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Ayurvedic Beauty Tips and Tricks at Home for Skin Care || Beautician Ideas for girls and Womens

The modern woman knows many beauty recipes. In order to be successful, look great and be successful with men, we spend a lot of money on salons, cosmetics and clothing. Of course, this is correct – beauty requires a certain investment. Nevertheless, in addition to investments, it is not bad to take on arms and some, as we can say today, life hacks.

101 beauty tricks every girl should know
The most important thing is to look completely natural; but this requires a lot of cosmetics.

Beauty will save the world! Little tricks will save female beauty. There are thousands of tips to help you take care of yourself. Some of the best have been collected for our readers. Militant haters of the beauty world are not allowed to enter!




1. Change your care according to the season. In winter, you need well moisturizing products, in summer – products with SPF filters.

2. Use a minimum of makeup in the summer. Look for lightweight moisturizers or BB creams.

3. Apply cream, mask and other facial products along the massage lines. There will be a double effect: care + massage.

4. Don’t pop pimples. This makes them even more noticeable.

5. Has an awful red, like a fire engine, a pimple jumped up? Don’t panic! Moisten a cotton ball with eye drops to prevent redness and place it in the freezer for 3-5 minutes.

Then apply a tampon to the inflamed area – the pimple will become almost invisible.

6. To get rid of a small pimple will also help toothpaste. Apply it on the rash and leave to dry. The pimple will fade.

7. Be careful not to overdo it with bronzer, highlighter and blush. Less is better. Otherwise, you will look like a doll.

8. To find the perfect shade of foundation, apply it to the jawline and see how it suits you in natural (day) light.

9. When toning your face, do not forget about the neck.

10. Remember the rule: first the tonal foundation, then the corrector. Not the other way around.

11. To correctly mask the blue under the eyes, draw a triangle with the corrector and gently blend it.


Corrector application rule


How to apply concealer under the eyes

12. Concealer can mask rashes not only on the face, but also on the body. For example, on the chest, when clothes with a deep neckline. Cover the pimple with concealer, and then powder.

13. Apply a highlighter to the cheekbones and a bronzer underneath if you want to visually lift the cheekbones.

14. One tablespoon of cinnamon + one teaspoon of cocoa + one teaspoon of nutmeg + two teaspoons of cornstarch = homemade bronzer.

Homemade bronzer


This bronzer can be used on the body too

15. Place your index and middle fingers on the side of your nose to determine where you want to blend the blush.

16. You can revive your face and give it a slight blush without makeup, if you slightly pinch your cheekbones.

17. If you have dry skin, use a creamy blush and powder.

18. Lipstick can be replaced with blush, if they were not found in the cosmetic bag. First apply lipstick to your hand and then brush onto a brush or sponge.

19. If you need to remove oily shine from your face and touch up your makeup, but you don’t have powder at hand, use baby powder or body talc.

20. Make-up removers (milk, micellar water and others) perfectly clean the skin from paint that accidentally got on the forehead or ears during hair coloring.

21. Take care of your skin: remove makeup as soon as you come home, not before bed.



22. Apply a drop of shea butter under the eyes if you want to hide the gray circles underneath.

23. Even poorly pigmented eyeshadows can be brightened by applying them to the base. As such, you can use a white matte pencil.

Matt white pencil


Use a white pencil as a base for shadows

24. If the powder does not suit you in shade, use it as an eyeshadow.

25. Instead of shadows, you can use a pencil: draw a few strokes and blend them carefully.

Pencil instead of shadows


Draw a mesh like this and blend it

26. Shimmer in the corner of the eye makes the eyes brighter and more expressive.

27. Eyebrow styling gel can be replaced with handy products. For example, hair gel. Apply it to the brush and style your eyebrows.

28. By applying the highlighter under and over the eyebrow , you will instantly get a wide-open look.

29. Don’t throw away the mascara brush if it’s convenient for you. Just wash it and transfer it to a new mascara or use it to brush your eyebrows.

30. A regular underwater pencil can be turned into a permanent gel pencil with a simple trick. Just hold the point over the fire for a few seconds (use a lighter or candle).

How to turn a regular underwater into a helium one


A few seconds, and the pencil will become softer and brighter.

31. Out of liquid eyeliner? There is an exit! Draw the arrows with a beveled brush and mascara.

32. Apply a white pencil to the water line if you want to hide redness in the eyes.

33. Blue eyeliner on the water line will accentuate the depth of gray eyes. Emerald eyeliner will give blue eyes a greenish tint.

34. Don’t know how to draw arrows? Try the spoon method.

women's life hacks


A teaspoon will help draw the arrows straight.

35. Is the arrow crooked? Do not rush to wash it – touch up the shape with a beveled brush and concealer.

Arrow correction


The corrector will help to make the arrow straight

36. You can get rid of a long-lasting gel liner not only with micellar water, but also using ordinary olive oil.

37. One layer of mascara + loose powder + second layer of mascara = luxurious long lashes.

38. Want to make your eyes look bigger and your gaze more open? Then paint over the eyelashes not to the temple, but to the nose.

39. If, while painting your eyelashes, you stain your eyelids or the skin under the eyes with mascara, do not immediately wipe it off with a cotton swab or cotton pad. Wait for the mascara to dry, then brush it off with an eyebrow brush.

40. An old credit card or an unnecessary business card are also assistants for girls who are not very confident in wielding the mascara brush. Lean the card against your eyelid and boldly paint your eyelashes from the very roots.

41. Lumps and spider legs on the eyelashes are not a sign of bad mascara. There is simply too much product on the brush. Remove excess mascara from it before dyeing your lashes.

42. If you use an eyelash curler, warm it up with a hot stream of air from a hair dryer before use. The cilia will turn out to be more curled.

43. To apply the glue to the false eyelashes evenly, do it with the tip of the invisibility.


Applying glue to false eyelashes

Invisibility will help you to do it neatly.

44. Is it a pity to part with your favorite mascara, which is about to end? Remove the rubber dispenser from the tube – there is still a lot of product hiding under it.

45. Soak dried mascara for five minutes in hot water if you want to “revive” it.

A way to 'revive' dried mascara


5 minutes, and mascara is back in the ranks

46. ​​A few drops of saline will also help “revive” mascara.




47. Light lip scrub: while brushing your teeth, brush over your lips. Dead particles will flake off, and menthol will improve blood circulation.

48. To prevent lipstick from staining your teeth, wrap your lips around your index finger and gently take it out of your mouth without opening your lips.

How to apply lipstick and keep your lips clean


Excess lipstick will remain on the finger

49. Do not know how to draw the contour of the lips? Try starting with a cross (“X”) under Cupid’s hollow in the center of your upper lip, then mark the corners and connect the resulting lines.

Easy way to draw lip contour


Start with a cross under Cupid’s hollow

50. Apply lipstick with a brush if you want to get a clear outline. Use your fingers to apply lipstick for plump lips.

51. Before applying lipstick, apply foundation to the contours of the lips and add a dash of highlighter to the hollow above the upper lip. This will visually enlarge the lips.

Lip augmentation


Lips Can Be Done Bigger Without Botox

52. Another trick that makes lips look bigger and sexier is light pearlescent shadows applied in the middle of the lips.

53. Do you want lipstick to last long? Paint your lips, attach a thin paper towel to them and dust your lips with loose powder through it.

Life hack that helps to keep lipstick on lips for a long time


This method allows you not to tint your lips for a long time

54. Is your expensive lipstick broken? Do not be upset! Heat the tip remaining in the tube with a lighter and press the broken part tightly against it. Then refrigerate the lipstick for 15-30 minutes.

55. Plumper (means for giving volume) for lips can be made by hand. Just add a drop of peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss.

56. Vaseline + loose eyeshadow = homemade lip gloss.

Homemade lip gloss


You can create shine in any shade




57. Do not wash your hair every day – this will make it dirty faster. This dries out the scalp, and the body takes it as a challenge – more fat is needed.

58. Is your scalp dry and dandruff? Rub burdock oil into it (sold in any pharmacy).

59. If your hair tends to be oily, do not apply conditioner from the roots – do it starting from the ear.

60. Make avocado masks to add shine to your hair.

61. To get rid of split ends, twist the strand into a spiral and cut off any protruding hairs.

An easy way to get rid of split ends


Just a few minutes and your hair is fine

62. Baby powder or talcum powder are great alternatives to dry shampoo if you don’t have one on hand.

63. Use dry shampoo in the evening, not in the morning. Overnight, the excess powder will crumble, and you will receive a larger volume.

64. Use anti-static wipes (usually used to wipe screens) to style electrified, unruly hair.

65. To prevent hair from puckering after blow-drying, spray the comb with hairspray and go through your hair. Caution! By spraying your hair, not a comb, you will get a gummy effect.

66. Braid a few braids, go over them with an iron, and then loosen your hair. You will get wavy curls that will not straighten for a long time.

Easy way to curl


You can create curls not only with a curling iron

67. To keep the curls in shape longer, start curling with a curling iron only after the hair is completely dry.

68. Hairpins and bobby pins slip through your hair? Spray hairpins with hairspray before using.

69. A couple of drops of perfume on a comb, and the trail of your favorite scent will always be on your hair.




70. Use eye cream as a cuticle care. He will nourish her no worse than special oils.

71. Do you need to erase the varnish, but you run out of special liquid? Apply clear polish to your nails and wipe it off without drying. It will come off along with the old coating.

72. The nail polish is dry, and the cap just turns in your hands and does not open in any way? Put a rubber band on it (for money) and try again. The varnish will be easier to hold and open.

An easy way to open the varnish


The elastic will help open the nail polish.

73. Do not rush to throw out boring shades of shadows. Grind them and mix with clear nail polish. You will have a new manicure product.

74. Use a wide rubber band to create the perfect French manicure.

Perfect French manicure



A wide elastic band will allow you to make a jacket quickly and without hassle

75. You paint your nails, and at the same time your cuticles … Sound familiar? To easily remove polish from the skin around the nail, lubricate it with petroleum jelly before creating a manicure.

76. Another option, how to remove excess varnish from the cuticle, is to apply PVA glue on your finger. It forms a film, which can then be easily removed along with the varnish.

How to paint your nails and not get your hands dirty


PVA glue forms a film, which can then be easily removed along with excess varnish

77. Broken nail? Do not worry! Paint the tips of your nails with a shiny polish to mask the unevenness.




78. Want more hydration for your skin? Add some baby nourishing oil to your body lotion.

79. If you do not want your body skin to dry too much in winter, stop taking hot baths: hot water washes away the protective oil from the skin. Better take a warm shower.

80. Keep hand cream on the shelf with dishes and smear it on your hands every time you wash the dishes.

81. Have you bought a face scrub that is too rough? Use it to exfoliate your elbows and heels.

82. To feel the scent of perfume all day, apply them correctly: on the wrist, behind the earlobe, on the bend of the elbow, on the neck (in the area of ​​the interclavicular cavity) and under the knee.

How to properly apply perfume


How to properly apply perfume

83. Exfoliate before using a self-tanner.

84. If the fake tan does not come off evenly, apply baking soda to a sponge and scrub dark spots.

85. Need to shave your legs, but the foam is over? Replace it with hair conditioner.

How to shave your legs without shaving foam


Hair conditioner will help out!

86. Almond oil + 30 drops of tea tree essential oil + 30 drops of peppermint essential oil = hair growth retardant after epilation.

87. Rubbing new shoes? Lubricate the rubbing area with antiperspirant. The shoes will be dry and will rub less against your feet – less chance of getting a blister.

88. To get rid of corns, apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly or greasy cream on dry corn overnight and put on socks. In the morning, the corns will be easily removed.




Life style

89. In order not to be late, wrap yourself up in front of the mirror in the morning, create a playlist of the length that you set aside for your morning preparations. You will get used to the order of the songs and, when you hear that the last one is about to play, you will understand: you need to hurry.

90. Visit cosmetic stores with a shopping list and do not agree to the persuasion of consultants to test the “supernova”. This will save you from impulsive spending.

91. Do not strive to have cosmetics for all occasions – grandma’s recipes can cope with many tasks.

92. Tubes often only seem empty. Cut them and transfer the product hidden in the corners and on the walls into a jar. It turns out to be a good saving!

Saving cosmetics


Cut the tubes and get a bonus

93. Put on the invisible tube of toothpaste or cream and gradually move it to use the tool to the last drop.

Saving through invisibility


Invisibility will help to squeeze out every last drop

94. Broken eyeshadows, compact powder or blush? Soak a cloth with rubbing alcohol and blot cracked food with it. Soon the alcohol will fizzle out, and the cosmetics will be like new.

95. Strike a balance: if there is a shimmer in your eye makeup, then give preference to matte lipstick. And vice versa.

96. Keep Balance # 2: Intense eye makeup involves a subtle tint on the lips. And vice versa, bright lips are a minimum of makeup on the eyes.

97. Have your collar dirty with foundation? Don’t rush to change. Apply some shaving cream to the stained area and remove the stain with a damp cloth. Fast and efficient!

98. If sweat stains remain on your clothes, squeeze some lemon juice onto them before washing.

99. Keep your makeup brushes clean. Wash them at least once a week in warm water and baby shampoo.

Wash your makeup brushes


Wash your makeup brushes!

100. Every six months, revise your cosmetics and throw away products that have expired.

101. Smile more often! A smile makes you beautiful without makeup.

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