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The zero ones are long gone, and with them the notorious fashion for a doll’s appearance, which for a long time was considered almost the standard of female beauty. The long-awaited naturalness has finally come to replace the look of refined Barbies, which made modern ladies forget about hydrogen peroxide, tanning beds and a pink wardrobe.

The ubiquitous stylists took note of the new fashion and came up with as many as 6 bright types, each of which attracts with unique features and at the same time allows their owners not to wear a ton of plaster on their face.

We at  Bright Side found ourselves among the new types and we are sure that you can certainly do it too .

6 new types of female beauty that are worshiped by the whole world today

Odes to the harmonious ratio of the proportions of the face and body parts were sung in Ancient Greece, where almond-shaped eyes, thin noses and medium-sized lips were incredibly appreciated. The days of Antiquity have passed, but the  fashion for a classic face has remained: on it, like on a canvas, you can successfully try out any makeup. Almost all hairstyles and clothing styles are suitable for girls with “canvas” features , which makes them irreplaceable participants in the main fashion shows of the planet.


Examples of this type of appearance can be considered the singer Taylor Swift, actress Amber Heard, as well as the famous model Cindy Crawford.


6 new types of female beauty that are worshiped by the whole world today

The baby face trend, fashionable in Asian countries, has its fans in European countries, where you can more and more often meet girls with big expressive eyes, chubby cheeks and childishly pouting lips. The appearance, coupled with short stature, makes you involuntarily think about the age of the “babies”, who may be either 17 or 30 years old.

Meanwhile, the fashion for a pretty appearance not only spread to the world catwalks, but also penetrated into the cinema and the music sphere, because such celebrities as Ariana Grande, Reese Witherspoon and Zooey Deschanel became vivid examples of the “childish face”.

Commercial appearance

6 new types of female beauty that are worshiped by the whole world today

Bold, daring and incredibly charming girls with a  commercial appearance will not leave indifferent any modern advertiser who knows a lot about sales and high fashion. The strong-willed traits of this type are quite highly valued by various brands that use the external data of beauties to promote a particular product. It is not surprising: the charm of these girls is able to draw the attention of the audience to any product that they advertise.

The commercial appearance is far from glamorous, but this fact did not prevent Irina Shayk from becoming a world-famous supermodel, like her colleagues Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr.



6 new types of female beauty that are worshiped by the whole world today

A round face shape, wide-open eyes and plump lips – these are the main characteristics by which you can immediately notice the fair sex, whose facial features are closest to the concept of  “average appearance” . The soft attractiveness of such girls in men is often associated with  maternal care , which they received in early childhood, and therefore it is the representatives of this type that seem to them to be a kind of standard of an ideal wife.

Although the owners of soft appearance are practically absent in the professional modeling business, ladies of the “average” type have long been seen in the cinema. Thus, the British actress Olivia Cook and the beautiful Jessica Alba can be considered “examples” of this type.


6 new types of female beauty that are worshiped by the whole world today

The non-standard appearance of some girls will never seem boring to a connoisseur of female beauty: it is girls with a flaw that are considered the most in demand in the modeling business today . So, a seemingly large nose or a hated hump on it can sometimes turn out to be a pass into the world of high fashion, making them the owner of a style standard or at least a trendsetter. The striking features of such girls attract creative men who like the individuality and dissimilarity of their beloved to the rest of the world.

A striking example of this type of girl is the famous model Lindsey Wixson, whose almost extraterrestrial lip shape allowed her to become the face of fashion houses Chanel, Versace and H&M. Another example is actress and model Lily Cole, whose unusual appearance allowed the girl to decorate the cover of Vogue magazine more than once.


6 new types of female beauty that are worshiped by the whole world today

Cold but seductive. Slightly arrogant, but at the same time alluring. The fatal beauty can be seen from afar: with just her gaze, she is capable of inadvertently breaking the heart of an unwary admirer. Such a girl is unlikely to allow a frivolous adventurer to approach her, but she will only give the most persistent and worthy candidate an opportunity to win herself.


Models such as Cara Delevingne, Gisele Bündchen and Linda Evangelista are considered excellent examples of the femme fatale, or strong face .

Which type do you belong to?

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