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40 Tips & Tricks For Your Beauty | Daily Life True Beauty Tricks and Tips for Girls, Women

If the subject “How to be beautiful every day” was taught at school, then with the help of the list of tips from CosmoBeauty, you would pass the exam for the top five.

  1. To protect against UV rays , apply sunscreen over your moisturizer and under your makeup base.
  2. The hair on the temples is much weaker than elsewhere. Hint your hairdresser to work this area carefully. Too much lightening in this area will cause the hair to thin and become brittle.
  3. Light waves can become an alternative to curls . Roll your hair with wide tongs without grabbing the ends. The point is to glide smoothly from top to bottom through the hair, without lingering for a long time, so that curls do not turn out. At the end, lightly smooth the curls with a comb.
  4. Instead of shading all the lips with a pencil, simply soften the outline in the “Cupid’s arc” area. Visually, the lips will appear larger and plump.
  5. Get used to using a primer – a makeup base – not from time to time, but always. The cosmetics will last much longer.
  6. After using your favorite perfume , apply body cream to the skin. It will “hold together” the aroma, as it were, and it will last longer than usual.
  7. Never pull out the longest hairs of your eyebrows. it is they who define the shape. If you overdo it, the eyebrows will start to grow haphazardly.
  8. Wrap the ice cube with a handkerchief and slowly rub your face three to five times. Repeat this procedure daily, and the skin will be more toned and refreshed. What is not an alternative to botox?
  9. When it comes to hairstyle , do not go for fashion. Forget about trends: the main thing is the shape of your face and the type of your hair.
  10. Try a handstand leaning against a wall . Standing like this for just a minute a day, you can saturate the brain and facial skin with oxygen.
  11. Too intense exercise and diet can be harmful. Severe weight loss can affect the face – it will look older than the body.
  12. To achieve the effect of plump lips, you can use a gold highlighter. Apply it around the lip contour after using makeup base and before applying lipstick.
  13. Try natural yogurt as a hair mask . Protein is great for softening dry hair .
  14. After using the makeup remover milk, always apply an alcohol-free toner to your face that tones the skin, unclogs the pores and prepares it for the next product, be it a moisturizer or a night cream.
  15. A liquid highlighter can be used to hide signs of eye fatigue when mixed with a concealer for the eye contour
  16. If your skin is not too sensitive, use a scrub every day. It stimulates blood circulation, the skin gets more oxygen and looks healthier.
  17. The self-tanning effect will last longer if you avoid hot showers and baths. After a warm bath, pat dry and apply a non-fragrance lotion to the body.
  18. To avoid yellowing nails , always use a base for nail polish.
  19. Dry your hair at least 70% before applying mousse or styling spray. When applying the product to wet hair, it is as if you are diluting the product, and its effectiveness is reduced.
  20. Try to sleep on your back, not on your stomach . When the face comes into contact with the pillow, there is a risk of wrinkles. The most sensitive areas are the nasolabial. If you can’t get rid of this habit, buy a silk pillowcase to reduce friction.
  21. Add some blush to your reflective powder . This will enhance the effect of purity and freshness.
  22. Before putting on hairpins, sprinkle them with hairspray . They will hold up much better, which means your hairstyle too.
  23. Be sure to use essential oils for your face . They are made up of small molecules that can penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and give it a glow.
  24. To make the lipstick last longer, apply a single-layer paper towel to your lips and apply a transparent loose powder on top .
  25. Concealer isn’t just for the eye area. Apply it to the inner corners of your eyes and the bridge of your nose.
  26. Before entering the sauna or bath , apply a mask to your hair and wrap it with a towel. Don’t forget about the face and body mask too.
  27. For blondes who suddenly did not have time for the next hair coloring, we advise you to apply talcum powder to dark roots – this masks them.
  28. The effect of the regenerating mask will increase if the hair is divided into strands, wrapped in foil and heated with an iron for 2-3 seconds.
  29. After applying your morning makeup, remember to refresh it throughout the day. For example, dye your eyelashes after dinner, apply concealer, and renew your lipstick. Pay attention to the eyelids: if there are folds, be sure to paint over them again.
  30. Are you worried about puffiness under the eyes? Try … coffee . One, maximum, two cups of a fragrant drink a day – and the problem will recede into the background.
  31. The tension in the muscles of the neck is reflected in the face. Get a massage regularly and you will look at least 10 years younger.
  32. For quick smoky eyes , paint over the area between the lashes with black pencil – just above the growth line, then blend with a brush to soften. Do the same for the lower lash line. Add a bright pink glitter.
  33. Give your hair a break at least once a week. No styling on this day. Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and apply the mask for 10 minutes. Rinse, then let your hair dry naturally and apply a leave-in conditioner. Hair will look healthy and shiny .
  34. To be proud of the silky and soft skin of the body, the cream should be used always , and not from time to time.
  35. Always remember that leave-ons are much more effective than rinses off. Better to save on a cleanser, but spend on an antioxidant serum.
  36. ​​To make the neon nail polish look exactly the same as in the jar, apply the first layer of white polish . This trick should work for pastel shades as well.
  37. Want to achieve a stunning hair texture? Use the tongs twice. First, wind all your hair over them . Loosen the curls with the comb a little. Then take the tongs again and wrap the individual strands around them. The volume is secured for the whole day.
  38. When applying blush , observe the measure, otherwise you will look like a doll. You need to start with the most convex part of the cheekbones, smoothly going down.
  39. To visually increase the length of the eyelashes , carefully draw in the upper eyelid mucosa with a pencil (just under the eyelash line). Then apply mascara.
  40. Blue mascara on the upper lashes and plum on the lower ones will brighten your eyes and perfectly set off the whites.



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