Blue, like many others, is divided into its own shades, so it is better for a cold type of skin to choose a tonic or paint with a silver, ash, blue, light green, smoky tint, and for a warm one – with aquamarine, indigo, purple and green.

How to make

You can make your hair blue at home, thanks to special dyes or tonics. If you want a temporary result, it is better to pay attention to the tonics. they are usually mixed one-to-one with hair balm and applied to the strands. the exposure time will depend on the type of product -usually 30-40 minutes.






For full and long-term dyeing, special paints should be used, but it is better to select expensive ones so that they harm the hair less and can convey a beautiful color.


It is worth remembering that before dyeing dark and black hair, they must be lightened. For this, a brightening powder is used, which helps to lighten hair up to 7 tones at a time. Experts also recommend lightening blonde hair, if it has a yellowish or reddish tint, otherwise you can get an extraordinary hair color.



Blue hair by tone and color method

Blue hair color is divided into many shades, so you can choose the perfect one for yourself. Also, thanks to the different types of staining, the blue color will always look different.

Solid blue hair

The most popular and common type of staining is pure blue. It can vary slightly in tone, so sometimes it looks lighter or darker.



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Dark blue

Dark blue is deep and rich. It is like aquamarine and indigo in one bottle, which makes hair seem to shine in the sunlight or under the light of lamps.

1. Midnight Blue And Black




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Blue is the coldest shade of blue hair and is ideal for cold hair.

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Ombre is a technique that allows you to dye your hair partially, that is, by half or by a third. To do this, you can not repaint your own hair color, but touch only a part of it with paint. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful techniques available at the moment.

1. Ice Diva

3. Denim Blues


18. Twilight Dream


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Coloring involves dyeing some strands, which is very beautiful and unusual.



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Pearl includes blue with a hint of white, snowy, ash or smoky.

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Striking examples of blue hair

Blue hair color is very interesting and unusual. If you wanted to attract increased attention to your person, then this choice will definitely be the best.

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